Company looking for male brothel testers

Brothel illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A company is seeking men who were willing to check out area brothels, according to an ad posting on a website in Germany.

The company is looking for men willing to check the quality of service and sexual practices in brothels in Berlin.

A social media platform for prostitutes, clients, brothels and companies specializing in the sex industry, is looking people willing to do this type of work.

The ad states that the candidate will have to try the service, check the cleanliness and the compliance with safe sex practices in several brothels.

The social media platform is looking to establish a quality rating systems for brothels. Although the main part of the work is to test the quality and standards, having sex is just part of the job.

Not only would the candidates have to evaluate the brothels on these criteria, they would also have to record the performance of sex, which will be published on the website.

Testers must have a clean bill of health, clean appearance, be communicative and enjoy working with people.

Father rapes his 9 and 12-year-old daughters

Sad girl illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A father was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly raping his two young daughters, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Sharjah Police said that they have arrested the father after being accused of molesting his 9 and 12-year-old daughters.

The abuse came to light after one of the girls told her teacher about her father. Medical tests carried out on the girls confirmed the sexual abuse.

The abuse took place over several years. The children are in the custody of their mother, while the father is awaiting trial.

In February, a man was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly raping his young daughter because his wife dumped him, police in Nigeria said.

Bauchi State Police said that they arrested 45-year-old Abubakar Magaji, after being accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with his 11-year-old daughter.

During questioning, Magaji told officers that he raped his daughter because he couldn’t control his sexual urges after his wife dumped him.

Magaji, who is a father of four children, said that he regrets what he has done to his daughter.

Maid burns 8-month-old girl with boiling water

Baby in bath illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A maid was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly burning a baby girl, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Dubai Police said that the mother of the child came to the police station to file a complaint against her maid after seeing burn marks on the thigh of the 8-month-old girl while giving her a bath.

The maid had worked for the family for about a year and a half. According to the police investigation, the mother learned of the burns two days after it happened.

The mother told investigators that she became suspicious after the maid did not allow her to wash the baby or change her diaper.

The maid did not allow the mother in the bathroom when she gave her a bath. The maid was arrested.

During questioning, the maid told investigators that she had accidentally caused the burns to the thigh of the child while washing the baby with water.

She said that she accidentally turned on the hot water instead of the cold. She added that she was scared because the girl's mother had been abusing her so she tried to cover up the burns with cream.

The maid was charged with one count of assault.

Doctors pull more than 100 worms growing in elderly man’s nose

Nose illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A man who checked himself into a hospital after suffering from nose bleeds, was found to have more than 100 worms living in his nose, doctors in Brazil said.

The shocking discovery was made during a medical examination at the Clinics Hospital in Sao Paulo.

The 65-year-old man came to the hospital after suffering bleeding from his nose for a week.

The man, who had previously undergone surgery to remove a tumor in the nasal passage, had also complained of aches on the left side of the nose, difficulty breathing, a foul odor and swelling around the eyes.

He was diagnosed with nasal myiasis, which is an infection of the skin by developing larvae.

Treatment involved local application of saline solution and daily removal of larvae, guided by the use of a nasal endoscopy.

After four days, his symptoms cleared and has since made a full recovery.

Man rapes his 10-year-old niece inside mosque

Sad girl illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly raping his niece inside a mosque, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Uwem Femi Asuquo, after being accused of raping his 10-year-old niece.

According to the police investigation, Asuquo offered to allow the victim to live in his house after his brother died to ease the burden on his sister-in-law.

However, unknown to Iya Tope, the girl's mother, her brother-in-law raped her daughter on an ongoing basis. At some point, the victim escaped and went to live with her grandmother.

One day, Asuquo arrived at the grandmother’s house and took the girl to a mosque, where he raped her. A neighbor who saw the uncle and the victim together, became suspicious and called the police.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, questioned the girl, who revealed that her uncle just raped her in the mosque. She also revealed that Asuquo, had been having sex with her while stayed at his home.

Man beheads police officer because he seized his cellphone

Cellphone illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly beheading a police officer for seizing his cellphone, police in Nigeria said.

Ekiti State Police said that they have arrested 25-year-old Wale Ede, after being accused of beheading Vehicle Inspection Officer Joshua Fagbola.

Fagbola, 50, who is a father of seven children, was murdered on Friday around 8:00 p.m. during a traffic stop. According to the police investigation, Ede became extremely angry when his phone was seized as evidence.

Ede rushed to his home and came back with a machete. He attacked the officer and beheaded him. Ede was arrested at the scene, and he was charged with one count of murder.

In January, a politician was beheaded and had his body parts cooked by an angry mob after being accused of committing adultery, police in Tanzania said.

Now, Katavi Police said that they arrested three men in connection with the brutal killing and are still looking to arrest additional suspects.

Police Chief Dhahiri Kidavashari said that the attack took place on Friday night, at the home of 31-year-old Richard Madirisha.

According to the police investigation, the politician’s constituents became angry after learning that Madirisha committed adultery.

Five people burst into the bedroom of his home, wielding machetes. They beheaded him, and then cooked his body parts.

So far, three men have been arrested on charges of murder, and police are looking to arrest additional suspects.

38-year-old man drops dead after eating soup at restaurant

Soup illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young man is dead after he ate his favorite soup at a restaurant, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, the restaurant owner, the recipient of an award, has been charged with manslaughter after the soup contained peanuts despite the fact that the man ordered a peanut free soup.

Paul Wilson, 38, suffered anaphylactic shock after eating the food at the Indian Garden of Easingwold, North Yorkshire. The owner, 52-year-old Mohammed Khalique Zaman, has been charged with manslaughter by gross negligence.

Wilson, the father of a 6-year-old boy, ate the soup before collapsing in his bathroom at the Oak Tree pub in Helperby.

Zaman has also been charged with perverting the course of justice and an employment offense under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act.

Police have also arrested an employee of the restaurant, but he was released without being charged.

Police officer shot and killed while trying to prevent suicidal man from killing himself

Scott Dunham 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A police officer died in a shootout with a suicidal man who threatened to kill himself, police in California said.

The man suspected of killing the veteran police officer in San Jose, was found dead on Wednesday morning on the balcony of his house, where he had been hiding.

The suspect suffered at least one gunshot wound.

Police veteran Michael Johnson was shot dead on Tuesday night after the suspect opened fire on officers responding to a call about an intoxicated man threatening suicide.

57-year-old Scott Dunham fired at officers as they arrived to help him just before 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Johnson worked at the San Jose Police Department for 14 years.

Drug agents enjoy sex parties paid for by drug dealers

Prostitutes illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Several drug enforcement agents were suspended for a few days after they were caught at sex parties run by drug dealers, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said.

The Office of the Inspector General at the Justice Department said that the parties were funded by the local drug cartels in Colombia.

The Justice Department also expressed concern about the inadequate reporting by various law enforcement agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Marshals Service and the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

According to the investigation, 10 officers participated in sex parties at a facility rented by the U.S. government. Drug cartels provided money, expensive gifts, and weapons to some of the officers.

After the investigation was complete, seven of the officers admitted to attending the sex parties, and were suspended for between two and ten days.

The Justice Department said that the parties were held over a period of four years.

A Justice Department spokesperson said that they are working to ensure a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and misconduct.

Woman shoots up McDonald's drive-thru for being served burger without bacon

Shaneka Torres 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman became extremely angry when she was served a burger without bacon at a McDonald’s drive-thru window, police in Michigan said.

Now, a jury found the woman of Kent County, guilty in connection with the shooting at the drive-thru window.

30-year-old Shaneka Torres was convicted of carrying a concealed weapon and intentionally discharging a weapon.

According to the police investigation, Torres was in the passenger seat of a vehicle that went through the drive-thru near 28th Street and Madison SE in Grand Rapids, early in morning.

She ordered a cheeseburger with bacon. However, employees gave her a burger without bacon. Torres fired her weapon, which she kept in her purse.

Evidence showed a bullet hole in the top of the sliding window in the drive-thru about two meters above where the employee, Essence Lake, was standing.

Lake testified that Torres gave employees an attitude when her food order was incorrect. Torres faces up to seven years in prison.

16-year-old twin sisters kill their mother because she was angry that they woke up late

Tasimyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Twin sisters admitted that they killed their mother after a fight broke out over getting up late in the morning, police in Georgia said.

Rockdale County Police said that the Tasimyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead, were 16 years old at the time of the incident.

Now, they were both sentenced to serve 30 years in prison after confessing to killing their mother at home one morning, before they went to school.

The twins told investigators that the fight started in the kitchen of their home after they woke up late for school. The mother, Jarmecca Whitehead, told them that they cannot do whatever they want and that they have to live by the rules.

The twins said that their mother began to threaten them with a pot from the stove by waving it around in an attempt to hit them.

The twins wrestled the pot away from her and the mother grabbed a knife before she dropped it on the floor. One of the girls then took a vase and broke it over her mother's head.

The mother bit one of the girls in the chest, and that is when she was stabbed numerous times. The girl dragged their mother to the bathtub, filled it with water and let her die.

After she was dead, the twins left for school. When they came home, they called the police.

Shooting victim takes selfie of his wound and posts it to social media sites before calling an ambulance

Ryan E. Giroux and Isaac Martinez 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A shooting victim took the time of taking a selfie of his wound and posted it to social media sites before calling an ambulance, police in Arizona said.

Mesa Police said that 20-year-old Isaac Martinez of Mesa - who works at Bistro 13, a restaurant run by the East Valley Institute of Technology - suffered a gunshot wound during a killing spree by 41-year-old Ryan E. Giroux.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday morning, after Giroux approached him and demanded that he hand over the keys to his car.

When Martinez said no, Giroux shot him. Martinez immediately posted a picture of himself to Snapchat, a social media website.

After he was taken to a hospital, Martinez published another picture of himself in a hospital bed, with his bullet wound clearly visible.

He was treated and released. Martinez said that the bullet hit him from behind and went through his shoulder. According to the police investigation, Giroux came into the restaurant and demanded the keys to the getaway car.

Martinez refused. Giroux pulled out a gun and fired a shot, which hit Martinez. Martinez fell to the ground. After a few seconds, Martinez got up and ran out the back door.

Giroux killed one person and injured five people in the shooting rampage. He was arrested in Phoenix, and charged with murder.

His bail was set at $2 million.

Female teacher sends 2,400 text messages to 11-year-old student expressing her deep love

Geraldine Alcorn 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A female teacher in Pennsylvania, was arrested after she was caught having a bizarre relationship with an 11-year-old student.

According to the criminal complaint, 28-year-old Geraldine Alcorn of Lawrenceville, became close to her 11-year-old student.

The teacher sent 2,400 text messages to the girl, where she express her deep love for the child, saying that she would adopt her and take her away from her mother.

The teacher told the student that she would adopt her and run away with her. She told the girl to be prepared to be on the run for a while, according to police.

Prosecutors said that Alcorn hid the relationship from the girl’s mother and was in the child's home without parental consent.

Alcorn also took the girl to her own house without the knowledge of her mother. Neighbors of the girl said that she is well taken care of by her mother.

Alcorn resigned from her job as a part-time teacher at both the Beechwood and Banksville Elementary schools.

Alcorn is facing a number of charges, including interference with the custody of a child, luring a child into a motor vehicle and corruption of a minor.

She was released from jail after posting $100,000 bail. She was also ordered to have no contact with the 11-year-old victim.

Tour bus falls into sinkhole before being swept away by raging river (video)

The bus in the sinkhole 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A tour bus became stuck on the road after a sinkhole opened, keeping its tires from moving forward.

Heavy rains and flooding in Brazil, have left their mark on the infrastructure in Para, causing a highway to give way and swallow a tour bus.

A video taken by a witness shows the frightening moment the bus fell through the sinkhole on Monday. The bus was traveling between Itaituba and Ruropolis.

After falling into the sinkhole, the bus was swept away and was seen emerging in the raging river.

The bus was carrying a group of tourists when the back wheels began to sink. The bus was evacuated just moments before it fell into the sinkhole.

The video of the incident shows passengers disembarking the bus after the rear wheel became stuck. One woman was seen leaving the bus with a baby in her arms seconds before the bus plunged into the river.

The tour bus plunged into the water and then quickly floated downstream.

Stripper kills teen by injecting her with heroin so she can rob her

Cierra Allyn Rounds (left) and Rian Lashley 
By: Wayne Morin

A 19-year-old woman died in a robbery gone wrong.

A stripper of Dallas, Texas, who injected a young woman with heroin, said that she only meant to “incapacitate” the teen so she could rob her.

Sadly, the victim, Rian Lashley, died of an overdose as she never used heroin before.

The stripper, 27-year-old Cierra Allyn Rounds, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute drugs, and faces up to 20 years in prison.

In federal court Tuesday, Rounds described how she and her friends met Lashley at an IHOP, so that Lashley could buy $100 worth of heroin from them. She said that they changed their plans after they discovered that Lashley had $3,000 cash in her purse.

She then texted her alleged drug dealer, who goes by “JC,” and sent a series of messages outlining her plot to rob Lashley.

JC was not charged in the case.

Rounds drove Lashley to a house, where she and another woman, Kathryn Dirks, injected the victim with a dose of heroin.

Rounds said that the drug was only supposed to incapacitate the victim so that they could take her money, her phone and her iPad.

When Rounds and Dirks saw that Lashley was reacting badly to the heroin, they put her in an ice bath in an attempt to help her. Lashley later passed out.

In court, Rounds said that she thought that Lashley fell asleep, but the teen had died. An autopsy revealed the cause of death was a heroin overdose.

Pedophile kidnaps 3 girls and impregnates 2 of them

Gregory Zavala 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he kidnapped 3 girls and held them hostage at his parents’ home.

23-year-old Gregory Zavala of Oklahoma, faces charges of kidnapping and rape after he held 3 teenage girls against their will at the home of his parents over the course of two years, according to police.

Zavala is also accused of sexual abuse, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Investigators said that Zavala lured the girls to his house in Tuttle, at different times over a 2 year period.

The girls told police that Zavala held each of them captive for months at a time, before they were finally able to escape.

Authorities said that two of the girls were 16 and 17 years old at the time of the abduction, and Zavala sexually abused them daily. The age of a third victim was not released, but police said she was also underage.

Zavala was arrested after police received tips of criminal activity in the house where Zavala lived with his parents.

Zavala allegedly told one victim that he was trying to get her pregnant. The girl told authorities that the suspect raped her many times until he managed to get her pregnant. She was able to escape before giving birth.

Another victim said that Zavala uses a belt or his hand to strangle her. She was also raped repeatedly until she became pregnant and escaped.

The third victim was a homeless woman who became the girlfriend of Zavala, and moved in to the home of his parents.

While the two were dating, the victim said that Zavala hit her in the head with a hammer during an altercation. The hammer allegedly left a permanent deformity on her skull.

Police believe that there might be other victims. Zavala is being held in jail on $2 million bond.

Woman forces her daughter to eat cooked mice for breakfast

The mice stew dish 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman forced her daughter to eat cooked mice for breakfast so that she could have more energy for the day.

The daughter of China, caused a heated debate online after posting a picture of her mice stews breakfast served by her mother.

The resident of Fuzhou, Fujian, who was identified as Miss Chen, said that her mother insisted that she finish a plate of mice before she left for work in the morning.

Chen wrote that her mother thought that she was exhausted and said that the dish would help as it was “highly nutritious.”

Chen said that at first, she thought it was a rabbit stew. However, after realizing they were mice, she refused to eat it, but her mother pressured her.

“My mother said that she worked hard to pluck all the hair off these mice,” Chen said. She said that she reluctantly ate all mice and then felt sick all morning.

Chen said that her family believes that one mouse is as nutritious as three chickens. Residents in Fuzhou, also believe that eating the feeding mice may help treat hair loss.

Local experts warned against eating rodents.

A professor at the School of Life and Science at Fujian University, said the small mammal can be the carrier of more than a dozen germs and this could damage the health of people.

Teenage boy shoots 2 brothers and kills himself in fight over food

Crime scene illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A family is devastated over the loss of their children.

Police in Florida, said that a 13-year-old boy shot 2 of his brothers, before turning the gun on himself.

The 13-year-old boy shot two of his siblings, killing his 6-year-old brother and wounding his 16-year-old brother before killing himself.

The children were home alone in their Hudson mobile home when the fight broke out, the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said.

The mother of the boys was at work and their 18-year-old brother was not home when the brothers sat down to dinner around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

When the three began to fight over the food, the 13-year-old boy took a gun and started shooting, deputies said.

The wounded 16-year-old boy called police to report the shooting in the Sugar Lane Mobile Home Park. He was taken to a hospital, where he is being treated. He is expected to recover.

The 6-year-old boy died at the scene. Investigators are working to determine how the 13-year-old boy got the gun.

Mother chokes teenage stepson for picking up dog feces too early

Nicole Gamez 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman choked her teenage stepson because he did not follow her instructions and he did his chore on the wrong day.

The woman of Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested after choking her 14-year-old stepson because he picked up dog feces at the “wrong time,” police said.

35-year-old Nicole Gamez grabbed the boy by the neck and hit him on the back because he collected the dog feces the day before she told him to.

The boy lost consciousness, police said. When he awoke, Gamez was standing over him. She threatened him, saying that he would not wake up the next time, according to the police report.

Gamez told police that she was sick of the teen “doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.”

This was not the first time that Gamez became violent with the teen, police said.

Gamez often abused him and his younger brother, and locked them out of the house for the night, the teen told police.

The boys were taken to the Phoenix Children's Hospital for an examination and hospital staff found belt marks, which were about 2 weeks old on the 14-year-old boy’s upper left shoulder.

Gamez told police that she beat the boy with a belt after he stole some of her quarters and a poem that reminded her of her late mother.

Gamez was arrested on charges of child abuse.

Man kills 5-week-old granddaughter because he didn’t like her father

Baby doll illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man in the United Kingdom, was arrested for murder after killing his granddaughter while she was in his care.

Grandfather Mark Jones, 45, of Wales, allegedly killed his five-week-old granddaughter because he did not like her father, a court heard.

Jones is accused of abusing little Amelia Rose Jones on three occasions, fracturing her skull and ribs, and causing swelling of her brain.

The baby girl was taken to a hospital after the grandfather called emergency services, saying that the baby was struggling to breath.
Jones was babysitting the child at his daughter's house in Pontnewydd.

Prosecutor Paul Lewis told the Newport Crown Court, that Jones strongly disliked Amelia's father, Ian Skillern, who broke up with his daughter before the baby was born.

The court heard that the 41-day-old baby suffered violence on at least three occasions, with the fatal blows coming while she was in the sole care of her grandfather.

Baby Amelia's mother Sarah, was initially arrested along with her father, but the court heard that it soon became apparent to police that she had nothing to do with her daughter's injuries as she was at a cinema with friend at the time of the incident.