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Group of Pepsi workers arrested for not producing enough soda

By Mason White 4:59 AM December 23, 2015
Pepsi bottle illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A group of Pepsi workers were arrested after being accused of deliberately halting production in order to create a shortage and hurt the economy, officials in Venezuela said.

Empresas Polar, the company that produces Pepsi products, said that they have secured the release of their workers who were accused of disrupting the economy by not producing enough soda.

The company said in a statement that the slowdown in production was due to the shortages of raw materials.

“Pepsi-Cola achieved full freedom without restrictions for workers of the plant in Caucagua, who were arbitrarily detained on Friday,’ the company wrote on Twitter.

Ministry of Labor inspectors along with police, ordered the arrest of the manager, two human resources workers and a lawyer in the plant.

Officials blamed the chronic shortage of products in the country as an economic war led by opposition leaders and private companies.

However, economists believe the currency controls have left companies without enough money to purchase machinery and raw materials, while price controls have made it unprofitable to produce many consumer goods.