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Couple brings baby home from hospital alive after doctors gave up and turned off life support

By Mason White 6:10 PM December 24, 2015
Lee and Francesca Moore-Williams with Bella 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A family is so grateful to have their daughter home alive and well after doctors said she would never recover.

Lee Moore-Williams, 44, and his wife Francesca, 41, said tearful goodbyes to their daughter Bella, before her ventilator was switched off.

They also took a final family photo of their daughter together with their son Bobby, 5 years old. The couple even signed a Do Not Resuscitate form.

However, to the surprise of doctors, nurses and her parents, Bella began fighting for her life.

About 30 minutes after turning off the life support, 18-month-old Bella began kicking and screaming. Doctors scrambled to help the girl and save her life.

Bella continued to recover at the hospital over the next five months. Now, her family was able to take her home and celebrate with their brave daughter in their arms.

“It’s just amazing. It’s like we have won the lottery,” Francesca said. “She made our family complete and it’s great to see how well she is doing now. When she says ‘mama’ it melts my heart,” she added.