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College student makes up story about being raped twice after getting failing grades

By Mason White 3:29 AM December 25, 2015
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By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on a charge of filing a false police report after making up a story about being raped twice because she wanted to get a second chance to retake her college exam, police in Scotland said.

Now, 21-year-old Naima Shereen Mirza of Edinburgh, has been sentenced to serve two years in jail after being convicted of filing a false police report.

According to the police investigation, Mirza made up a story about being raped twice by the same man in the same park five months apart.

The officers became suspicious when Mirza named her attacker as a man of Perth, who was actually in jail at the time the alleged crimes took place.

She was a student at the Edinburgh Academy.

After searching her home, police found a journal in which she documented thoughts and fantasies, including the names and crimes of rapists and sex offenders throughout the country.

Later, she told detectives that she made up the attack to explain her poor performance in college.

The first police officer to interview Mirza, described how she sat with her hair over her face and ran out of the room several times.

The officer said that she found her behavior strange. Mirza didn’t seem distressed or sad.