United Airlines files lawsuit against young man for revealing secret to buying cheap plane tickets (video)

United Airlines plane 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A young man was slapped with a lawsuit after revealing the secret to buying cheap airline tickets, according to court documents filed in New York.

The defendant, a 22-year-old man of New York, has launched a website to help people buy cheap airline tickets.

United Airlines and Orbitz filed the lawsuit against Aktarer Zaman, for operating a website that helps travelers find cheap flights using a technique that finds cheap connecting flights.

For example, if you want to fly from New York City to San Francisco, California, you book a flight from New York to Canada, which makes a stop in San Francisco.

When the plane reaches San Francisco, you leave the airport, not bothering to take the last leg of the flight.

This strategy only works if you travel without checked baggage, as your luggage will end up at the final destination, which in this case would be Canada.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendant’s website creates unfair competition. The plaintiffs are demanding $75,000 in lost revenue from Zaman.

Zaman said he knew a lawsuit was inevitable, but notes that there is nothing illegal about his website.

He also said that he has not made any profit through the website, and that all he has done is to help travelers get the best prices.

Young woman beats her girlfriend to death on beach while vacationing together

Gaia Molinari 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young woman was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly beating her girlfriend to death with a stone while vacationing together, police in Brazil said.

Miriam Franca of Rio de Janeiro, is accused of murdering 29-year-old Gaia Molinari, while they were enjoying a vacation in Ceara.

The body of the victim was found by tourists in the undergrowth of a nature reserve in Jericoacoara. An autopsy showed that the victim was choked and beaten with a rock.

Molinari of Piacenza, Italy, moved to Brazil to teach English in Sao Paulo, before moving to Fortaleza.

A day before her death, the victim spoke to her mother about opening a bed and breakfast in Brazil, Valentina Carraro, the mother of the victim, said.

Youth pastor accused of raping young girl several times during religious rite of confirmation

Religious rite of confirmation illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A youth pastor was arrested, charged and convicted of rape after raping a teen girl several times, prosecutors in Sweden said.

Now, the youth pastor of the diocese of Uppsala, was sentenced to serve 2 and a half years in jail.

According to the police investigation, the pastor was accused of raping a teenage member of his confirmation class. The pastor had raped the 14-year-old girl several times over a period of 4 weeks.

The pastor had been employed in the diocese for a year and a half, and had a specific responsibility of overseeing the religious rite of confirmations.

In addition to the prison sentence, the pastor was ordered to pay 110,000 kronor ($14,200) in damages to the victim. A spokesperson for the church said that they have a zero tolerance policy towards rape and sexual assault.

He also assured parents that their children are safe.

Group of nudist chase away pervert from beach after catching him with video camera

Nude beach illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A man in Australia, was chased away from a nude beach by a group of nudist after being caught with a video camera.

The angry mob surrounded and threatened the man who had been secretly recording them at Maslin Beach, Adelaide.

Police were also called to the scene as the sunbathers wanted to file charges of voyeurism against the suspect.

One man at the scene said that he was with friends at the beach on Sunday, when they realized the man positioning an ice bucket near them.

They took a closer look and saw that the bucket had holes. They sent a woman to observe the bucket, and she saw that it was equipped with a camera.

After being confronted, the suspect moved several hundred feet away and pointed the bucket at another couple. That is when they began shouting at the man and alerting everyone about his camera.

Up to 10 people began chasing the man and held him down until police arrived. Officers who arrived at the scene released the man with a warning.

Religious leader beats elderly woman to death for causing bad luck to her 2 sons

Evil illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A religious leader said that she beat an elderly woman to death because she was responsible for her son’s bad luck, police in India said.

The Ghoti Police Department said that 65-year-old Budhabai Dore, was allegedly beaten to death in Nashik, after her two sons sacrificed her in exchange for good luck.

So far, police have arrested 10 people, including the two brothers in connection with the woman’s death.

According to the police investigation, the brothers, Kashinath and Govind Dore, consulted 42-year-old Bachchi-bai Narayan Khadke.

The brother’s sister, Rahibai Pingle, is a follower of the religious leader and persuaded her brothers to follow her advice. Khadke told the brothers that they had to sacrifice their mother and sister to turn around their lives.

The brothers brought their mother and sister to Khadke, and she beat the mother to death while the sister managed to escape.

Police arrested Khadke, who confessed to killing other women as part of religious sacrifices. She was charged with murder and attempted murder along with the two brothers.

Doctors amputate woman’s hands and feet after hospital failed to notice her uterus infection

Prosthetics illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman lost both her hands and feet after doctors at a hospital failed to notice that she had a uterus infection, according to court documents filed in Maryland.

Now, 59-year-old Joyce Ferguson of Baltimore, is suing the Johns Hopkins Health System, saying that her arms and legs were amputated after doctors failed to diagnose the infection when she was admitted to the hospital.

Ferguson is seeking unspecified damages.

According to the lawsuit, Ferguson went to the emergency room of the Howard County General Hospital three times, complaining of severe pelvic pain.

During his third visit, Ferguson was about to be discharged when she was found incoherent and cold to the touch. Doctors then found infected tissue.

Ferguson said that she recovered from sepsis and organ failure, but the lack of blood flow caused gangrene to her hands and feet.

Her legs were amputated above the knee and her arms below the elbow. General Hospital Howard County is part of the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Ferguson alleges that doctors at the hospital failed to order a full pelvic exam after seeing fluid during ultrasound exams.

Man commits suicide in jail by swallowing plastic deodorant cap after being accused of domestic violence

Albert Fabian Jr. 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man who was devastated for being accused of domestic violence, committed suicide in jail, according to court documents filed in Ohio.

Now, Cuyahoga County agreed to pay $200,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of 47-year-old Albert Fabian Jr., a prisoner who died in the county jail after choking on a plastic deodorant cap.

Fabian of Parma, died at the St. Vincent Charity Medical Center after prison staff tried to resuscitate him. Fabian was arrested for domestic violence and aggravated robbery.

The Office of the Medical Examiner ruled his death a suicide. Apparently, Fabian was devastated to be accused of domestic violence.

He swallowed the plastic cap and choked to death.

The inmate's estate filed a federal wrongful death claim against the county, the Sheriff's Office and other staff members, claiming that they knew Fabian was a suicide risk and did not monitor him properly.

The federal lawsuit was dismissed as a result of the settlement.

Woman stabs her husband with stone squirrel for not bringing home beer (video)

Helen Ann Williams 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman who was angry that her husband did not bring home beer, stabbed him with a stone squirrel, police in South Carolina said.

Charleston Police said that they arrested 44-year-old Helen Ann Williams, on a charge of domestic violence for allegedly stabbing her husband with the decorative stone squirrel because he came home late at night without beer.

Williams was booked into the Charleston County Jail, and her bail was set at $10,000.

According to the police investigation, the suspect’s 41-year-old husband left home to buy some beer on Tuesday night, but he returned home empty handed because the stores were closed.

That infuriated Williams, and as her husband began to make a sandwich, she grabbed the stone squirrel and hit him in the head.

She also stabbed him in the chest with it. The man fled to a neighbor's house and called police. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found the husband covered in blood, with cuts on his shoulder and face.

When he took off his shirt, officers saw a large wound on the chest. When questioned, Williams told officers that her husband fell.

The husband was treated at a hospital for injuries that were not considered life threatening.

Man undresses in pharmacy bathroom and lays down on doggy beds

Jeremiah Phillip Patterson 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on charges of theft after allegedly undressing in a pharmacy bathroom and laying down on doggy beds, police in Florida said.

Pasco County Police said that they arrested 22-year-old Jeremiah Phillip Patterson, after being accused of getting naked at a CVS pharmacy on Tuesday.

Police officers were called to the scene about 8:00 p.m., after Patterson acted strange at the store, which is located at 2322 Land O 'Lakes Boulevard.

According to the police investigation, Patterson entered the store and headed for the bathroom. Once there, Patterson took off his clothes, left the premises and went to the main part of the store.

Patterson proceeded to lay down on 6 dog beds. After a few minutes, he took 3 of the beds to the bathroom. Patterson was charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition and petty theft.

The theft charge stems from the fact that CVS is unable to sell the doggy beds. Patterson was booked into the Pasco County jail, and his bail was set at $300.

Elderly man dresses up as young blond woman after divorcing his wife (video)

Robert dressed up as Sherry 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man in California, who recently divorced his wife, decided to live life as young blond woman.

Robert, 70, is known in the neighborhood as a developer, but to some, he is known as Sherry, the exciting blonde woman.

Robert made the dramatic transformation by dressing up in a rubber suit complete with fake breasts. Robert, who lives with his 19-year-old daughter, looks like an inflatable doll.

Robert said that when he looks himself in the mirror, he cannot believe that he is really 70 years old. All he sees is a very exciting woman with whom he would like to hang out.

Robert complained that his strange behavior drives away women as they are not attracted to Sherry. Robert boasts that when he goes out most people think that he is a real woman.

He said that he does not know why he started dressing as Sherry, but he is having a lot of fun.

Homeless man drugs young woman and rapes her in public at bus stop

Passed out woman illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A homeless man was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly drugging and raping a woman in public at a bus stop, police in Australia said.

Melbourne Police said that officers saw 47-year-old Ian Maxwell Martin, rape the 23-year-old drug affected woman in front of passersby on Wednesday.

The incident unfolded at the bus stop near Greensborough Plaza shopping center.

Prosecutors told the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court that five witnesses contacted police that night, and one of them heard the woman scream "Stop. Help. Get off me."

The attack was captured by a surveillance camera. Martin was also seen assaulting the woman by police officers who arrived at the scene.

Martin had to be forcefully removed from the woman. According to the police investigation, Martin walked the woman to the bus stop after meeting outside the mall.

He offered her a cigarette and went to buy alcohol. When he returned, he encouraged the woman to consume an illegal drug.

The woman complied. When they arrived at the bus stop, the woman was extremely intoxicated. Martin then began assaulting her.

Martin was charged with rape, indecent assault, attempted rape, assault and possession of drugs. Martin was remanded into custody after being denied bail for being a danger to the public.

Martin denied the allegations, saying that the sexual acts were consensual.

Group of men sexually assault woman after accusing her of being a prostitute for wearing a short skirt

Woman being pursued for wearing short skirt 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A group of men attacked an innocent woman who was wearing a short skirt, after accusing her of being a prostitute, police in Zimbabwe said.

Now, Harare Police said that they arrested one man who attacked the 28-year-old woman at the Fourth Street bus terminal

Police also said that they have identified several men who were involved in the attack, and will arrest them over the coming days.

32-year-old Marvelous Kandemiri was brought before the Harare Magistrate’s Court, where he was charged with indecent assault.

Kandemiri was remanded into custody after he was denied bail for being a flight risk.

The court was told that Kandemiri, was among a group of men who indecently assaulted the young woman after accusing her of being a prostitute because she was wearing a short skirt.

According to the police investigation, the violent gang of men pulled the woman by her legs, injuring her back in the process. Video of the attack was uploaded to the Internet, and it went viral on social media sites.

Police said that they are still waiting for the woman to file an official complaint.

Businessman jailed for 13 years for eating tiger meat and making wine of their blood

Tiger illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A businessman was arrested, charged and convicted of killing an endangered species for his enjoyment.

The man in China, appealed his sentence of 13 years in prison, but his appeal was rejected.

The rich man named Xu, bought endangered tigers, had them killed and cooked their meat. He then used their blood to make fine wine.

The wealthy businessman reportedly organized three trips to the southern province of Guangdong last year, to buy the tigers. He then had it transported to his home in Guangxi.

Someone recorded the conversation between the rich man and his accomplices, and then turned the recording over to the police.

Xu was reportedly heard telling his friends that if anyone asks what they were eating they should say it is beef, horse meat or big cat meat.

He warned them to secrecy over the real contents of the meat because it is illegal to kill tigers.

Some people believe that tiger meat has healthy properties, which helps with infertility issues. This led to a booming trade in products made from tigers.

95-year-old husband dies after his 96-year-old wife was taken from him by family in fight over inheritance

Edith Hill and Eddie Harrison 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man died of a broken heart after his wife’s daughter took her away from him in a dispute over her inheritance.

The 95-year-old man died weeks after his 96-year-old wife was taken from him.

Eddie Harrison died on Tuesday at a hospital in Virginia, after his wife was taken from him against her will.

Apparently, he became distressed when his wife’s daughter took her mother, Edith Hill, to live with her in Florida, in an attempt to protect her assets.

The couple married in Alexandria, Virginia, earlier this year after being friends for over a decade. That's when the problems started.

Hill’s estate including property is worth about $475,000 - according to real estate appraisals.

One of Hill's daughters, Rebecca Wright, supported the marriage and helped care for the couple, but her other daughter, Patricia Barber, contested the marriage.

Barber went to court and asked a judge to nullify the marriage on the grounds that her mother had been declared legally incapacitated several years ago.

A judge appointed a new guardian for Hill, to protect her interests. The judge removed Barber and Wright as the legal guardians, but decided to leave the marriage intact.

A few weeks ago, Hill’s guardian took her to Florida. Hill was told that she was going on a vacation for two weeks.

Police were called to the house after Hill refused to go without her husband. She was finally persuaded to go to Florida alone.

When Hill did not return home as planned after two weeks, Harrison realized that she would not return to him.

Daisy Birch, a friend of the family, said that Harrison was heartbroken. He became weak and sick, and was admitted to the hospital with the flu.

Sadly, he died shortly thereafter. The dispute continues between Barber and Wright, over Hill's affairs and place of residence.