Strip club offers senior citizens large discount on lap dances

Stripper illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

Senior citizens in Russia, are rejoicing after a popular strip club announced that they will be offering elderly people a 30% discount on lap dances.

Elderly clients who visit Bely Medved in Moscow, between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and midnight, will be offered a 30 percent discount on public dances and private lap dances.

Men and women who will wish to take advantage of the discount, will first have to show proof of their age and a document from their cardiologist, testifying that they are fit enough to be sexually excited.

The management said that they hope the deal will attract a new demographic to the club.

The club said that there is no age limit and even those people who are 90 years old, can enter unless they are not healthy enough to be sexually excited.

Man sets his own car on fire after using cigarette lighter as flashlight while refueling

Burned car illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man is lucky to be alive after his car exploded in a ball of fire while refueling, police in Australia said.

Victoria Police said that the man accidentally set his car on fire by using a cigarette lighter as a flashlight while refueling.

According to the police investigation, the man ran out of fuel early on Sunday morning, while traveling on the Western Highway.

The man then went to a nearby service station to purchase several gallons of gasoline. When he got back to the vehicle, the man was unable to see due to the lack of light.

While he was in the process of pouring fuel in his vehicle, he pulled out a cigarette lighter to illuminate the area so he could see.

The fumes caught on fire and the vehicle was burned. Luckily, the man escaped without injury.

Teacher forces 10-year-old boy to do 170 pushups after being unable to recite the Quran

Child studying the Quran illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young boy was rushed to a hospital after his teacher forced him to do 170 pushups because he was unable to recite a chapter of the Quran, police in India said.

The teacher of Bareilly, also hit the 10-year-old boy with a stick and sat on his chest until he fainted.

The child is said to be in critical condition. The incident unfolded at a Madrasa, which is located on Pilibhit Bypass Road.

The child's parents pressed charges of assault against the teacher and two other school employees. The teacher and his helpers fled from the scene shortly after the boy collapsed.

The child suffered serious injuries to the ribs and spine.

Man murders pregnant actress and her husband and burns their remains in his stove

Cristie Schoen and Joseph Codd 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing a pregnant actress and her husband, police in North Carolina said.

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office said that human remains were found inside a wood stove in the house of the suspect accused of killing a television show contestant and her husband.

Cristie Schoen Codd, and her husband, Joseph Codd, were probably murdered three days before they were reported missing.

The suspect was identified as 36-year-old Robert Jason Owens.
Owens is being held without bail on charges of first-degree murder.

Owens did odd jobs for the couple, and Owens texted Joseph Codd several times a day before his disappearance. Owens was arrested after he was seen throwing away stuff belonging to Joseph Codd.

Owens told his wife that he killed the couple.

Owens is also the prime suspect in the disappearance of college student Zebb Quinn, whose body was never found after he disappeared 15 years ago.

Cristie Codd was a contestant and finalist on "Food Network Star" during its eighth season.

Firefighters caught taking selfies while building burns to the ground killing 17 people

Ilya Bykov and Rostislav Krylov in front of burning building 
By: Feng Qian

Two firefighters in Russia, are being criticized after they were caught taking selfies while a building was engulfed in flames.

By the time the fire was extinguished, 17 people had died and another 55 were injured.

30-year-old Ilya Bykov and 28-year-old Rostislav Krylov, were called to the scene of the fire, but were too busy taking selfies as two police officers and two other emergency workers were seriously injured by the blaze.

The fire started in a cafe next to a shopping center in Kazan, before spreading to a residential apartment building. The selfies were uploaded to a social media site, where they went viral.

The fire department said that they were informed about the photos and will take disciplinary action.

A spokesperson for the fire department also said that the behavior of these two firefighters do not reflect on all the members who work tirelessly to keep the community safe.

If it turns out that the actions of these two firefighters put lives at risk, the fire department will press charges against them.

Drunk woman strips naked before performing sex act on herself during British Airways flight in front of horrified passengers

Plane passengers illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was arrested on charges of indecent exposure after allegedly stripping naked during a flight in front of numerous plane passengers, police in the United Kingdom said.

According to the police investigation, the 46-year-old unidentified woman was flying to London from Kingston, Jamaica.

At some point during the flight, the woman became intoxicated. Witnesses on the plane said that she took off all her clothes and began performing a sexual act on herself.

The pilot notified the police in London, and the woman was arrested when the plane landed at Heathrow Airport. British Airways apologized to the plane passengers who witnesses the sex act.

Earlier this month, passengers of a British Airways flight were left stranded for 15 hours after someone stunk up the toilet after takeoff.

The flight was forced to turn back to Heathrow Airport in London, England, leaving passengers stranded for 15 hours because someone made the toilet really smelly, a spokesperson for British Airways said.

The flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, had just arrived to Brussels, Belgium, when the plane's pilot made the strange announcement.

Passengers were told that the smell had become too unbearable about half an hour into the seven-hour flight. Passengers said that they noticed a very pungent smell coming from one of the bathrooms.

The bizarre incident left passengers stranded for 15 hours until the next flight was ready for takeoff. British Airways provided hotel accommodation and food vouchers for their passengers.

British Airways has apologized to its customers for the inconvenience.

Man releases rat in restaurant to avoid paying for his food

Rat illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on charges of fraud after releasing a rat in a restaurant in order to avoid paying for his meal, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

28-year-old Christopher Baker of Houghton, Sunderland, hatched a plan to get out of paying the bill he ran up at Borneo Bistro, a court heard.

After enjoying his buffet, he took his pet rat out from his pocket, put it on the floor, and demanded his money back. Baker screamed about the rat and pointed to where it was sitting on the floor.

Many customers ran towards the exit, and the restaurant staff called in rat and pest control. When they examined the rodent, they discovered that not only did it look like a pet, it also recently had a haircut.

The restaurant owner checked the surveillance video and realized that Baker released the rat. Baker appeared in court and admitted to fraud by false representation.

He was ordered to pay for his food.

He told police that he had bought the rat at a pet store earlier that day as a gift for his daughter, and put it in his pocket before going to the restaurant.

Bank employee locked up in psychiatric hospital after saying that Barack Obama follows her on Twitter

Kam Brock 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A bank employee filed a lawsuit against a hospital after being forcibly locked up in a psychiatric unit for 8 days, according to court documents filed in New York.

32-year-old Kam Brock, a bank employee in Long Island, was admitted to the psychiatric hospital after telling doctors that President Barack Obama is following her on Twitter.

According to Brock’s Twitter account, Obama is really following her. The incident began when Brock was stopped by police officers as she was driving a BMW.

Her car was confiscated on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana. No drugs were found in the car.

The next day, when Brock went to retrieve her car from the police station, she was handcuffed, put in an ambulance and injected with sedatives.

She woke up the next day in a hospital gown.

After being admitted to the psychiatric unit at Harlem Hospital, Brock endured eight days of psychiatric tests, group therapy and lithium injections.

Brock said that she was ridiculed after saying that she works in a bank and that Obama follows her on Twitter, despite the fact that she was telling the truth.

Brock denies being an emotionally disturbed person and medical records confirm it. When Brock was released after eight days without explanation, she received a bill for nearly $14,000.

She is now seeking unspecified damages against the hospital.

Homeless man bites off finger of restaurant owner after being told to leave

Fingers illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A homeless man was arrested on charges of aggravated mayhem after allegedly biting off the finger of a restaurant owner because he told him to leave, police in California said.

Venice Beach Police said that they arrested 31-year-old Jonathan Lemons, after biting off the finger of 72-year-old Clabe Hartley, the owner of Cow’s End Cafe.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on Saturday morning, when the homeless man entered the restaurant and began harassing customers for cash.

When Lemons stole a customer’s drink, Hartley politely told him to leave. Lemons became extremely angry. He hit Hartley in the face several times before biting off his finger.

Several customers quickly came to Hartley’s aid and held Lemons down until police arrived. Hartley was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he received 40 stitches and underwent a skin graft procedure.

Groom breaks bride’s skull at wedding ceremony because his mother instructed him to do so

Couple exchanging vows at wedding illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A groom was arrested on charges of assault after breaking his bride’s skull during their wedding ceremony, police in Egypt said.

Cairo Police said that the groom - who punched his bride, fracturing the skull just after their wedding vows - told police that he did it to control his wife.

The unidentified groom said he took his wife into a room right after the wedding vows and hit her head three times, as his mother instructed him to do.

His mother allegedly said that this would help him control his wife throughout their married lives. The mother warned her son that her brothers are controlled by their wives because they do not beat them.

After hitting her once in the head, the wife slapped him back. That is when the groom took an iron rod and beat his wife until she fell unconscious.

Police arrested the man on charges of causing serious injury to his wife, who suffered fractures to her skull and pelvis. The woman was rushed to a hospital, where she is still laying unconscious in her wedding dress.

Drunk man falls out of his car while driving before being crushed to death

Crashed car illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A drunk driver is dead after falling out of his car while driving, police in North Carolina said.

Wake Forest Police said that 24-year-old Carl Wilson Stancil of 825 Wait Avenue, was driving drunk and recklessly in a parking lot before he was thrown from the vehicle early on Monday morning.

Stancil was under the influence of alcohol and driving his jeep through the parking lot of the Carolina Ale House restaurant on North Park Drive around 2:30 a.m., when he lost control, hit a curb and was ejected.

The vehicle had no doors.

Stancil was run over by his own Jeep after falling out of the vehicle. The car continued to drive through the parking lot until one of the four passengers in the car hit the brakes.

Billy Damien Cromartie, 35, who sat in the back seat of the vehicle, was seriously injured. Stancil was taken to WakeMed, where he was pronounced dead.

Mother allows boyfriend to rape her 3-year-old daughter until she died

Tatiana Emerson 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment after allegedly allowing her boyfriend to rape her young daughter until she died, police in Tennessee said.

Hamilton County Police said that 3-year-old Tatiana Emerson, died of blunt force trauma to the head.

The victim’s brother, 5-year-old Trayvon Emerson, told police that she was constantly beaten by her mother's boyfriend, 35-year-old Rhasean Lowry.

Lowry had been charged with murder, and on Wednesday, the children's mother, Melanie Emerson, 22, was also charged.

Emerson was charged with aggravated child endangerment and was booked into the Hamilton County Jail with bail set at $25,000.

Lowry was charged with child abuse stemming from abuse claims made by Trayvon.

Lowry was also charged with murder, aggravated child abuse, rape of a child and making false statements in connection with the death of Tatiana.

Lowry told police that the girl slipped and fell down the stairs at the Econo Lodge, where he was taking care of her, but security camera video did not back up his claims.

Instead, the videos showed Lowry carrying the unconscious body of the girl down the stairs on the way to a hospital, where she later died.

Police said the head injuries that killed Tatiana were the result of blunt trauma. The autopsy showed that the 3-year-old had been raped.

Father abandons young children at train station during visitation

The siblings at the train station 
By: Mahesh Sarin

3 young children in India, were traumatized after their father left them at a train station and disappeared.

7-year-old Rahnuma, 5-year-old Raja, and Sanya, 4, were left to care for themselves at the train station in New Delhi, after their father dumped them during visitation.

He told the children that their mother would pick them up before fleeing and leaving them cold, scared and hungry.

A 33-year-old man spotted the children huddled together to keep warm while sleeping on one on the platforms.

The man was talking his elderly parents to the train and was unable to stop to speak with the children.

However, being concerned for their welfare, he took a picture and sent out a Twitter with the message: “Can someone help these helpless kids at the New Delhi Railway Station near the platform 16 entrance.”

The tweet went viral and people contacted the local police. Police chief Madhur Verman sent his officers to the scene.

When officers arrived, they could not find the children. Officers searched the area and finally, after an hour, the children were found hiding on another platform.

The siblings were sobbing uncontrollably and were too scared and confused to say how they got to the train station, police said.

Investigators eventually tracked down their mother, who was asleep in her home, unaware of the trauma her children had endured. The woman told police that her former husband took the children out for the day.

Police are still looking for the father, but so far, they have not found him.

Man kills his daughter for demanding that he divorce his second wife so she gets his entire inheritance

Divorce illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man was found guilty of murder after killing his daughter.

Mr. Li of China, killed his daughter after she would not stop demanding that he divorce his wife so that she can have all his inheritance to herself.

Li had two daughters, one with his first wife who had passed away and one from his current wife. Li said that his oldest daughter continually harassed him and his wife for money.

The daughter eventually began demanding that her 70-year-old father make her the sole heir of his home in his will.

Li said that his daughter often got into screaming matches with his stepmother and with her stepsister. She also slapped and punched her stepsister from time to time.

Mr. Li could not bear to see his daughters fighting, so he bought another house and moved himself, his wife and youngest daughter into the new home.

He left the first home to his eldest daughter, and hoped that it would satisfy her.

Unfortunately, the peace in the family did not last long. The daughter came back and started demanding that her father and stepmother divorce so that she inherits all his money.

In anger, Mr. Li grabbed a bamboo stick and began beating his daughter. After she fell unconscious, Li called emergency services. The daughter was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

A judge has sentenced the father to 4 years in prison for the murder of his daughter.

Home Depot employee fired after showing off ISIS tattoo on his lips

The tattoo 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man of New York, was fired from his job at Home Depot after showing off his tattoo which reads “ISIS.”

However, the man defended his actions, saying that the tattoo had nothing to do with the terrorist group, but rather the name of his former girlfriend.

Kirk Soccorso said that he got ISIS tattooed on the inside of his lips four years ago, while dating his former girlfriend who is named after the Egyptian goddess of nature.

Soccorso said that he had no idea “until recently” that the acronym representing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, an extremist terrorist group.

So when he overheard a coworker using the word, he decided to show his tattoo.

Soccorso, who had been working in the Long Island store for six months as a tool demonstrator, said that he was fired from his job after showing off his tattoo.

Soccorso said that he never intended to scare anyone and was “just making conversation” when he revealed his tattoo.

A spokesman for Home Depot said that the decision to dismiss Soccorso, was not just based on the tattoo.

6-year-old girl drinks cup of glue from bottle that was supposed to contain milk

Jessica Bamford with her father 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A couple in England, is angry after their milk carton contained glue instead of milk.

The couple’s 6-year-old girl was rushed to a hospital after drinking a cup of glue.

Jessica Bamford was taken to the hospital after she drank the “milk,” which left a rash in her mouth.

The girl had just started drinking from the milk when a “white hardened substance” formed in her mouth.

The girl’s parents, Dwain and Samantha of Devonport, Plymouth, who have five other children, said that they bought the bottle at a grocery store named Iceland, the day before the incident.

She was taken to the hospital after a rash formed in her mouth.

“We are sorry to hear about this issue,” said a spokesperson for Iceland grocery. They promised to investigate the incident.

The girl's mother described the incident as “disgusting.”

Man kills his parents and cooks their bodies with rice after inviting them for lunch

Henry Chau Hoi-Leung 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was found guilty of two counts of murder after killing his parents, dismembering their bodies and cooking them with rice.

30-year-old Henry Chau Hoi-Leung of China, was sentenced to life in prison over the murder of his parents.

The jury heard that Hoi-Leung had a fallout with his parents when they told him to get a job because they could no longer finance his luxurious lifestyle.

Hoi-Leung accused them of abandoning him and hatched an evil plan to get rid of them.

He invited his parents, Chau Wing-ki, 65, and 62-year-old Siu Yuet-yee, to his home in Hong Kong for lunch.

With the help of his 36-year-old friend, Tse Chun-kei, the son killed his parents. He then chopped up their bodies, and cooked the pieces with rice.

A court heard that Hoi-Leung planned the murder for three months, while buying knives and refrigerators to store the bodies as well as a microwave and a rice cooker to cook them.

According to authorities, some of their body parts were found in his freezers while other parts were found cooked and packed into lunchboxes with rice to make it look like discarded food in an attempt to hide the crime.

Hoi-Leung told officers that he was not in his right mind when he carried out the alleged murder because he was emotionally abandoned by his parents.

However, prosecutor Michael Arthur said: “the crime was premeditated and his planning was very extensive. Therefore, he was charged and convicted of premeditated murder.”

5 girls rob Dairy Queen after getting free ice cream and brag about it on social media (video)

Ice cream illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) 5 girls are in trouble after robbing a Dairy Queen and posting a video on social media sites, bragging about their actions.

Police in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, said that the group of 5 teenage girls stole the tip jar from the Dairy Queen, while the store was giving away free ice cream cones on customer appreciation day.

Owner Liz Hope said that she was shocked when the girls grabbed the tip jar after getting their free ice cream. She ran after the girls as they fled.

The girls got away, but one customer managed to take down their license plate number. This information may have been sufficient to lead police to the girls. However, what the teenagers did next surprised everyone.

The five girls made a video bragging about the theft and each of them smiled to the camera, clearly showing their faces.

They then uploaded the video to Snapchat. The caption read “Robbed Dairy Queen tip jar.” The video was sent to all of their friends.

Although Snapchat is a picture messaging application that aims to delete images after they are sent. Some of those who received the video took screenshots of the girls and police were notified.

Police have impounded the getaway car, but so far, no arrests have been made.

The Dairy Queen owner said that she does not want the girls to go to jail, she just wants them to learn a lesson from this incident. She said that community service might do them some good.

Father shoots son in the behind in fight over orange juice

Eldridge Dukes 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A father shot his son after the two got into an argument about orange juice.

The father of Louisiana, was arrested after shooting his 18-year-old son in the behind during the fight over orange juice, police said.

58-year-old Eldridge Dukes faces charges of attempted murder and illegal use of a weapon, police in Baton Rouge said.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning, after the father and son argued over the lack of orange juice at their home, according to Baton Rouge police spokesman Corporal Don Coppola.

Coppola said that the son damaged the house and broke a porcelain vase. That is when the father armed himself with a gun.

The father chased his son out the front door. He fired several shots, striking the teen once in his behind, Coppola said.

The teenager was taken to a hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life threatening.

Dukes was arrested and his bail was set at $60,000.

Married teacher make students wait in line for illicit sex while husband was out of town

Erica Lynne Mesa 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman pleaded guilty to having sex with 4 of her students.

Erica Lynne Mesa, 28, who taught math at Colonial Forge High School in Virginia, pleaded guilty to two counts of electronic solicitation of a minor and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to the Stafford County Sheriff's Office, rumors circulated at the school about the teacher having sex with students.

The school then received an anonymous tip about Mesa, and the police were called. She allegedly made a full confession to authorities.

Mesa admitted to having sex with 4 students because it made her feel “attractive and wanted.” One student was under 18 years old at the time of the sexual acts.

Mesa told police that she had sex with one student in her car in a public parking lot on his 18th birthday.

Mesa also told police that she had sex with teens at her home when her husband was away. She said that she made a boy wait his turn in her basement while she had sex with another boy.

The teacher was only charged and convicted for participating with 2 students as they were 16 and 17 years old when she began having sex with them. The other 2 were over 18 years old.

Mesa, who has been held in prison without bail, faces a maximum of 22 years in prison. She will have to register as a sex offender.