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Husband forces police officer to drink his sperm from condom after catching him having sex with his wife

By Mason White 11:31 AM December 17, 2015
Officer Edward Zinamo and Evangelista Banhu  

By: Feng Qian
A man became angry after he walked into his house and found his wife in bed with a police officer.

Nicholas Maga of Harare, Zimbabwe, said that he found two used condoms in his house, which made him believe that his wife was cheating. However, he had no proof.

Maga, who works as a truck driver, asked a neighbor to keep an eye on his house to see if men visit his wife Evangelista Banhu, 29.

One night, while Maga was working, his neighbor informed him that a police officer entered his house. By the time Maga returned home, he caught the officer, who was identified as 36-year-old Edward Zinamo, and his wife having sex in their bed.

Maga grabbed the officer’s uniform. He then forced the officer to drink his own sperm from the condom.

He also forced his wife to put on the police officer’s uniform. Neighbors who heard the commotion, came to the home and watched as the officer was humiliated for sleeping with a married woman. The officer claims that the neighbors took turns beating him for breaking up a marriage.

Maga said that he has since learned that the officer was also married. His wife said that her husband claimed that the was on police duty on the night that he was caught cheating.

He used his job as a reason to be out all night to sleep with his lover.

Maga and Banhu have been married for 10 years, and they have 3 sons together.