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Loving mother calls her son ‘real life Pinocchio’ because his brain is growing from his nose

By Mason White 3:05 AM December 16, 2015
Amy Poole with her son Ollie 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother in the United Kingdom, who loves her son unconditionally despite his condition, referred to him as “real life Pinocchio” as his nose kept growing.

22-year-old Amy Poole of Wales, gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Ollie.

He was born with a condition that caused his brain to grow through a crack in the skull and it grew out of his nose, giving him the look of the fairy tale character.

Despite the fact that the adorable little boy was compared to a Disney character, Poole said that she often receives cruel comments from strangers, calling her son “ugly.”

Ollie has endured several operations so he can breathe. However, as he grew, so did his brain and his nose.

Poole first learned that her son was a little different during her 20-week pregnancy scan, when doctors told her that he had a soft tissue growth on his face.

When Ollie was born, an MRI showed that the growth was an encephalocele. Poole said that her son is a clever boy with a good sense of humor. She thinks Ollie is perfect. “He is my real Pinocchio, and I could not be more proud of him,” she said.

Now, Poole wants to bring awareness to the issue to help her son and other children who suffer from bullying and nasty comments.

“I would much rather have people ask why Ollie looks the way he does, and not just tell me he is ugly or point and stare,” Poole said.