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Woman arrested for sending black roses to former boss

By Mason White 11:30 AM December 25, 2015
Black roses illustration  

By: Chan Yuan
A woman was arrested after her former boss felt threatened by her for sending black rises to him.

The woman of Pennsylvania, is accused of the sending black roses and a card reading “karma,” to her former boss.

Police in Thomasville, arrested 41-year-old Dana L. Grim on charges of harassment, police said.

New Holland police said that Grim sent the flowers to her former employer in Lancaster County, through a florist.
When she was arrested, Grim admitted to sending the bouquet and accompanying card.

The employer called police, saying that he felt threatened by the flowers after researching the meaning behind black roses.

Black roses have traditionally been used to symbolize death or revenge. Police did not say why the woman left her job or if she was fired.

However, she was charged with harassment over the roses.