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Teacher beats up his colleague for stealing his condoms from suitcase during retreat

By Mason White 3:53 AM December 23, 2015
Condoms illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
Police are investigating two teachers on a charge of assault after one teacher allegedly beat his colleague over stolen condoms, police in Kenya said.

The incident unfolded during a retreat for school teachers in Limuru.

One of the teachers arranged to have a woman accompany him throughout the trip. When they relaxed in their hotel room, the two decided to have sex, but the woman insisted that he wear a condom.

The teacher, who had packed a box of condoms in his suitcase, quickly unzipped his luggage and began looking for them.

However, he quickly realized that the box was missing. He immediately accused his colleague of stealing the pack of condoms from his suitcase and a struggle broke out.

A group of teachers gathered at the scene to watch the spectacle unfolded.

After a few minutes of constant beating, the colleague admitted to taking the box of condoms because he arranged to have sex with a woman, but forgot to pack condoms.

He helped himself by taking the teacher’s condoms. The police were notified about the beating, but so far, no arrests have been made.