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Elaborate wedding proposal fails because ring was not big enough for spoiled woman

By Mason White 3:14 PM December 20, 2015
The proposal 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman had tears of joy following the elaborate and romantic marriage proposal set up by her boyfriend.

However, it all went downhill after she saw the ring.

The man of Sichuan, China, was disappointed over the failed proposal after the bride to be was dissatisfied with the engagement ring that she was given.

The man worked hard to set up the elaborate proposal, which included a flash mob in a street in Chengdu. After the dancers finished their routine, the man got down on one knee and proposed.

The man’s girlfriend was so touched by the entire chain of events that led to the big moment that she began to cry.

However, while many people were watching and waiting for her to say “yes,” things took a bizarre turn. As soon as the woman saw the diamond ring and realized that it was not one carat, she turned and left the scene without saying a word.

Photos of the proposal went viral. The photos show the woman leaving with the flowers she was given while her shocked boyfriend was still on his knee.

Someone leaked a screenshot of a WeChat conversation between the spoiled woman and her friend after she turned down the proposal due to the size of the ring.

In the conversation the woman said: “He agreed to buy me a one carat diamond ring. Why was this one so small? Is he so careless or has he never cared about me?”

To which her friend replied: “Don’t worry. Perhaps the bigger one will be waiting for you later.”

So far, the man has not proposed again.