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Man tries to kiss woman while threatening to put snake in her car

By Mason White 7:56 PM December 13, 2015
Snake illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on a charge of harassment after trying to kiss a woman while threatening to put a snake in her car, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Now, the man identified as E.K. of Dubai, was sentenced to serve 3 months in jail after which he will be deported after being convicted of harassment and electronic defamation.

According to the police investigation, the defendant approached the victim, who was not identified, and tried to kiss her against her will.

When she pushed him away, he threatened to put a snake in her.

He then defamed her character on Facebook, saying that she has a habit of getting drunk and having sex with men for money.

The defendant also threatened to expose her clients on the Internet. The victim denied all the allegations. The court found the defendant guilty of using telecommunications to harass.

He was also found guilty of committing a cyber crime.

After completing the 3 month prison sentence, the defendant will be deported from the country.