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Teenager begs police officer to rape him

By Mason White 4:20 AM December 22, 2015
Gary Hillon 

By: Feng Qian
A teenager was placed on the sex offenders list after his bizarre behavior.

Police were called after 19-year-old Gary Hillon of Paisley, Scotland, asked a woman for sex.

The Paisley Sheriff Court heard that Hillon, walked over to a 40-year-old woman and said: “can I ask you a question?”

When she said that he can, he said: “Can I have sex with you?”
She replied with a firm “no,” so he walked away.

He started to walk away, but came back and asked her again if she would sleep with him, prompting her to call the police when she returned home.

Officers found Hillon climbing over a fence, and he was arrested. Police said that he was under the influence of alcohol and unsteady on his feet.

While he was taken to the police station, Hillon asked the officers to stop immediately and rape him in a rest area.

He shouted repeatedly for the officers in the car to have sex with him. In court, Hillon pleaded guilty to three charges of making sexual comments to the woman and to police officers, and for assaulting and spitting at an officer.