Woman drags sex offender to police by his hair

Chavan Chowdee (left) Pradnya Mandhare 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman is seen as role model after she managed to stop a sex offender and single-handedly handed him over to police.

20-year-old Pradnya Mandhare of Mumbai, India, was at a train station on her way home from college when she was sexually assaulted by a drunk man.

A large crowd of people watched as the man touched her inappropriately, but they did nothing.

Mandhare said that she was waiting for a train around 2.30 p.m., when the suspect who was later identified as 25-year-old Chavan Chowdee, walked up to her and began groping her.

The woman then grabbed Chowdee by the hair, and dragged him to a nearby police station. Mandhare said that people stared at her, but nobody intervened.

“I know that women don't like to complain to the police, but I was determined to make sure he was punished,” Mandhare said.

Chowdee, who is said to be a drug and alcoholic addict, was arrested over the attack.

Man shoots 12-year-old boy for attempting to break up fight between him and his former girlfriend

Jamille Carter 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man turned himself in to police after shooting a 12-year-old boy who attempted to break up a physical fight.

Philadelphia Police said that they have arrested the man who shot the 12-year-old son of his former girlfriend.

The incident occurred around 2:00 a.m. on the 3500 block of Janney Street in Port Richmond.

The man who was identified as 23-year-old Jamille Carter, broke into the house of his 33-year-old former girlfriend.

She told him to leave, but he refused, and the two began arguing. According to police, Carter smacked the woman in the face, causing her to fall to the floor.

The noise awoke the woman’s 12-year-old son.

The boy was walked down the stairs to see what was going on and when he attempted to help his mother, Carter pulled a gun and shot him in the thigh.

The child was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Carter later surrendered to police without incident.

Man selling bags of air from concert on ebay for more than $60,000

Air from Kanye West concert for sale on ebay 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man of Pennsylvania, has decided to earn some extra cash by selling bags of air he collected from a concert.

A Ziploc plastic bag containing the air of a Yeezus concert by Kanye West, is being sold for $65,000 on ebay.

The strange item appeared on the site last Sunday for just $5.00. However, the price continued to rise with more than 90 people bidding against one another.

The seller wrote that the package is being shipped from Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. The seller also wrote that at the concert, he held the bag open, let in air and sealed it.

The words “air from Kanye West concert” is written on the bag with a black marker. Copycats quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

A seller from Chicago, Illinois, is auctioning off a bag of air for $100. The seller is providing a photo of the concert tickets as proof of authenticity.

Another ebay seller from New Jersey, is offering a bag of concert air at a Buy It Now Price of $4,000.

Politician caught dumping cat feces on opponents’ homes

Howard A. Shafer 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A politician was arrested on charges of criminal tampering after allegedly dumping cat feces on properties of his political opponents, police in New York said.

Albany County Police said that they arrested 70-year-old Howard A. Shafer on Sunday, when a police officer who was patrolling the neighborhood of one of the victims saw Shafer with cat feces.

Shafer served in the Albany County Legislature. A Bethlehem police officer asked Shafer what he was doing in Trinity Place, which is two miles away from his house.

Shafer replied that he was a politician and was checking up on his neighbors' homes to see what was happening. Shafer admitted that he just dumped cat feces on a property, and told the officer that he had done it once before.

Police however, said that residents complained about cat feces about 24 times.

One of the victims was a political opponent of Shafer, and another victim had a political dispute with the suspect recently.

Shafer is a member of Bethlehem Democratic Committee.

Elderly woman lays under bus for 6 hours in protest after man conned her out of life savings

Cui Ma under the bus 
By: Mahesh Sarin

An elderly woman caused a major traffic jam after crawling under a bus at a red light.

Police said that the elderly couple of China, who discovered they had lost all their savings to a con man,
staged a bizarre protest.

68-year-old Cui Ma ran into the street and went under the bus while her husband was standing beside the bus with a sign demanding their money back.

The woman and her husband, Shao, 72, said that they had given their life savings to the man, in what turned out to be a scam.

The couple said they were staging a public protest to publicize the fact that they were victims and demanded their money back.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the protest had caused a major traffic jam after the woman got under the bus at the traffic light in the city Tianyuan, Shanxi.

“There were several attempts to get the woman out from under the bus, but she always crawled away from rescuers and refused to move until her husband was given the money they lost,” the police spokesperson said.

The couple said they had lost nearly $3,000 but they did not specify how they had been scammed.

A witness said that the couple was very upset about what had happened and insisted that society as a whole should pay them back.

However, after 6 hours, they realized that they were not going to get their money back.

That is when the woman finally came out from under the bus and police took her and her husband to the hospital for a checkup.

Police confirmed that no charges will be filed against the distraught couple.

Authorities raid brothel and find police officers and prison inmate partying inside

By: Tanya Malhotra

Four police officers were suspended after they were caught having a good time in a brothel while on duty.

Authorities in West Bengal, India, raided a brothel in the red light district in Asansol, and discovered four police officers and a convicted murderer who they were supposed to be supervising.

The four officers were responsible for transporting the murderer from a prison in Jharkhand to a hospital for a checkup.

On their way back from the hospital, the officers decided to make a detour to visit the red light district.

During the raid, the prisoner, who was serving a sentence of 7 years in prison for murder, fled the scene.

However, the prisoner who was identified as Baiju Yadav,
made his way back to prison and told authorities he was “forcibly” taken to the brothel.

The four police officers, who were in plain clothes but were armed, were drunk at the time of the raid.

The officers were arrested and later suspended from their jobs. The prison inmate was not charged in the incident.

Young woman faces jail for allowing her chickens to cross the road

Chickens illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A young female farmer is facing jail and a fine after her chickens crossed the road and walked onto her neighbor’s property, police in Pennsylvania said.

Millersburg Police said that the 23-year-old owner of a chicken farm, faces one charge of disorderly conduct after her neighbor complained about her unruly chickens.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, found several of the woman’s chickens on the 26-year-old neighbor's property. Anneliese Dorson faces up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $300 if found guilty of the charge.

Earlier this month, an employee who was angry that his boss killed his chicken, decided to rape a chicken to death, police in Kenya said.

Mwingi Police said that they arrested 22-year-old Ndanu Mwatha on Monday, after being accused of bestiality.

According to the police investigation, Mwatha raped the chicken to death as an act of revenge against his boss for killing his own chicken.

Mwatha told investigators that his boss refused to compensate him. Mwatha raped his boss’ chicken after it wandered into his house.

Teachers force students to beat their fellow classmates

Students illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A school district was hit with a lawsuit after teachers forced students to beat fellow classmates, according to court documents filed in Texas.

Two mothers of Houston, said that their children are still suffering after being beaten by their fellow classmates.

Their lawsuit alleges that the boys, who are in second grade, were beaten by teachers and classmates for misbehaving. The mothers were identified as Yolanda Anderson and Ms. Corbin.

The beatings unfolded at the A.G. Hilliard Elementary School in North Forest. The students were forced to attack other children and were threatened with harm if they did not beat their classmates.

In one incident, a female student was approached from behind, punched, kicked and had her hair pulled. The students were then told that they did a good job.

Corbin and Anderson said that their children now need emotional therapy. The lawsuit seeks compensation for the children’s continuous treatment.

Rat raised to feed pet snakes kills 6-month-old baby

Landon Kreitz (insert), Justin Kreitz and Rachel Frye 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A baby boy is dead after being bitten by the family’s rat that was raised to feed pet snakes, police in Pennsylvania said.

The Cumberland County Coroner said that the baby died of meningitis and myocarditis, which he contracted from the rat.

The family lives in Dillsburg, along with the rat and snakes. According to the police investigation, the 6-month-old boy had been bitten by the rat on his right index finger at the family’s home in the 500 block of S. Baltimore Street.

The child was treated in an emergency room for fever and a rash before being released.

Two days later, the lethargic and feverish child was brought back to the emergency room, where he died. Laboratory tests revealed that the baby had rat-bite fever. which is transmitted through an infected rat.

Social services are investigation as there is 3-year-old child living in the home with the snakes. The child has been identified as Landon Kreitz, the son of Justin Kreitz and Rachel Frye.

Man slaps shoppers across the face for sneezing at mall

Woman sneezing illustration 
By: Feng Qian

Police are looking to arrest a 50-year-old man on charges of assault for slapping shoppers, police in the United Kingdom said.

Cumbria Police said that the first incident occurred on Monday, after a woman who was shopping in Carlisle, sneezed.

She was slapped across the face by the suspect. On Tuesday, the same man slapped an old man after sneezing. Several hours later, an 82-year-old woman was slapped across the face for sneezing.

Police described the suspect as a 50-year-old man and wearing a tweed jacket. Police have urged the public to help them track down the man responsible for the attacks.

Shoppers said that they are frightened by the behavior of the suspect.

31-year-old woman decides to marry tree because it gives her great sex

Emma McCabe hugging Tim 
By: Chan Yuan

A young woman of the United Kingdom, announced that she decided to marry a tree after striking out with men.

31-year-old Emma McCabe said that she loves the outdoors, especially trees.

Recently, she has met one tree named Tim, which gives her the best sex she has ever experienced. She has fallen in love with the tree and plans on marrying it one day.

McCabe, who was unlucky with several real human relationships, said that her family thinks she is insane, but they will not stop her from marrying Tim.

Growing up, McCabe loved to spend her days outdoors in nature. Once she turned 20 years old, she realized that she very much loves big trees.

McCabe of London, dropped out of school when she was 16 years old, and trained as a nurse. She is currently unemployed. McCabe said that she loves the way Tim’s leaves tickle her and plans on staying with it forever.

Man presses rape charges against his girlfriend for having sex with him while asleep

Woman in bed illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was charged with rape after her boyfriend claimed that she had sex with him while he was asleep, according to court documents filed in Germany.

The 49-year-old boyfriend, identified as Thomas, told a court that his girlfriend demanded too much sex despite the fact that he is sterilized.

He claims that one night, he awoke to find his 39-year-old girlfriend on top of him. Thomas said that the experience was very painful to him and he never consented to having sex while asleep.

Thomas recalled that he had a nice warm dream before being awakened by his girlfriend. Judge Leberecht Staupe said that this was a unique case as usually, the men are charged with rape and not women.

The man’s girlfriend, identified as Cecelia, told the court that her boyfriend attacked her during their relationship by throwing her to the ground and pulling out her hair.

The judge found the woman not guilty of rape, saying that the man probably enjoyed what his girlfriend was doing. The judge also said that the boyfriend failed to prove that he was injured by the attack.

Elderly woman kills her husband and keeps his remains on plastic containers

Loretta Doyle Burroughs 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman was arrested, charged and convicted of murder after dismembering her husband and placing his remains in plastic storage containers, prosecutors in New Jersey said.

63-year-old Loretta Doyle Burroughs was convicted of murder and hindering apprehension.

Loretta Burroughs was arrested after the remains of her husband, Danny Burroughs, were found inside a closet in her home in Ventnor.

Loretta Burroughs had pleaded not guilty, claiming that she does not know who killed her husband.

Loretta Burroughs told friends and family members that her husband left her for another woman shortly before they were supposed to move to Florida.

The remains were wrapped in nine garbage bags with air fresheners, dryer sheets and scented beads to mask the bad smell.

A coroner ruled the death a homicide and concluded that the victims was attacked. Toxicology reports showed drugs in the husband's body.

The victim had shoulder surgery shortly before his death. Loretta Burroughs faces up to life in prison.

Wife files for divorce because her husband wanted to try different sex positions

Couple in bed illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman became extremely angry when her husband asked her to try a different sex position so she filed for divorce, according to court documents filed in Nigeria.

Toyin Ayinde, 50, appeared before the Lagos Family Court, and asked a judge to dissolve her marriage that lasted for 20 years.

She accuses her husband, Mudashiru, of being promiscuous.

Toyin Ayinde told the court that when she got married all was fine, but recently, her husband began demanding different sex positions, which she refuses to consider, saying she is not promiscuous.

The mother of three children, also told the court that her husband is a womanizer.

The woman alleges that 5 years ago, her husband had an affair with a hospital nurse while her child was receiving treatment for an illness.

Mudashiru Ayinde told the court that last year, he kicked out his wife from their home because she refused to have sex with him.

Mudashiru Ayinde also asked the court to dissolve his marriage. The judge however, advised the couple to reconsider their demands.

25-year-old woman paying men $500 to get her pregnant

Young woman illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A young woman in Romania, announced that she is willing to pay $500 for the man who will get her pregnant, as she is desperately trying to have a child, but does not want to be in a relationship, according to a post on Facebook.

25-year-old Adelina Albu is looking for a potential biological father who will surrender all his parental rights to her.

Albu said that she is not interested in a boyfriend or husband because men are very immature.

Albu posted the advertisement on Facebook, where she said that meeting men is not a problem, but finding one who wants a baby is.

Instead of wasting her time on a meaningless relationship, she decided to pay for a baby. Albu will pay the man $500 and will let him have all the fun while she gets the baby.

Albu of Timisoara, said that whoever agreed to her deal will have to undergo a fertility test to make sure he can impregnate a woman.

Albu claims that she is an independent mature woman who wants a baby and not a man who behaves like one. As expected, she was flooded with responses from men who are eager to profit from the deal.

Woman stabs her boyfriend because she saw him slapping her in a dream

Slap in the face illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend because he slapped her in a dream, police in Nigeria said.

Ogun State Police said that they have arrested 22-year-old Monsurat Yusuf, also known as Alhaja Saudi, after being accused of stabbing Eric Moses to death.

According to the police investigation, the two have been involved in a fight after Yusuf had a dream in which she saw her boyfriend slapping her face.

When she spoke about her dream with her boyfriend, he laughed her off. This enraged the suspect. She took a knife and stabbed her boyfriend in heart, leading to her death.

The incident unfolded at the ICT Polytechnic, where the two were students. The suspect was a gospel musician. The victim played musing in churches.

Both had an interest in music.

Man walks free after placing sperm in woman’s coffee because it is not illegal

John Robert Lind 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man was cleared of any wrongdoing after he placed his sperm in a woman’s coffee.

Blaine Police said that 34-year-old John Robert Lind, was seen by his coworker standing in front of her desk before she found his sperm in her coffee.

The victim, who was identified as Pat Maahs, told investigators that she suspected that Lind placed bodily fluids into her coffee several times, as her coffee always seemed to have a strange taste.

When questioned by police, Lind admitted that he placed sperm into his coworker’s coffee at least twice in the past 6 months.

Police charged Lind with participating in lewd or indecent conduct. Lind and the victim worked together for 14 years.

A judge dismissed the charge of sexual assault because the actions of the suspect failed to meet the legal definition of sexual assault.

Now, Maahs is working with lawmaker Debra Hilstrom, to change the law so that “if someone puts bodily fluids in other people’s food, it will count for criminal sexual conduct,” Hilstrom said.

Mother hits 3 girls in crosswalk while taking video of her baby while driving

Elizabeth Rachel Dove 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested after she hit 3 girls while they were crossing the street at a crosswalk.

Police said that Elizabeth Rachel Dove, 23, of Oregon, who struck 3 teenagers with her car, was distracted because she was taking a video of her baby while driving behind the wheel.

Dove faces charges of third-degree assault, recklessly endangering and reckless driving.

The teenagers were on their way home from Centennial High School in Gresham, when they were struck and injured.

Phone records show that Dove was on the phone, texting and driving before the accident. Video recovered from her phone showed a clip of her young son in the front passenger seat. Investigators determined that Dove hit the teens 1.42 seconds after recording the video.

When the teens entered the crosswalk, Dove did not have her hands on the wheel, according to court documents. Police said that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time.

Man kills son by feeding him rat poison with pizza after learning that his wife cheated on him

Leonardo and Steward Espinal 
By: Wayne Morin

A man killed his son and poisoned his daughter after learning that his wife was seeing another man.

Leonardo Espinal, 49, of New York, has been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for killing his 5-year-old son and poisoning his 7-year-old daughter with pizza that contained rat poison because he was angry with his estranged wife.

After learning that his estranged wife was seeing another man, Leonardo Espinal took out his anger on his children. He placed rat poison on their pizza, Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said at sentencing.

The little girl, named Mia, vomited after eating the pizza. When her little brother, Steward, soiled himself, Espinal took him to the bathroom.

He placed the boy in the bathtub and submerged him in the water. He then called his estranged wife and said that it was her fault.

Espinal and Abreu had been together for about 10 years before she kicked him out of his apartment two weeks before incident.

The woman made a desperate call to Espinal's stepmother, who contacted police. Meanwhile, Espinal attempted to commit suicide.

Officers broke the bathroom door and found Espinal in the bathtub cradling the lifeless, naked body of his son.

The 5-year-old boy died from a combination of rat poison and being submerged in the water. The 7-year-old girl was found sleeping in her own vomit on the couch.

Social services takes away children from mother because she is too dumb

Mark and Kerry McDougall 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was devastated when she was informed that her children were being placed in foster care because she was “too dumb” to be a mother.

22-year-old Kerry McDougall and her husband Mark of Scotland, have two children, and she is pregnant with her third child.

Social services removed the couple's 5-year-old son Sean and 3-year-old William, and placed them with the foster family, saying that she was too dumb.

Kerry McDougall was not given permission to see her children or even speak to them on the phone after they were placed in foster care.

Kerry McDougall said that she was born with a cleft palate, and was unable to speak properly until she was 6 years old.

Her learning difficulties were determined to be “mild to moderate” by specialists.

Kerry McDougall admits that her reading and writing are not as good as many adults. However, her difficulties are mainly academic.

She cooks, cleans her home, takes care of the household bills and cared for her children before they were removed from her care.

The couple said that they had to make the difficult decision to leave Scotland, where their two young children are living and move to Ireland, so that their baby will not be taken away after birth.