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Woman sues gym after member slaps her on the behind leaving her with red marks

By Mason White 7:01 PM December 27, 2015
Women working out at the gym illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman filed a lawsuit against a gym after a member slapped her on the behind while she was working out, according to court documents in Florida.

Attorney Larry Crow, who is the husband of the victim, filed the lawsuit against L.A. Fitness, after his wife, Sylvia Crow, was harassed and assaulted while working out at the Palm Harbor location.

Melvin Crespo, a member of the L.A. Fitness gym located at 35104 US Highway 19, inappropriately touched the woman several times on the behind.

In one case, Crespo’s slap left a red mark on Crow for more than an hour.

Other members of the gym, Susan Potts and James Potts, as well as gym employees, Chris Solar, Kristen Athanas, and Marcus Bullard, intimidated and harassed the woman because she complained about the assault.

Personal trainer Mark Skeen, was fired after he defended the woman. Crow was forced to cancel her gym membership and leave.