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Prostitute agrees to lock her baby in hotel bathroom while having sex with client

By Mason White 11:42 AM December 14, 2015
Ciara M. Steffen 

By: Feng Qian
A mother was arrested after she took her baby to a hotel room to meet a man for sex.

25-year-old Ciara M. Steffen of New York, brought her daughter along “to work” to have sex with a man.

It turns out that her client was an undercover police officer, conducting a prostitution sting.

Amherst Police said that Steffen, arrived at a hotel with her baby in tow after telling the “client” that she did not find a babysitter.

Steffen told the man that she had to bring along her 14-month-old daughter and she will lock the child in the bathroom during their encounter, police said.

The young mother did not take it well when the client revealed that he was actually a police officer. Steffen was arrested after a brief struggle, police said.

She is being held in the Erie County Jail. She faces charges of child endangerment and prostitution.