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Baggage handler at Delta Air-Lines caught planting drugs in suitcase

By Mason White 3:22 PM December 13, 2015
Baggage illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested after drugs were found in his suitcase.

The man, who worked as a security guard, denied having drugs in his suitcase.

During an investigation, officers learned that the suitcase was tampered with after it was checked in at Delta.

Roger Levans of Brooklyn, New York, won a lawsuit after a jury ordered Delta Air-Lines to pay the man $759,000 after their worker planted cocaine in his suitcase.

Levans was arrested at Kennedy Airport after a Delta flight from Guyana. He was held on $100,000 bail.

The incident began when Levans told customs officials that he brought back “cooked rabbit,” as a gift for his family. When his suitcase was inspected, officers found three bricks of cocaine with food in his suitcase.

Levans, who was never in trouble with the law before, was fired from his job at Yankee Stadium due to his arrest.

His security license was revoked and later restored, but he did not get back his job at the Yankee Stadium. Instead, his employer assigned him to a lower paid post at a construction site.

Levans was free after federal agents determined that the bag was tampered with. The baggage handler tied a ribbon to the suitcase that contained the drugs so it would be recognized by an accomplice in New York.

Levans said that the cooked rabbit that he brought back for his family was never returned.

Michael Crowley, the attorney for Delta, told the jury that the airline was not responsible for the drugs in Levans’ bag. He also said that the airline will appeal the verdict.