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Parents change their 3-year-old son’s name to Popcorn because he likes it

By Mason White 3:40 AM December 22, 2015
Diesel Roberts 

By: Chan Yuan
Parents of an adorable 3-year-old boy in the United Kingdom, announced that they will change their child’s name to Popcorn because he likes to be called by that name.

36-year-old Huw Roberts and 37-year-old Hazel Williams of Conwy, revealed that they selected Popcorn as a nickname for Diesel Roberts, because he constantly kicked his mother’s womb like popcorn while she was pregnant.

The parents wrote the name Diesel on their son’s birth certificate, but they are now ready to legally change it to Popcorn.

Popcorn started out as the boy’s nickname, but now, everyone calls him Popcorn and he only responds to this name. All his friends call him Popcorn as well, and he likes it.

The couple also has two older children, Paige, 14, and Tyler, 16.

Currently, there are no other children named Popcorn in the country.