Woman tells her husband she is really an animal and needs live among camels

Camels illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was shocked to hear that his wife is in love with camels and wants to live among them rather than with people, according to court documents in Saudi Arabia.

Now, the man has filed for divorce after he was convinced that his wife loved her father’s camel more than him.

The trouble began when the couple went to visit her family’s home near Riyadh. At some point, the husband noticed that his wife was flirting with her father’s camel named Al Waleef.

When the husband asked his wife if she loved him, she said that not as much as the camel. The husband was shocked by her statement, which she made in front of her family.

On Friday night, the husband took his wife on a trip to the desert and headed to the area where her father keeps his camels.

That is when the woman said that she was really an animal and she does not want to live among people. The man immediately filed for divorce.

Man steals ambulance and crashes it because Jesus told him to do so

Ambulance illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of theft after allegedly stealing an ambulance because Jesus told him to do so, police in Texas said.

The Houston Fire Department said that the ambulance was stolen from 2121 Main Street near West Gray Street around 10:00 a.m.

The ambulance was recovered about 30 minutes later at Waugh and Gray streets, where it crashed into a moving truck. Police said that the suspect was arrested a few blocks away.

When asked why he stole the ambulance, the suspect said that Jesus told him to do so. A passenger in the moving truck was injured and was taken to a hospital.

The suspect was charged with one count of theft and was booked into jail.

Woman send man she never met $1.4 million because he loves her

By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman brought her cousin to Dr. Phil, because she is spending her entire inheritance on a man she never met.

The cousin however, defended her decision to send $1.42 million to the man she met on the Internet, saying that she is almost sure that he will pay her back.

Sarah, 46, said that she got to know the man who calls himself Chris Olsen, 18 months ago. He said that he was stuck in South Africa, after arriving there on a business trip.

Olsen told Sarah that several things came up, which keeps him from returning to the United States. Olsen also revealed that he is a widower and he has two daughters.

He was born and raised in Milan, Italy, and moved to the United States about 18 years ago.

Crystal was worried that her cousin was wasting her vast inheritance money, sending it to the man she had never met, so she asked Dr. Phil for help.

Sarah has sent so much money to South Africa, that Western Union has banned her from sending any more cash. Sarah now relies on family and friends to send money to Olsen on her behalf.

Dentist tries to treat woman’s teeth at McDonald’s

McDonald’s illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A dentist in the United Kingdom, was banned from practicing after trying to treat a woman at a McDonald’s restaurant.

A General Dental Council committee banned Anca Claudia Macavei from continuing her practice after being accused of setting up a temporary dentist chair at the McDonald’s located on Cannon Street, in London.

When the woman refused to be treated surrounded by burgers and nuggets, Macavei tried to do the work in a hallway of a random building.

Macavei appealed the decision of the General Dental Council committee, but her appeal was rejected. Justice Patterson said that there was enough evidence to justify her removal from the register of dentists.

Macavei found herself in trouble after the patient complained of the bizarre attempt to fit a dental bridge at the restaurant. Macavei said that the decision to suspend her was too harsh.

Woman kills man for cutting down tree and eats his brain

Cut tree illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing a man who was cutting down a tree, police in Zimbabwe said.

Gutu Police said that they arrested Esther Katandwa, after being accused of killing Simon Muzenda for cutting down a tree.

According to the police investigation, the woman killed him with an ax around 10:00 a.m., before eating his brain in front of passersby.

Witnesses at the scene said that they stood by helplessly as the angry woman attacked Muzenda. Katandwa acted like she was possessed when one passerby tried to stop her.

She took the ax and went after him.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, arrested Katandwa, who told them that she wants to finish her meal before being taken to jail.

Man finds severed private parts on street

Street illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was horrified to find severed private parts laying on the street, police in Australia said.

Toukley Police said that the NSW Health Pathology has confirmed that the severed private parts that were found on Thursday morning, were not human.

A spokesperson for the NSW Health Pathology confirmed that the private parts belonged to an animal, but she did not identify it.

The incident began when a man walked into the Toukley police station on Thursday around 11:15 a.m., and gave officers a bag containing severed private parts, saying his dog found the bag on the street.

Police took the bag to the John Hunter Hospital, where it was examined by a coroner.

Paramedics and an ambulance were sent to the street where the private parts were found, but they did not find any injured person.

Pastor sodomizes 17-year-old girl in order for the Holy Spirit to enter her body

Sad girl illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A pastor was arrested on charges of sexual assault after allegedly sodomizing a teen girl in order for the Holy Spirit to enter her body, prosecutors in Ghana said.

27-year-old Kofi Adams has been brought before the Accra Circuit Court on Thursday, after being accused of sexually assaulting the 17-year-old student.

According to the police investigation, Adams had sexually assaulted the girl on the pretext of expelling evil spirits from inside her body.

The pastor had taken the teen to a hotel, where he gave her a spiritual bath. While giving her the bath, the pastor sodomized the girl while screaming for the Holy Spirit to enter her body.

When the girl tried to resist, Adams told her that the Holy Spirit has commanded him to sodomize her. He also poured oil on the girl’s feet.

After the terrifying ordeal, the girl went home and told her mother about the attack. The mother called the police and Adams was arrested.

Adams pleaded not guilty to indecent assault.

2 babies who died 20 years ago found in funeral home ceiling

Baby feet illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police in Indiana, launched an investigation after a funeral home worker found 2 dead babies stashed away inside a ceiling.

The Lake County coroner said that they took custody of the two babies found at the funeral home in Gary.

Officials arrived at the Smith, Bizzell and Warner Funeral Home, which is located at 4209 Grant Street, around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

The remains had been at the funeral home for more than 20 years.

The remains had been locked in a safe space in the morgue until a disgruntled employee tried to hide them and was caught in the act.

The funeral said that the employee, who worked there for eight months, was dismissed.

A manager discovered that the unidentified employee stashed the remains of the dead children in the ceiling of the funeral home.

The coroner is trying to find relatives of the children, and they are still investigating the cause of death.

Mother and nail salon worker get into physical fight after manicurist refuses to do 1-year-old’s nails

Tawana Davis 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was arrested for assaulting a nail salon worker who refused to do her daughter's nails.

Surveillance video of the incident shows how the two women got into a fist fight in a beauty salon in California.

The fight allegedly began when the shop owner refused to give the client’s 1-year-old daughter a manicure.

Police were called to the Excellent Nail Spa in Lancaster, after customer Tawana Davis, allegedly took nail polish from the wall, checking the color and shaking it.

Shop owner Kathy Nguyen then asked Davis to leave and she tried to grab the nail polish from her hand.

Davis pushed her back with one arm while holding her daughter in the other. That's when the fight broke out and police were called.

The mother then placed her daughter on the floor and the two women beat each other.

Two employees tried to break up the fight, but were unsuccessful.

Davis admitted that she became angry when the manicurist refused to paint the nails of her daughter.

Nguyen said that the child was too young for a manicure and that the salon has the right to refuse the service.

Davis was arrested on charges of robbery after Nguyen claimed she stole bottles of nail polish.

Davis said that her toddler was left traumatized by the incident. Police are still investigating the incident.

Both women have hired an attorney and plan to sue each other over the incident.

11-year-old girl tells teacher her mother and boyfriend were raping their children

Bobbi Sue Pack and Juan Carlos Sanchez 
By: Wayne Morin

A mother and her boyfriend of Ohio, pleaded guilty to raping her children.

The incident of abuse came to light after a brave 11-year-old girl told her teacher of the torture she and her siblings were going through at the hands of her mother and her boyfriend.

32-year-old Bobbi Sue Pack of Wheelersburg, was sentenced to 10 years in prison as part of a plea agreement in which she pleaded guilty to two counts of rape.

Her boyfriend, Juan Carlos Sanchez, 45, pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and one count of endangering a child. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The children’s maternal grandmother, Edwina Louis, 52, who was also charged in the case, declined a plea agreement with prosecutors and she will face a jury trial later this year.

The couple was accused of tying the woman's children to their beds for a week at a time. They were beaten and raped. The children were only freed to do the homework for their Ohio Virtual Academy, an online school.

The adults admitted to tying up the children as punishment for stealing food. Deputies said that they found locks on the refrigerator and kitchen cupboards in the family's home.

The woman’s daughters were 9 and 11 years old at the time, and her son was 8 years old. The children suffered abuse for 2 years before the 11-year-old girl alerted her teacher via email, and police were called.

A 2-year-old girl, who is the boyfriend's sole biological child, was treated fine by the family and showed no signs of abuse. She was also removed from the home by child services.

Woman undergoes plastic surgery so she can be accepted on Beautiful People dating site

Tawnie Lynn 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman confessed that she had plastic surgery after she was rejected by the Beautiful People dating website.

The dating website claims to cater to the world’s most beautiful people from around the world.

The owners of the website have reportedly rejected 7.5 million people who attempted to join the site. In addition to that, they have booted about than 3,000 members for letting themselves go and not maintaining their bodies to the website’s standards.

Tawnie Lynn of Los Angeles, California, who is a model and actress, said that she underwent plastic surgery after being rejected by the dating website.

Lynn said that she is glad that the website is being so thoughtful about the looks of its members.

If they would allow members to stay despite gaining weight and not maintaining their bodies then the website would end up being like any other dating site out there, she said.

The most cited reason for members being removed from the site was for “piling on the pounds” and “graceless” aging.

The owners of the website periodically review the suitability of all its members to make sure that quality is maintained.

Groom stages fake ISIS kidnap during his wedding (video)

Ahmed Shehata and Shaimaa Deif 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A fun-loving groom thought it would be exciting to have his wife kidnapped during their wedding.

While fear has been a common response to the recent terror attacks of Islamic State, one Egyptian groom chose to laugh in the face of adversity.

25-year-old medical graduate Ahmed Shehata decided that his own wedding was the best forum to do so.

Shehata arranged for relatives to dress like ISIS militants and “kidnap” him and his bride during their wedding.

The men entered the wedding hall to the soundtrack of the infamous ISIS anthem armed with guns and with a cage that looked like the one which was used to burn a Jordanian pilot alive.

The couple was placed inside the cage. The panic soon turned into laughter after the music changed to a dance track and the groom began dancing with the bride.

One of the men removed his ski mask and revealed his identity as the brother of the bride.

The bride saw the humor in the entire incident. The 23-year-old bride Shaimaa Deif said: “To ISIS, the message is that ‘the cage you're scaring us with, we are dancing inside it.’”

Court orders man to have eyes gouged out and ears cut off for blinding another man

Davoud Roshanaei before and after the acid attack 
By: Feng Qian

A man who attacked another man with acid, was sentenced to “retribution in kind.”

The man of Iran, permanently disfigured another man in an acid attack, which left the victim blind and his ears damaged.

The suspect, who was identified only as Hamid S., poured acid over Davoud Roshanaei, causing him to lose an eye and an ear.

A court sentenced Hamid S., to qesas, meaning “retribution in kind,” and has now had his eye and the ear surgically removed in a prison in Karaj.

In addition to qesas, Hamid S. was ordered to serve a jail sentence of ten years, and he must pay compensation to Roshanaei.

The surgery was originally supposed to be carried out two months ago, but was postponed after medical staff at the Rajai Shahr prison refused to carry out the qesas.

“We had a meeting with the forensic medicine and they let us know once there was a doctor who was willing to carry out the sentence,” the judge said.

An international human rights organization based in Norway, has condemned the punishment, calling it “barbaric.”

Old woman hospitalized after ‘bouncing off big woman’s chest’ during fight over handicapped parking space

Kezia Perkins 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A fight over a parking spot at Walmart, ended with one woman hospitalized and another woman in jail.

The fight outside the Walmart in Wisconsin, began when customer Kezia Perkins, 32, tried to get into a handicapped parking spot near the entrance of the store.

However, she was unable to make the sharp turn fast enough and a 71-year-old Greenfield woman took the spot.

Perkins jumped out of her car and confronted the woman. She then chest butted the older woman who fell to the ground.

The other woman, who was identified as Janis Gotz, fell to the ground and broke her leg.

Perkins attempted to get back into her car, while Gotz was still on the ground. However, witnesses intervened and the police were called.

“It's not my fault that the old woman bounced off my big chest,” Perkins told police.

The old woman needed a second hip replacement after the fall caused two fractures in the femur, police said.

During an investigation, police learned that Perkins’ license had also been suspended and the handicapped placard was invalid and was not registered in her name.

Perkins was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Mother gives birth to son’s baby

Kyle and Miles Casson 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A young baby will learn that his father is also his brother and that his grandmother gave birth to him.

Kyle Casson of the United Kingdom, was just 24 years old when he desperately wanted to have a baby.

He was facing two problems, he was single and gay. So he decided to try to find a surrogate to carry his baby.

However, he was turned away from surrogacy clinics across the country. After being denied the happiness of being a father for a number of years, he turned to his 45-year-old mother for help.

Anne-Marie Casson asked for her husband’s permission before agreeing to carry her son’s baby and gave birth by cesarean section to a boy named Miles.

Baby Miles, now eight months old, is the biological child of Kyle Casson as they used his sperm and an anonymous donor egg, which was implanted in the womb of his mother.

In the eyes of the law, Miles is also his father’s brother.

Ignoring the potential ethical and moral dilemmas posed by his actions, Kyle Casson, now 27, said that he understands that not everyone will agree with him, but they may have their opinions. “I have a son and I am very happy,” he said.

Kyle Casson, a supermarket employee in Doncaster, is the first single man to have a child through surrogacy in the country, and the first to use his own mother as a surrogate.

Kyle Casson said that he is not going to lie to his son. He wants his son to know that he is very much wanted and loved.

Kyle Casson said that as long as a person can provide for a child they should not be deprived of the opportunity to be a parent.

Toddler starves to death after his mother died from drug overdose

Sara and Casey Kessler 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man went to check on his sister after he did not hear from her for a few days.

Sadly, he found his 22-year-old sister dead in her apartment of a drug overdose, according to police.

Sara Kessler and her 10-month-old son Casey of Pennsylvania, were found dead inside their apartment.

Assistant Allegheny County Police Superintendent James Morton, said that the woman may have been dead for over a week.

Sara Kessler was found on her bed and used needles were all over her home. The 10-month-old boy was found dead in the living room.

The baby is believed to have crawled around the house for some time while his mother was deceased. He later died of starvation.

3 house cats were also found in the apartment. Police said that the animals survived because of an automatic feeder.

A neighbor said that Sara Kessler was a known drug addict and that her family had tried to get her help many times.