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Man steals women’s underwear before pleasuring himself into them and returning the dirty clothes to the victims

By Mason White 7:05 PM December 27, 2015
Woman showing off her underwear illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested on a charge of theft after allegedly stealing women’s underwear and pleasuring himself into them, police in Japan said.

Osaka police said that they have arrested the 54-year-old man, who was not identified, after admitting to stealing more than 100 pairs of panties and pleasuring himself into them.

According to the police investigation, the suspect broke into women’s apartments, stole their panties and took them home.

After pleasuring himself into them, he returned the spoiled clothes to his victims. A 20-year-old woman told police that she found a used condom in her underwear.

The suspect has been charged with theft and burglary. During questioning, the man told police that he stole the underwear to fulfil his sexual desires.

The crimes came to light after police saw the suspect on surveillance videos.