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Pimp earns $17,000 by selling underage girl to 100 customers

By Mason White 6:39 PM December 20, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A pimp was arrested for violating prostitution laws after allegedly earning thousands of dollars by selling an underage girl to more than 100 men, police in Japan said.

Kanagawa police said that they have arrested the 20-year-old pimp, who was not identified, for selling the 17-year-old girl to more than 100 men over a three week period.

The suspect met the girl, who ran away from her parents’ home, on a dating website. The suspect earned a total of 2 million yen ($16,509).

The pimp, who has been accused of violating child welfare and prostitution laws, denies the allegations, saying that he did not receive anything in exchange for arranging the sexual encounters with the girl.

Police also arrested a 42-year-old man for helping find men who wanted to pay to have sex with underage girls.