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Couple sends fake death certificates to bank to avoid repaying large loans

By Mason White 11:39 AM December 15, 2015
Loan application illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A couple was arrested on a charge of fraud after allegedly sending fake death certificates to a bank in order to avoid repaying large loans, police in Russia said.

The couple of Voronezh, who was not identified, conspired to trick the bank into believing that they were dead in order to rid themselves of their outstanding loans.

According to the police investigation, the couple sent a letter to their financial institution, which notified them of their sudden death.

The couple also enclosed fake death certificates, promoting the financial institution to suspend the repayment plan.

Meanwhile, the man and his wife moved to another region, believing that their deaths were recorded only in Voronezh.

The crime came to light after the couple had another child and requested financial assistance from the government. While completing their application, the government official noticed that the couple was registered as deceased.

The police were called and the couple was arrested.