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20-year-old man will not get his $100,000 in lottery winnings because he is underage

By Mason White 11:33 AM December 25, 2015
Jobie Boals-Watters 

By: Feng Qian
A man of Iowa, who admitted to spending hundreds of dollars a week on lottery tickets, was overjoyed when he won $100,000.

He went to the lottery office and he was handed a large check. However, his happiness was short lived and he is now in legal trouble.

20-year-old Jobie Boals-Watters was set to receive $70,000 after taxes. However, officials in Des Moines, soon received an anonymous tip, informing them that the man was underage.

The law forbids anyone under 21 years old from buying lottery tickets. Although younger people can have someone over 21 buy the tickets for them.

Boals-Watters originally told officials that his coworker bought him the scratch off lottery ticket, but after receiving the anonymous tip, an investigation and a review of store surveillance videos showed that Boals-Watters actually bought the tickets.

Boals-Watters will not get the money he won, and he face a charge of gambling.

Super Quick Foods on Southeast 30th Street, will also face punishment for not checking the identification of the man before illegally selling lottery tickets to the 20 year old.