Bakery sells drug-laced bread causing hallucinations and out of this world experience (video)

Bread illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A bakery was shut down after selling drug-laces bread to consumers, health care officials in California said.

More than 40 people in Orange County, went to hospitals after complaining of nausea, hallucinations and having out of this world experience after eating Three Kings bread.

Officials found that the bread was laced with a synthetic drug.

The Orange County Health Care Agency shut down Cholula Bakery, which is located in Santa Ana on Wednesday, after the store’s customers became ill from eating the bread.

The bread had also been distributed to different stores around Orange County. Inspectors also found that the bakery was infested with bugs.

Police launched an investigation into the incident, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Elderly man dies while having sex with young woman in hotel room

Lovers illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

An elderly man died of a heart attack while having sex with a young woman, police in Nigeria said.

Ebonyi State Police said that Okorie, 68, died while having sex with Nneoma, 22, a student of the Ebonyi State University.

On the day of the incident, Nneoma called Okorie, to join her for the night at the hotel. It is believed that the old man was giving financial assistance to the woman.

The man arrived at the hotel, went into the room and began making out with the woman. Suddenly, the woman’s boyfriend, Alex, appeared.

That is when the elderly man died of a heart attack. Police believe that Alex intended to extort Okorie, in exchange of keeping quiet about the affair.

Young man gets fine for not killing teen after being hired as a contract killer

Shooting gun illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of fraud after being hired as a contract killer and not carrying out the task, prosecutors in Norway said.

Now, the 21-year-old man was sentenced to a fine $1,300 for fraud because he accepted an employment contract without intending to carry it out.

According to the police investigation, the man agreed to take the cash in exchange for killing a 17-year-old girl. However, since he never intended to kill the target, police charged him with fraud.

The man pleaded guilty and paid the fine. Another 21-year-old man, who ordered the murder, was sentenced to two years in prison.

The man pleaded guilty to conspiracy, saying that the teen rejected his sexual advances. He paid $9,300 for the task of killing the girl, but the other man said he received only $6,300.

Man breaks into police station to cook himself pasta

Pasta illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested, charged and convicted of burglary after breaking into a police station and cooking himself dinner, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

38-year-old Lynton Frazer of Edinburgh, was sentenced to serve three months in jail after being found guilty of breaking into the police station and helping himself to Ravioli, Weetabix and milk.

According to the police investigation, the officers at the station went to investigate when they heard the alarm go off and found Frazer, who told them he was hungry, in the kitchen.

It was not the first time that Frazer broke into the police station. He admitted to breaking into the station several years ago, stealing food and milk.

He told investigators that he wanted to get arrested and spend time in jail. He was sentenced to three months in jail at the Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Handcuffed teen helps save life of officer who was booking him into jail (video)

Jamal Rutledge (center) 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police in Florida, have honored a teenager who helped save the life of a police officer.

The 17-year-old boy who was in handcuffs while he was being booked into jail, helped save the life of the police officer after he collapsed from a heart attack.

Jamal Rutledge was being charged with criminal mischief and theft when officer Franklin Foulks suddenly fell to the ground and grabbed his chest inside the jail in Fort Lauderdale.

When Rutledge saw the officer in distress, he got up and kicked the door while screaming for help.

Other officers who were in the building, came to his rescue and were able to revive Foulks by administering CPR and using a defibrillator before he was taken to a hospital.

Doctors said that thanks to the quick action, the officer’s life was saved.

Rutledge was being booked on charges of violation of probation for criminal mischief and theft when he saw the officer falling from his chair.

The officer hit his head and then started writhing on the floor. He called for help, which helped saved the officer’s life.

Rutledge and three officers involved in the rescue are now being honored for their actions.

Neo-Nazi fuming after clinic accidentally sent her sperm of black donor causing her to give birth to black girl

Black child illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A woman in Ohio, is fuming after giving birth to a black baby girl, who she named Watermelon.

Molly Cram, who defines herself as a neo-Nazi, complained that her 2-year-old black daughter, Watermelon, is a contradiction to her beliefs.

“The neo-Nazi community does not want me now. My daughter is black,” Cram said about her daughter who was born by artificial insemination.

Cram received her sample from a black donor from a clinic in Chicago, Illinois. She said that her life has been a nightmare ever since.

“My boyfriend left me because I have a black child,” Cram said about her partner John Steelhammer.

The clinic sent an apology letter to Cram and returned her money. However, she claims that the clinic intentionally sent her a sample of a black person because of her beliefs.

Pastor boasts about punching a child because he did not take God seriously (video)

Reverend Eric Dammann 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A pastor in New Jersey, was forced to apologize after a video showed that he boasted about punching a child for not taking God seriously.

Reverend Eric Dammann, a pastor at the Bible Baptist Church in Hasbrouck Heights, admitted to hitting the teenager for not taking God seriously.

However, he said that he regrets his actions, and they do not reflect the teachings of the Bible.

The statement comes a month after the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, showed Dammann talking about a time when he punched a boy named Ben.

Dammann said that he punched Ben in the chest as hard as he could. He said that Ben forgave him a long time ago, and he hopes that everyone else can forgive him as well.

The video went viral on the Internet, and has been viewed more than 2.7 million times on YouTube.

The video was originally uploaded by the church, but was removed when people expressed their concern about the pastor.

Naked woman and child found dead in the woods near crashed car (video)

Car crash illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A naked woman and a child were found dead near a crashed car off a busy road, police in Texas said.

Fort Worth Police are investigating the cause deaths after the 27-year-old woman and her 13-month-old daughter were found near a single-vehicle accident off Bryant Irvin Road and Altamesa Boulevard on Tuesday morning.

The child was identified as Hailey Gardner and the woman was identified as Lindsay Groce.

A motorist noticed a crashed Toyota against some trees and called police. Police officers who arrived at the scene, found no one in the car.

Several hours later, a worker found the naked woman and the child laying in the woods. The airbags in the vehicle were deployed.

Father stones his 19-year-old daughter to death because she fell in love with a boy from another tribe (video)

Wedding ceremony 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A father and son were arrested on charges of murder in connection with the stoning of a teen who fell in love with a boy from a nearby city, police in India said.

Uttar Pradesh Police said that 19-year-old Pratibha Khan, was stoned to death by her father and brother as part of an honor killing.

65-year-old Jagpal Khan and 36-year-old Pradeep Khan, said that they had no choice but the kill the woman in order to clean the name of the family, which got dirty when Pratibha Khan fell in love with a boy from another tribe.

According to the police investigation, Pratibha Khan was abducted from her home by her father and brother before being hit with bricks and strangled to death.

The remains of the teen were found by her friends in the fields near her home. Police arrested the father and son on suspicion of carrying out the honor killing.

At first, the two denied the allegations, saying that the teen’s lover probably killed her.

However, when they were questioned separately, they admitted to killing the teen because she dated a boy outside her tribe.

Teen punches police officer after being told not to lay on the road

Punch illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A teen who was celebrating the 20th birthday of his friend, was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly punching a police officer because he told him not to lay on the road, police in Japan said.

Hyogo Police said that the teen and his friends were celebrating and became drunk.

Motorists reported that there was a teen laying on the road with a large banner, blocking traffic. Police officers who arrived at the scene, told the teen to move off the road.

The suspect stood up and punched one of the officers in the face. The suspect appeared before a judge for a bail hearing, and he denied the allegations.

Also this week, Osaka Police said that they arrested 20-year-old Kento Nishi, on charges of assault after allegedly throwing a can of coffee at a police officer.

The incident unfolded after officers were called to the scene of a wild party. According to witnesses at the scene, Nishi was very drunk and started a fight with a friend.

When police arrived, Nishi threw the coffee can at a police car, saying that he became angry because he hates the police.

Man caught exposing himself to female hospital patients

Woman in hospital bed illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly exposing himself to female hospital patients, police in New Zealand said.

Canterbury Police said that they arrested the 39-year-old man on Wednesday night, in connection with the indecent assaults on several female hospital patients.

The assaults occurred at the Christchurch Hospital on Saturday. According to the police investigation, the man entered the room of a female hospital patient and assaulted her.

Later, he exposed himself to another woman. Police believe that there may be more victims, and urged them to come forward and file complaints.

The man was identified and arrested after police received several tips from the public.

The suspect appeared before Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave, and he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Suicide bomber tries to blow up bus because driver refused to stop where he wanted (video)

Suicide vest illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) An elderly man was arrested on charges of attempted murder after allegedly trying to blow up a bus because the driver didn't stop where he wanted, prosecutors in China said.

77-year-old Wang Shichao of Jinhua, appeared before a judge this week in connection with the attack that occurred in Wucheng.

Video surveillance that was taken from inside the bus showed Shichao approaching the driver and throwing a grenade at him.
The grenade caused a modest explosion and a lot of smoke.

Luckily, the main explosives in the grenade did not ignite. No one was injured and no damage was reported. Shichao was quickly subdued by other passengers on the bus before the police arrived at the scene and arrested him.

Shichao told the Wucheng District People's Court, that he became angry when the driver had not stopped precisely at the bus stop.

Shichao went home and to retrieve his grenade. He waited for the bus and tried to commit a suicide attack once it had arrived. Shichao pleaded guilty to the charges.

Woman’s eye explodes while learning how to drive a car

Woman’s eyes illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman was rushed to a hospital after her eye exploded while receiving a car driving lesson, doctors in the United Kingdom said.

Luckily, 30-year-old Liz Hodgkinson of Wales, managed to keep the car in position before her instructor took control of the vehicle.

She was then taken to a hospital, where surgeons found that her cornea had split open. Hodgkinson was diagnosed with a genetic disease, and has had corneal transplants and 50 stitches in her eyes.

Hodgkinson said that at first, it was very painful and she thought that something went into her eye. Doctors believe that the disease causes the front of the eye to lose density and bend out of shape.

The condition affects about 1 in 1,500 people. The condition can cause distorted vision, including multiple images and stripes, as well as sensitivity to light.

Hodgkinson said that both her mom and brother suffer from the same condition, known as Keratoconus. As a professional artist, Keratoconus depends on her eyesight for a living.

Young boy who fell into a coma suddenly wakes up after 12 years

Martin Pistorius 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man spoke about his ordeal of being in a coma for 12 years before waking up.

Martin Pistorius from South Africa, was only 12 years old when he was hospitalized with what doctors diagnosed as cryptococcal meningitis.

The child's condition deteriorated rapidly, ultimately leaving him unable to move or speak.

Doctors told his parents that their son had a limited time to live, and he will probably never be more than a vegetable.

His devoted parents took him home from the hospital and kept him as comfortable as possible while preparing for his death.

However, “Martin kept it going, he just kept going,” Joan Pistorius, the boy's mother, said.

For 12 years, the parents cared for him. His devoted father Pistorius, woke up every morning to dress his son and took him to a special care center.

He then picked him up eight hours later, bathed him, fed him and put him in bed. Rodney set his alarm clock for every two hours so he can turn his son to prevent bedsores.

Throughout those years, Pistorius showed no signs of improvement and his parents had very little hope that their son would ever recover.

His mother Joan, recalls with bitterness how she told her son: “I hope you die.”

“I know it's a horrible thing to say. I just wanted some relief,” she explained.

When Pistorius miraculously awoke after 12 years, he said that he was “aware of everything” while he was trapped in a vegetative state - including his mother’s ugly comment.

Pistorius said that about two years into his coma, at age 14, his mind woke up, but he was unable to move his body. Pistorius said that he felt trapped in his body. He felt totally alone, and he was in a very dark place.

He also said that he remembers how the care center played reruns of “Barney” over and over again. “I cannot even express how much I hated Barney,” he said.

Pistorius eventually learned to communicate via computer. He then went on to get a job at a government office.

His life took yet another turn for the better when he met a social worker named Joanna, who is a friend of his sister.

Joanna said that she was instantly drawn to Pistorius’ sense of humor. The two got engaged and later married.

Pistorius, now 39, lives in Harlow, England, with his wife, and has published a memoir about his incredible life called: “Ghost Boy: My Escape From A Life Locked Inside My Own Body.”

Woman arrested while trying to bail out man who beat her

Cynthia Walker and Alexander Yetman 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman in Florida, was arrested after attempting to bail out the man who allegedly beat her up.

47-year-old Cynthia Walker tried to bail out the man of the Flagler County Detention Center.

Walker came to the jail about 8:00 p.m. on Friday. According to officers, “she seemed very nervous and she was wearing sunglasses even though it was after sunset.”

Officers determined that the prisoner, whom she was trying to bail out, could not have contact with her. She and the man, who was identified as Alexander Yetman, were ordered to stay away from each other.

Yetman, 35, was arrested the day before for allegedly beating Walker.

Deputies explained that since she cannot have contact with Yetman, she cannot bail him out. Officers then offered Walker a ride back to her hotel room, and she accepted the offer.

Walker failed to tell officers that she had been beaten her badly and was left with two black eyes.

Officers told Walker that “before they transported her they are required to check her person and her bags.

Walter handed over her purse and officers found drugs, including methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs, and a glass pipe, according to the police report.

Walker told deputies that she believed someone from the hotel may have put narcotics in her purse despite the fact that she was alone in her hotel room.

Walker was booked into the Flagler County Detention Center. Her bail was set at $26,000. While being booked, she removed her glasses so officers were able to see her bloody and bruised eyes, which Yetman allegedly caused.

Boy kidnapped at age 4 reunites with his family after 24 years

Sun Bin and his father reunite 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A boy who was kidnapped and sold to a childless couple, finally reunited with his family after 24 years.

It was an emotional reunion for the father, son and the sister he never met.

Sun Bin was 4 years old when he was kidnapped from his father’s vegetable stall in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

He was sold to a childless couple in Xuzhou, nearly 1,000 miles away from his home. His adoptive parents allegedly bought him for $380.

Now, Bin, 28, was finally reunited with his family. Sadly, his mother died several years ago. He went to her gravesite to pay his respect.

Bin said that his adoptive parents were very good to him. However, “the fact that they paid the men who stole me from my real parents always meant there was a distance between us,” said Bin.

“I admit that I learned to love them for their kindness as the years passed, but I knew I had to try to find my real parents,” he added.

Bin looked for his biological parents and as part of the search he provided a DNA sample to a government database.

His father, Ku, 45, and mother, had spent four years traveling around the country, hoping to find their son, but they gave up.

The couple could no longer travel.

Ku said that he was selling vegetables at a food market and brought his son along with him. While he was dealing with a customer, his son disappeared.

Ku showed his son a photo that he carried around with him. It was a photo of himself with his son, who was taken four days before his disappearance.

Ku said that his wife, Lo, never got over the loss of her son, and she died of a “broken heart.”

Man molests young girl because ‘she was cute and skinny’

Delio Vasquez-Martinez 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested for molesting a young girl.

25-year-old Delio Vasquez-Martinez of Chicago, Illinois, is facing charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

He is being held on $750,000 bail after police said that he admitted he touching the private parts of the girl several times, when she was between 11 and 13 years old.

Vasquez-Martinez of the 400 block of West Touhy Avenue, was charged with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, according to court documents.

Vasquez-Martinez allegedly touched the private parts of the girl over and under her clothes several times.

According to Cook County Assistant State Attorney Robert Mack, Vasquez-Martinez said that he touched the young girl because “she was attractive, cute and skinny.”

The girl, who is friends with a relative of the suspect, finally told family members about the incident and the authorities were contacted.

Mack said that Vasquez-Martinez admitted to touching the private parts of the girl despite knowing that it was wrong.

Vasquez-Martinez reportedly also has a pending charge of disorderly conduct in DuPage County, where he was accused stopping next to a 13-year-old girl and offering her a ride. The girl refused and told her mother about the incident.

Later that month, he allegedly approached the same girl and said “you had to not be afraid of me. I just want to give you a ride,” said Mack.

The girl told her mother about the second incident, and the police were called. Vasquez-Martinez was arrested and allegedly admitted to trying to give the child a ride “because it was cold outside,” according to Mack.

Truck carrying fireworks explodes following road crash (video)

The fireworks explosion 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police and the fire department were called to deal with a 120 car pileup.

While fire crews were working to put out the fire, a truck carrying fireworks suddenly exploded.

Michigan State Police said that buses were used to evacuate people from the massive traffic pileup.

Police told people living within one mile of the highway to take shelter as a precaution after the tractor-trailer, which was carrying about 44,000 pounds of fireworks, exploded during the massive pileup on I-94 in Kalamazoo County on Friday.

There was another semi-truck carrying hazardous materials, which also caused concern for the safety of the public.

Police confirmed that one man died and at least 20 people were injured. The man who died was identified as a 57-year-old truck driver from Canada.

Sean Conn, vice president of Big Fireworks, which is the largest wholesale seller of consumer fireworks in Michigan, said that the truck was not theirs and the driver did not work for them.

However, he confirmed that the tractor-trailer was on the way to their warehouse when the explosion occurred.

He also said that the destroyed fireworks are covered by insurance, but since the product comes from China, it can take about 12 to 18 months to replace.
The company said that they have about 600 different products in stock. “Our customers probably will not even notice the loss,” he said.

Bakery worker tosses metal nuts and bolts in granola bar mixture

Ruben Gramajo 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested for throwing metal nuts into a mixture of granola bars at a bakery.

According to police, the bakery worker in Michigan, admitted to throwing metal nuts and bolts into a mixture of granola bars because he wanted a break from work.

22-year-old Ruben Gramajo allegedly threw the handful of metal objects into the food at the Hearthside Foods Bakery plant in Kentwood.

The quality control department immediately detected that something was wrong with the batch and removed the contaminated products.

Then they reviewed surveillance video to see who was responsible for the criminal act. They allegedly spotted Gramajo on video committing the crime.

According to the company, about 439,400 products had to be destroyed after the alleged incident.

The police were called, and the 22-year-old man was arrested and charged with a felony of placing harmful objects in food.

Gramajo was released from prison after posting bail. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and / or a fine of $10,000.

Hearthside Foods spokesperson Carl Melville assured their customers that the alleged actions of their employee never put the public at risk as their strict quality controls kept the food from reaching consumers.

Man caught urinating into washing machine at laundromat

Steven Byrd 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police were called to a laundromat, where a man was seen on surveillance video urinating into a washing machine.

Police in Vermont, released the video in order to get help from the public in identifying the suspect.

The police received “dozens of calls from the people who were able to identify the two individuals seen on surveillance video vandalizing the laundromat.

Police identified the man who urinated into the washing machine, as Steven Byrd. He was seen relieving himself inside the Waterbury Laundry & Dry store.

Officials are now trying to locate Byrd, who has been dubbed the “washing machine urinator.”

The video footage shows Byrd and his friend, go into the business, which was unsupervised at the time, shortly after 8:00 p.m.

Police Chief Joby Feccia said that the two began throwing things around before Byrd decided to urinate inside the washing machine.

Byrd was seen pulling a chair to the machine and opening the lid before urinating inside. When he was done, he zipped up his pants and closed the lid.

Police said that once Byrd is apprehended, he will likely face charges of vandalism.