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Five-month pregnant mother of three children dies while overdosing on drugs at party

By Mason White 11:02 AM December 29, 2015
Joanne Martin 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother of three children in the United Kingdom, died after taking drugs at a party.

Joanne Martin, 34, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, and her unborn baby, died after while she was partying with her friends.

Martin injected herself with heroin while she was five months pregnant. She suffered a massive heart attack while drinking and doing drugs with friends, a court heard.

Paramedics were called and they tried desperately to save her and her unborn baby, but unfortunately, they did not survive.

An investigation into her death revealed that Martin, was in a volatile relationship with her boyfriend Chris Stafford.

She had a history of drug abuse dating back to 1995, after being diagnosed with “emotionally unstable personality disorder,” according to court documents.

Hampshire coroner David Horsley blamed mental health professionals for not treating her properly. He said: “The mental health system let her down, largely because she had these problems for a long time.”

Horsley ruled the death as drug-related.

Martin’s mother Linda Wells and stepfather Stewart of Fareham, have custody of Joanne’s children.