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Woman vows never to help anyone again after being arrested for shooting shoplifter

By Mason White 2:33 PM December 14, 2015
Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A woman believed that she was being a good Samaritan by shooting a thief.

46-year-old Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez of Michigan, heard a commotion in the parking lot of a Home Depot store.

Duva-Rodriguez told the court that she saw two men running from the store and thought that some serious crime had taken place. Duva-Rodriguez grabbed her licensed 9mm firearm and fired several shots.

She did not hit the suspects, but she did shoot at the getaway vehicle as they drove away from the store’s parking lot in Auburn Hills.

The thieves got away but Duva-Rodriguez was arrested. She was charged with one count of reckless use, handling or discharge of a firearm.

She pleaded no contest and she was sentenced to 18 months probation. Her permit to carry a concealed weapon was revoked until at least 2023.

After sentencing, the 46-year-old said: “I tried to help, and I learned my lesson that I will never help anybody again.”

They thieves whose car was shot at by Duva-Rodriguez, were later arrested. They were identified as Anthony Harris, 46, and Lloyd Wenn, 52.

The men were charged with retail fraud for allegedly stealing a nail gun and welder, which is worth hundreds of dollars. They allegedly traded the items for about $60 worth of crack cocaine.