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Woman dies of seizure while trapped in Burger King toilet

By Mason White 4:41 AM December 16, 2015
Burger King illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) The family of a woman who died of a seizure while being trapped in a restaurant toilet, filed a lawsuit against Burger King for wrongful death, according to court documents in New York.

The woman who lived in Queens, was not feeling well while eating at the Burger King, and decided to go to the bathroom.

Once there, she suffered a seizure and fell to the floor. The woman’s boyfriend, who was also at the Burger King, heard her scream for help.

He rushed to the bathroom, but couldn’t open the door as the handle came off in his hands. He also tried to force open the door, but was unsuccessful.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene, forced open the door with an ax. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was declared dead.

The woman’s family members believe that if they had been able to open the door sooner, she would have been alive today.

The lawsuit alleges wrongful death because the restaurant left a lock on the door that could only be accessed from the inside of the toilet.