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Woman suing 6-year-old girl for causing injuries while skiing after losing case against her father and ski teacher

By Mason White 8:34 AM December 21, 2015
Ski resort illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A woman wants a judge in Austria, to order a young girl to pay her a large sum of money for causing her injuries.

The woman was seriously injured when the child collided with her during a ski trip.

The unnamed woman of Feldkirch, is suing the child for $41,155 for her injuries as well as any other future costs related to the accident.

According to court documents, the woman was heading straight down a hill at the Hochhaedrich resort, when the girl suddenly turned and the two collided.

An independent investigator who was appointed by the court, testified that both, the woman and the 6-year-old girl had not paid enough attention and therefore, they share the blame.

Children cannot usually be liable in civil cases, but the plaintiff is using a legal loophole, which allows children to be held financially responsible if the child is able to recognize the consequences of their actions.

The woman has previously sued the father of the girl and her ski teacher, but the case was dismissed. The father and the teacher testified in court again at this new trial.