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Dairy Queen worker who has herpes caught on video spitting on police officer’s hamburger

By Mason White 2:57 PM December 17, 2015
Elijah Johnson 

By: Wayne Morin
Police in Louisiana, were called to a Dairy Queen, by one of their own officers.

When officers arrived, they arrested an employee after he contaminated an officer’s hamburger by spitting on it.

21-year-old Elijah Johnson of Baton Rouge, later told investigators that he had several diseases, including herpes.

The incident occurred on Sunday, at the Dairy Queen located in the 3400 block of Sherwood Forest. According to police, a Lieutenant of the Baton Rouge Police Department, ordered a hamburger at the restaurant.

When he received his order, he noticed a clear substance on top of the bun. The substance resembled saliva. The officer reported the incident to the manager, who reviewed the surveillance videos.

According to police, the video showed the suspect grabbing the hamburger bun out of the rack and walking away from the station with it. He apparently attempted to get out of sight of the cameras.

When the suspect thought he was out of sight, he brought the bun to his mouth for a brief moment and then returned to the station to continue making the hamburger with the contaminated bun.

When the employee was identified, it was discovered that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant in Baton Rouge. Investigators confiscated the bun so that the saliva can be tested to see if the DNA belongs to Johnson.

Johnson was arrested and charged with mingling harmful substances and resisting an officer.