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Man named Law caught smoking marijuana after parking his car in police only spot

By Mason White 6:00 PM December 14, 2015
Ryan M. Law 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of marijuana possession after allegedly being caught with marijuana while being parked in a police only spot, police in New York said.

Gansevoort police said that they have arrested 22-year-old Ryan M. Law, after being accused of smoking marijuana outside a courthouse.

Law was charged with one count of marijuana possession. He was booked into jail and released on his own recognizance.

According to the police investigation, Law parked his car outside the Clifton Park Town Court, before lighting up a marijuana joint.

A police officer who wanted to park in Law’s spot, walked up to him and ordered him to move his car as he was parked in a police only spot.

That is when the officer noticed that Law was smoking pot in his car. Police found 30 grams of marijuana in the car.