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Diabetic woman suffocates in closet while looking for cookies her son hid from her

By Mason White 4:37 PM December 20, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
An obese woman died while searching for cookies, which her son hid from her.

Police said that the 84-year-old woman died after squeezing into a closet while searching for the hidden cookies.

The incident occurred Povoletto, Italy, on Wednesday night, after the woman’s son hid the cookies in an attempt to improve his mother’s diet.

The son was worried that the sweet snacks could prove fatal to his mother who suffered from diabetes. While his intentions were good, the cookies prove fatal to the woman who loves sugary treats.

While her son was away, the woman rummaged around her house in search for the cookies. When she decided to check her wardrobe closet, she got trapped and was unable to free herself.

The coroner said that the victim was trapped due to her body weight and she suffocated as her body was pressed against her clothes.

Firefighters were called to remove the woman’s body from the closet.