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Man catches daughter having sex with her classmate’s father

By Mason White 4:34 PM December 31, 2015
Anthony Shannon 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was very angry when he caught his daughter having sex with her classmate’s father.

The man in Joliet, Illinois, caught his teenage daughter having sex with the much older man in the basement of his home, police said.

The girl’s father caught his 14-year-old daughter willingly participating in a sexual act with 32-year-old Anthony Shannon, who is the father of one of her classmates.

The girl’s father discovered the pair in the basement of his home shortly before midnight. When they were caught red handed, both Shannon and the girl escaped the home through a window.

The girl’s father chased them up the street, but they managed to get away. The teenager was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt in the cold.

The concerned father called the police, who found the 14-year-old girl a few blocks away.

She was taken to a hospital for treatment. She refused to cooperate with police when asked about Shannon.

Detectives contacted Shannon by phone and he agreed to go to the police station for an interview. He was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for having sex with a person under the legal age of consent, which is 17 years.