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Prisoners hospitalized after grabbing and swallowing many drugs that nurse left in open drug cabinet

By Mason White 6:34 PM December 29, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
Chaos erupted at a prison in the United Kingdom, after prisoners grabbed drugs from a cabinet that was left open by a nurse.

Eight prisoners overdosed on drug cocktails after the prison nurse accidentally left a health center’s drug cabinet open at the Highpoint Prison, in Stradishall, Suffolk.

Inmates stormed into the room, raided the medicine cabinet and grabbed as many drugs as they could before swallowing them.

18 officers were needed to help control the situation after many people had bad reactions to the drug overdose. Four ambulances were called to take inmates to a hospital for treatment.

Four inmates were transported to hospitals while the rest were treated at the prison. Some of the prisoners had their stomachs pumped and were returned to the prison the next day.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “There is an ongoing investigation into an incident at HMP Highpoint prison that occurred on Sunday. Those involved in taking the drugs will face disciplinary actions.”