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Man accused of eating his dead friend while being lost at sea

By Mason White 3:20 AM December 18, 2015
Jose Salvador Alvarenga 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man was slapped with a $1 million lawsuit after being accused of eating his dead friend while being lost at sea, according to court documents in El Salvador.

36-year-old Jose Salvador Alvarenga, who is believed to be the only person to survive more than a year lost at sea, is facing off with his dead friend’s family members.

The incident began when Alvarenga paid 22-year-old Ezequiel Cordoba $50 to accompany him on a short fishing trip.

However, after a few hours, the boat’s communication devices were destroyed by a storm and their supplies were washed overboard.

The two men had to catch birds and fish to eat, and were forced to drink turtle blood and rain water. After a few months, Cordoba became distressed and tried to throw himself into the sea, but he was stopped by his friend.

One day, the two men became extremely sick after one of the birds they ate was poisoned. Alvarenga ate raw meat to induce vomiting and remained alive, while Cordoba refused and died.

Cordoba asked his friend not eat his body and tell his mother what had happened. Alvarenga kept the body for six days, talking to him because he was afraid of being alone before dumping him into the sea.

Cordoba’s family members however, claim that Alvarenga ate the body, but he denied the allegations. Alvarenga was found in the Marshall Islands, after his boat drifted 5,000 miles over a period of 15 months.

Alvarenga wrote a book about his ordeal, but he only managed to sell 1,500 copies.