Police shoot woman after she shot an armed intruder

Lisa Skinner 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A police officer shot a woman after her mother called police to report that an armed man broke into her home.

Lisa Skinner of Huntsville, Alabama, was shot by police after they saw her holding a gun.

Skinner shot the armed intruder who was identified as her estranged husband, Bradley Skinner.

Bradley Skinner broke the glass of a back door and entered the house. He had a gun and a large knife in his possession.

Lisa, who has a restraining order against Bradley, armed herself with a shotgun and then entered the garage. Police said that Bradley followed her and then pointed his gun at her.

It was then that she fired the gun, hitting him in the chest and causing serious injury.

When police arrived at the scene, the officers heard the initial shots. They went to the garage, where Lisa was still holding the shotgun.

The officers ordered her to drop the gun, but she did not do so. When she turned towards the officers, she was shot. The bullet hit her in the hip.

She is expected to survive her injuries.

Both Lisa and Bradley were taken to a hospital. Bradley underwent surgery and remains in critical condition.

The officer who shot the woman, is on administrative leave.

Couple killed in car crash while delivering their wedding invitations

Head on collision illustration  
By: Feng Qian

Two families are mourning the loss of a couple who was supposed to get married next month.

The couple was killed in a head on collision with a priest, while they were delivering wedding invitations to friends and family.

Mariusz Dudek, 24, and Dominika Lewandowska, 24, of Obroki, Poland, who got engaged in December, were due to marry next month.

However, while hand delivering their invitations, their car collided head-on with a Volvo driven by Father Grzegorz, 35.

Witnesses told police that the priest tried to overtake a tractor and plowed right into the couple’s Audi, which was driving in the opposite direction.

The couple and the priest were pronounced dead at the scene.

When police arrived, they closed the narrow road and diverted traffic so that the bodies can be removed from the wrecked cars.

A police spokesperson said that the couple had wedding invitations in the back of the car and police have established that they were delivering them to guests.

“Unfortunately, what should have been a day of great joy will now be a huge loss,” the police spokesperson said.

Rapist cries for his mother after jury found him guilty

James McGuigan 
By: Chan Yuan

A rapist turned to his mother and cried after a jury found him guilty of raping a woman.

42-year-old James McGuigan of England, cried for his mother when he was jailed for eight years.

McGuigan maintained his innocence, but was convicted of rape and assault causing bodily harm, following a trial.

When the jury at the Hull Crown Court returned the verdict, McGuigan sobbed and turned to his mother in the public gallery and said: “I'm not going to cope, Mom. What am I going to do?”

The court heard that McGuigan attacked the victim and struck her on the head. He then grabbed her face and called her bad names.

McGuigan performed a sex act before raping the woman as she cried.

At the end of the attack, he put his hands around her neck and choked her to the point that she could not breath. McGuigan took the woman’s cellphone and told her that nobody liked her.

He then continued to be abusive and threatened to kill the woman if she called police.

The woman went to her mother’s house. The bruises and swelling on the face was very obvious, so she told her mother about the assault, but not about the rape.

The police were called and she only reported the assault.
McGuigan was arrested and interviewed, but denied the use of violence. He said the victim fell and hit her head.

The court heard that the woman reported the rape when she was sent to prison for unrelated issues.

The woman told police that she did not report the rape because she feared for her life. However, she said that in prison, she felt safe enough to report the rape.

McGuigan had 19 previous court appearances for 62 offenses, mainly for dishonesty and drugs.

He was previously jailed for 70 months for possession of heroin with intent to supply, and was on probation for that crime when he attacked the woman.

Defense attorney Emma Bennett said that McGuigan, was suffering from depression, anxiety and stress and was taking medication for insomnia when he committed the crimes.

Judge Simon Jack sentenced McGuigan to eight years in prison for the rape and one year for the assault, to run concurrently.

McGuigan was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

8-year-old girl earns $130,000 a month by uploading baking tips videos to YouTube

Charli baking cupcakes 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A young girl in Australia, is earning a whopping $130,000 by uploading videos to YouTube in which she gives great baking tips.

The girl known simply as Charli of Quensland, uploads videos to her YouTube channel CharlisCraftyKitchen.

Her channel receives more views than celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. According to the data, Charli’s channel earned an estimated $130,000 in March alone.

In comparison, Oliver only earned an estimated $32,000 in advertising revenue from the 6.9 million views of his channel in March.

Charli and her five-year-old sister Ashlee who serves as the chief taste tester, are getting an average of 29 million visits a month.

CharlisCraftyKitchen has more than 320,000 subscribers eagerly awaiting weekly videos.

Many of the clips are inspired by the holidays, with a demonstration of how to make a Kit Kat receiving over two million visitors since it was uploaded.

A video with a simple recipe for donuts rainbow, has been viewed over 6.5 million times, while a video of Jello Popsicles has amassed an incredible 57 million views since it was posted.

CharlisCraftyKitchen began when she was only six years old.

Man kills his computer by shooting it 5 times with gun because it had technical problems

The shot computer 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was detained and received a citation from police after shooting his computer with a gun in public, police in Colorado said.

Colorado Springs Police said that on Monday night, 37-year-old Lucas Hinch discharged his firearm within city limits after he wanted to take revenge against his computer for giving him a hard time.

Police said that it appeared that Hinch got tired of fighting with his computer over the past several months.

Hinch told investigators that he was having too many problems with the computer, so he decided to take it out in the alley and shoot it.

The shooting was heard in the 2200 block of West Colorado Avenue.

Hinch told police officers who arrived at the scene that he did not realize that he was violating the law by shooting his computer.

Hinch shot the computer at least eight times, killing it.

Groom kills his bride because he was jealous that men were looking at her

Cicera Alves de Sena 
By: Feng Qian

A groom killed his bride just 4 days after their wedding because he was jealous that other men were looking at her, police in Brazil said.

Rio de Janeiro Police said that 32-year-old Milton Vieira Severiano killed 29-year-old Cicera Alves de Sena, in the garden of their apartment while surveillance cameras were recording his actions.

The video shows Severiano crushing the head of his wife in the concrete floor 11 times before shooting her 5 times in the face. He admitted to killing his wife, a professional dancer, because he was jealous that men were always looking at her.

She belonged to a group named Jaula das Gostozuedas. Shortly after the murder, Severiano fled the scene using his neighbor's car.

He was later arrested and police found four pistols, a shotgun and a bulletproof vest in his possession. He faces life in prison if convicted of murder.

FDA worker forced to sit in vomit soaked seat on United Airlines flight

Scott Shirley along with his wife and son 
By: Chan Yuan

An FDA (Food and Drug Administration) worker was disgusted by seeing her luggage getting damp from vomit while flying on a United Airlines flight.

The woman of Maryland, said that she was forced to sit in a vomit soaked seat while flying home from Orlando, Florida, where she was vacationing.

Scott Shirley said that after he boarded the United Airlines flight with his wife and son, they noticed an unusual odor coming from their seats.

They placed their luggage underneath their seats and realized that their bags were wet and smelling of vomit. Shirley said that his wife suffers from a fear of germs and immediately began to cry.

The airline acknowledged that a passenger sitting in that area had become ill on a previous flight, but the family was told it had been cleaned by the cabin crew.

The family denied that the area was cleaned. The woman, who works at the Food and Drug Administration, had to be at work and chose to stay on the plane despite the vomit.

They were given garbage bags to wrap their dirty luggage.

United Airlines has apologized and admitted that the seats were not cleaned thoroughly as they should have been before takeoff.

United Airlines issued a flight voucher of $150 for each member of the Shirley family.

Babysitter burns 3-year-old girl’s hand by placing it on hot stove because she refused to eat boiling food

Lidia Quilligana 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A little girl was severely abused by her babysitter after she refused to eat boiling food, police in Connecticut said.

Danbury Police said that when the mother came home from work, she found burns on her daughter’s hands and dark bruises around her eye.

She immediately called a doctor and police.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, watched a video, which showed 31-year-old Lidia Quilligana beating and burning the 3-year-old girl.

Quilligana was the girl’s nanny for more than a year. Quilligana was arrested on a charge of first-degree assault, which carries a prison sentence of 20 years.

Her bail was set at $1 million. The child’s mother said that she installed a hidden camera after suspecting abuse.

Quilligana claimed that while making pancakes, the girl pushed a small chair to the kitchen stove and burned herself, and she got the black eye by striking herself on the stove knob covers when she fell.

However, the video showed a different story. Police said that Quilligana force fed of the child something that was too hot to eat, causing blisters in the mouth.

When the girl resisted, the babysitter took her to the stove and burned her hands.

Couple stabs 10-year-old girl’s private parts because she molested their 3-year-old daughter

Sad girl illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A couple was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly stabbing a young girl’s private parts, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Jerry Okoh Oboh and 30-year-old Eucheria Chukwuma, after being accused of assaulting 10-year-old Chidinma, because she molested their 3-year-old daughter.

The couple and their daughter Peace, live on Joshua Street, along with the victim and her family. Chidinma denied molesting Peace, saying that she made up the story while being questioned by her parents.

The parents however, became furious by the allegations. They broke a beer bottle and used the glass to stab the 10-year-old girl.

The couple fled from the scene, but were later arrested by police. During questioning, the couple admitted to stabbing Chidinma.

The two were charged with assault. Their bail was set at N100,000 ($502).

Teacher buries several cats alive in front of his students at school

Cats illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A teacher was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after allegedly burying several cats on school grounds in front of his students, police in Japan said.

Chiba Police said that the teacher buried five newborn cats, four of which were still alive.

The incident unfolded at the Yakuendai High School.

According to the police investigation, the 36-year-old teacher asked three students in his class to help him dig a grave for the cats.

The incident came to light after one of the student's parents contact the school principal. The teacher told police that he had found the stray cats on school grounds and they appeared to be near death.

The teacher said that he felt a deep sense of regret and remorse for having acted in that way. The principal apologized, saying that he is very sorry that one of the teachers acted in such a manner.

15-year-old boy stabs his mother because she refused to sign up for Internet service

Tablet computer with Internet service illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A boy was arrested on charges of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing his mother because she refused to sign up for Internet service, police in Japan said.

Kaga Police said that they have arrested the 15-year-old boy on Sunday, after being accused of stabbing his 40-year-old mother in the back at their home.

According to the police investigation, the boy attacked his mother with a kitchen knife after they had discussed the signing of a contract with an Internet service provider around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday.

The sister of the boy, who was home at the time, called one of her mother's friends to report the stabbing. The mother’s friend called the police.

The sister told investigators that her brother yelled "I'll kill you," as he stabbed her mother. The mother was taken to a hospital with knife wounds to her back, but her injuries are not life threatening.

Man slashes 4 armed intruders with a sword

Three of the suspects 
By: Wayne Morin

4 armed men were seriously wounded when they broke into the home of a couple in Argentina.

Dias Costa, 49, and his wife Christina, 48, were asleep when the men, who were armed with two guns, broke into their home in Cordoba, around 3:30 a.m.

The men looked for valuables in the home. When Dias Costa realized that the thieves let their guard down for a moment, he grabbed a samurai sword and began slashing them.

He injured the four robbers quite badly. The men fled the house and escaped in a car that was parked outside.

The thieves managed to steal about $400.

The criminals did not get far. The driver, who was bleeding heavily, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a parked car.

Police took the armed burglars to a hospital. All four of the thieves ended up in the intensive care unit at the hospital with serious stab wounds.

One was slashed across the face and hand. Another man was slashed from the cheek to the ear and the back of his head. Two others were slashed on the arm by the sword wielding homeowner.

Serial rapist has private parts removed while in prison

Paul Catterall 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Women in the United Kingdom, were happy to get justice when a man was jailed.

Now, the serial rapist who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman, had his private parts removed while in custody.

Paul Catterall, 24, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, was jailed for 7 years and eight months after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman in an alley.

Defense attorney Nicola Gatto said that Catterall, is addicted to drugs and alcohol, and he was depressed after his two and a half year relationship with his girlfriend ended.

Catterall was arrested after he attacked the 18-year-old woman in the alley while she was alone. He got physical with the teenager.

When she denied his advances to kiss, Catterall threw her to the ground, forcibly removed her clothes and raped her.

Catterall was also convicted of sexually assaulting a woman back in 2009, when he pushed a woman at a bus station and put his hand under her skirt.

During his sentencing, medical reports revealed that while he was in custody, doctors diagnosed Catterall with testicular cancer and they were forced to amputate.

Catterall is now serving his long prison sentence without his reproductive organs.

Police officers resign after their town elects first black female mayor

Tyrus Byrd 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police officers in Missouri, quit their jobs after their long standing mayor lost an election to a black woman.

5 out of 6 police officers and several town officials resigned from their positions in Parma, after the first black mayor was elected.

Tyrus Byrd, a former city clerk, was officially sworn in as mayor on Tuesday. She took the place of Randall Ramsey, who served as the town’s mayor for 37 years.

Byrd won the election with 37 votes.

The outgoing mayor said that five of the six members of the city police submitted their resignations, citing “security concerns.”

Parma city attorney, secretary and water treatment supervisor, also handed in their resignations and quit after Byrd won the election.

Residents of Parma, said that they are not concerned about security now that the police force has been reduced.

One said that there has been some home break-ins in the area and police did nothing to stop it.

“I think it's pretty dirty of them to leave without giving the new mayor a chance,” another resident said.

People said that the city of 740 people does not need 6 police officers on its payroll.

The new mayor said that she will make sure the city stays safe.

Man beats his wife to death inside Dunkin’ Donuts

Bhadreshkumar Patel 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man killed his wife at Dunkin’ Donuts before running off and leaving her behind.

Police in Hanover, Maryland, are looking for 24-year-old Bhadreshkumar Patel, after being accused of beating his wife to death at the Dunkin’ Donuts, where they both worked.

Anne Arundel County Police were called to the Dunkin’ Donuts, after a customer came in around 11:00 p.m. and found no employees.

When police arrived, they found 21-year-old Palak Patel dead in the kitchen. The evidence collected at the scene linked the murder to her husband.

Police said that the man beat his wife several times with an object and then fled from the store.

An arrest warrant was issued for Patel, who has been charged with murder in the first and second degree, assault and other charges.

Police said that they had been to the residence of the couple after a neighbor, who heard loud noises or banging coming from their home, reported a domestic incident to police,” police spokesperson Justin Mulcahy said.

Police are still looking for Bhadreshkumar Patel, and are warning the public that he is dangerous.

Homeless man discovers he has bank account loaded with money

Cash illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man became homeless after all of his identification cards were stolen.

For 3 years, John Helinski, 62, slept in a cardboard box at a bus station in Tampa Bay, Florida.

However, that all changed with a caring social worker and with the help of a police officer, who discovered that he had a bank account loaded with money.

DACCO Case Manager Charles Inman wanted to help Helinski get into a shelter, but was unable to do so without any identification.

He recruited the help of Tampa Police Officer Dan McDonald. Together, the two men managed to get Helinski a driver’s license and a birth certificate.

Inman was not done helping Helinski, who is originally from Poland but a U.S citizen. He located a bank account, which Helinski forgot he had since the bank changed ownership.

Inman found that the bank account had a lot money in it. Helinski’s social security check routinely went into that account.

Helinski learned that he now has enough money to get out of the shelter and into his own apartment.

Police officer killed by woman speeding to funeral while trying to help suicidal man who jumped off a bridge

Spencer Bell 
By: Chan Yuan

A police officer is dead after being hit by a woman who was speeding to a funeral, police in the United Kingdom said.

71-year-old Spencer Bell, who ran to help the suicide victim who had jumped from the bridge on the M1 highway, was killed by the speeding woman’s car as she was trying to wiggle herself out of a traffic jam.

According to the police investigation, Bell went into the road and activated his emergency lights.

As he tried to help the man who was already dead from the fall, Bell was hit by a Toyota Previa being driven by 32-year-old Iram Shahzad, a mother of three children.

A court heard that Shahzad was traveling at a speed of around 85 miles per hour with two small children in the back of the car.

When she realized that two lanes were blocked by vehicles, she tried to swerve and speed in the third lane, where Bell was trying to revive 67-year-old Alan Tretheway.

The Toyota hit Bell, sending him flying through the air, killing him instantly. Shahzad was charged with causing the death of Bell, and she was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

The term was suspended for two years. She was also disqualified from driving for 18 months.

Man crushed to death by truck after being chased by his best friend into traffic for speaking with his fiancee

Truck illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on charges of manslaughter after allegedly causing his best friend’s death because he spoke with his fiancee, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that they arrested 34-year-old Monday Ekwekoba on Thursday, after being accused of causing the death of Wisdom Okafor.

Ekwekoba of 72 Clem Road, returned home to find Okafor speaking with his fiancee. He flew into a rage and chased him with an improvised weapon.

Ekwekoba chased the victim into on-coming traffic, where he was crushed to death by a truck. Ekwekoba faces life in prison if convicted of the charges.

Ekwekoba pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released after posting N200,000 ($1,000) bail.

Woman puts cricket in her food to get her restaurant food for free

Shatanya Arielette Beasley 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman was arrested on charges of obtaining property by false pretenses after allegedly putting an insect on her plate at a restaurant in order to get her food for free, police in North Carolina said.

Charlotte Police said that they have arrested 26-year-old Shatanya Arielette Beasley, after she got a free meal at Applebee’s on Wednesday, when she complained about a cricket in her food.

Beasley left her wallet on the table, and a restaurant manager said he saw a bag of crickets in the woman's bag. He told her that she had to pay for the food, but Beasley left the restaurant without paying.

An employee wrote down her license plate number, and called the police. Police arrested Beasley on Friday, and she was released after posting $2,500 bail.

After being released, Beasley went back to the restaurant and paid the bill.