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Man breaks his leg after being hypnotized by comedian during comedy show

By Mason White 3:31 AM December 29, 2015
Woman under hypnosis (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man filed a lawsuit against a comedy club after a comedian hypnotized him, causing him to break a leg, according to court documents in Nebraska.

The incident unfolded at the Funny Bone Comedy Club, which is located on 168th Street near West Dodge Road.

According to the lawsuit, 38-year-old William M. Bendorf attended the DougT Hypnosis Show, where he was hypnotized.

Bendorf was injured towards the end of the show after hypnotist Doug Thompson, took Bendorf on stage. Thompson hypnotized Bendorf and other members of the audience for a few minutes.

Thompson snapped them out of their daze, but Bendorf failed to get back to himself. Thompson then ordered them to go back to their seats.

Bendorf, who was still in a daze, saw his seat and walked off the stage, causing him to break his leg. He was taken to a hospital, and his injury required surgery.

Bendorf claims that he still feels the effects of the fall as his leg still hurts.