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Wife claims farting in front of partner helps with intimacy

By Mason White 3:18 AM December 16, 2015
Jessica Gentile 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A newly married woman wants other women to know that farting in front of a partner brings more intimacy.

Jessica Gentile, 30, said that she knows from experience that farting in front of a partner makes for a more open and honest relationship.

Gentile admits that she was embarrassed the first time she accidentally let it rip in front the man she loved as the two only met on a few dates.

Gentile of New Jersey, said that women should feel more comfortable passing gas in front of the men they love. “Nobody should have to hold in any part of themselves as it is a natural function of the human being and an essential part of life,” she said.

Gentile said that when she was on the third date with her now husband, when she was unable to control her flatulence.

They had gone for Mexican food and were back at their apartment cuddling on the couch in his apartment when she accidentally let one loose. Embarrassed, she went to the bathroom, where the situation got much worse.

She ended up clogging his toilet, and spent the next ten minutes frantically trying to fix the flusher before her boyfriend knocked on the door to check up on her.

She prepared for the worst, but it never came. Her boyfriend laughed, called the super and saved her from further embarrassment by telling the super that his roommate clogged the toilet.

He also comforted her with a hug. Now, seven years later, they are newlyweds and openly joke about farts and other functions of the bathroom. Gentile believes that her experience forged a closer relationship between her and her husband.