Man walks into lawyer’s office with dead body and confesses to killing his neighbor

John Marshall 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A lawyer in Florida, said that he was shocked when a man walked into his office and confessed to killing his neighbor, saying that the dead body is outside in his truck.

Fort Myers Police said that 52-year-old John Marshall, waked into the office of his lawyer disheveled, incoherent and wounded on Wednesday afternoon.

Marshall told him that the body of his neighbor was in the back of his truck, which he parked outside.

Marshall said that he fought with his neighbor for some time, and on Wednesday, the man threatened him with a gun and hit his face, knocking out his tooth.

They began to struggle and at some point, the gun went off and killed the neighbor. The dead man was identified by police as Theodore Hubbell Jr.

Police said that so far, Marshall was not charged with a crime.

President of Zimbabwe feasts on baby elephants as part of his birthday celebration

Young elephant illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Animal rights groups are fuming after the president of Zimbabwe, ate baby elephants as part of his birthday celebration.

Robert Mugabe has spent about $1 million for his birthday party.

As part of his 91st birthday celebration, chefs slaughter elephants along with other wild animals, cooked them and served the meat to guests.

The party was held at a resort in Victoria Falls. During the celebration, Mugabe launched 91 balloons in the sky with the help of his wife, Grace.

Around 20,000 people attended the party. Guests were fed young elephants, buffaloes and impalas. Mugabe received 40 cows as a gift by two members of his government.

The party was described as completely immoral by conservationists and obscene by members of the opposition. Besides the animals, seven large cakes were also served at the party.

One was in the shape of the African continent, and most of them were the size of a mattress.

Hospital throws dead fetuses into dirty laundry

Woman doing laundry illustration 
By: Feng Qian

Workers at a laundromat were horrified to find dead fetuses in the laundry they received from a hospital, police in Nevada said.

Henderson Police said that the workers made the shocking discovery on Tuesday morning, finding two 16-week-old fetuses in a shipment of bedding.

Investigators determined that the twin fetuses arrived with the laundry of the Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. At 16 weeks old, fetuses are about 4.5 inches long and have eyes and ears.

The hospital said that they took possession of the twin fetuses. According to the investigation, a woman arrived at the hospital with an ambulance after suffering from a miscarriage.

The twin dead fetuses were already wrapped in sheets and they somehow ended up in the laundry. The medical examiner will determine the cause of the death.

Teen fights his cancer stricken brother for refusing to give up the last piece of fried fish

Henry Huber 
By: Chan Yuan

A teen was arrested on charges of assault after fighting with his cancer stricken brother over a piece of fried fish, police in Florida police said.

Volusia County Police said that they arrested 19-year-old Henry Huber, after getting angry with his brother for not letting him have the last piece of fish.

His brother, who has stage 3 colon cancer, said that Huber went into a rage because he refused to give up his piece of fish. The victim began to feel threatened and grabbed an improvised weapon.

The brother also hit Huber with the handle of his weapon. That was when the mother came home and Huber started screaming and cursing her.

Huber was arrested on charges of battery. While being searched by police, Huber was caught with a bag of marijuana and a water pipe.

Huber was subsequently charged with possession of marijuana.

Beer bottle broken over black man’s head for entering white only bar

Jason Cuellar 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly spraying pepper spray on bar employees after a black man entered a bar that is exclusively for white men, police in Florida said.

24-year-old Kenneth Hodge of Daytona Beach, entered the Hideout Lounge on Friday, when 44-year-old Jason Cuellar ordered him to leave, saying that this bar is not for black people.

When Hodge ignored Cuellar, he broke a beer bottle over the head of the victim, causing a laceration. A fight broke out, but Hodge was able to break free.

Cuellar is accused of pepper spraying two bar patrons who tried to stop him from assaulting Hodge. Cuellar fled the scene.

Cuellar was booked into the Volusia County Jail, on charges of aggravated assault causing bodily harm and two counts of assault.

He was also charged with a hate crime. His bail was set at $21,000. Hideout Lounge does not discriminate against its customers and all are welcome.

Drunk woman curses police officers before exposing herself and urinating in police cell

Woman drinking illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A drunk woman was arrested on charges of public drunkenness after allegedly stripping and urinating in a police cell, police in Pennsylvania said.

Luzerne County Police responded to a traffic accident around 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, where they arrested 34-year-old Sherman Anderson, 23-year-old Cree Carrington and 27-year-old Shavone Saxon.

Police said that Saxon smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes and slurred speech. She also repeatedly cursed at police. Police said that Saxon was informed that she was under arrest, but she refusing to surrender and fought with officers.

Police said that two additional officers had to be brought in to make the arrest. Police said that Saxon and Carrington were processed and placed in a cell while Anderson was taken for a blood alcohol test.

While in the holding cell, Saxon exposed her behind, stomped her feet on the cell door, urinated on the floor and shouted. Saxon was removed from the cell and placed in a restraint chair for the rest of her stay.

Saxon was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. She was arraigned before District Judge Martin Kane and was booked into the Luzerne County Correctional Service.

Her bail was set at $20,000 bail.