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Judge beats up lawyer in court because he refused to sit down

By Mason White 2:16 PM December 20, 2015
Andrew Weinstock standing before Judge John Murphy 

By: Feng Qian
A judge in Florida, was removed from the bench after being seen on video beating up a lawyer in court because he refused to follow an order to sit down.

The Florida Supreme Court announced their decision to remove Brevard County Judge John Murphy, 29, because the attack was fundamentally inconsistent with the responsibilities of judicial office.

Attorney Andrew Weinstock wanted the judge to be arrested on a charge of assault, but police and prosecutors refused to file any charges.

“Judge Murphy threatened to commit violence against an assistant public defender, engaged in a physical altercation with counsel and resumed his docket while defendants were without counsel.

“This egregious conduct demonstrated his unfitness to remain in office. Furthermore, when a judge’s actions erode public faith in the court, removal is appropriate.

“Judge Murphy’s grievous misconduct became a national spectacle and an embarrassment to Florida’s judicial system. We conclude that, through his misconduct, Judge Murphy surrendered his privilege to serve in our court system,” the Florida Supreme Court said in a statement.

The incident began after Weinstock stepped up to be the attorney of a man accused of assault. After a minute of arguing, the judge said that if he had a stone, he would throw it at the attorney.

Murphy then told the attorney stop pissing him off, and ordered him to sit down. When Weinstock refused to sit down, the judge asked him to step outside for a fight.

Weinstock can be seen walking out of the courtroom, but the judge quickly followed. A struggle ensued him, and the judge is heard screaming profanities.

Weinstock claims that the judge punched him in the face, but Murphy denied the allegations.