Pedophile accidentally calls mother’s cellphone and records himself sexually abusing 7-year-old girl

Cellphone illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A sex offender was jailed after his despicable act was heard on a voice mail.

40-year-old Charles Gregory of England, was jailed after mistakenly calling a mother and leaving a voice message while sexually abusing her daughter.

Gregory left the shocking four-minute message of a conversation between him and the 7-year-old victim.

Gregory of Sittingbourne, Kent, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his disgusting crime.

Police learned that Gregory, victimized at least two other girls. In one incident, he installed a camera to spy on a teenager in the shower.

The pervert was convicted at the Maidstone Crown Court on Wednesday, on four counts of sexual assault on a child and one count of sexual activity with a child aged between 13 and 15.

The crimes came to light when the mother of one of his victims received a voicemail from Gregory. In the voice mail, she heard Gregory warning her daughter not to report the abuse to police.

Kent Police interviewed the victim, who detailed the horrific sexual abuse, which took place on a number of occasions.

During the course of the investigation, another girl told officers that Gregory touched her inappropriately.

When Gregory was arrested, police confiscated his computers were they found a video of him installing a camera in a bathroom along with videos of the teenage girl in the shower.

Gregory admitted to sexually assaulting girls and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Police handcuff and shackle 5-year-old boy because they were afraid of him

Handcuffed boy illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Police officers who were called to an elementary school for an unruly 5-year-old boy, said that they handcuffed and shackled him because they feared for their safety, police in New York said.

The New York State Police in Philadelphia, said that Connor Ruiz, was disruptive and uncontrollable.

When officers arrived, they put the five-year-old boy in handcuffs, took him to a patrol car and put shackles on his feet before being taken to a medical facility for evaluation.

The boy's mother, Chelsea Ruiz, said that she was shocked and angry about what had happened. An officer told her that they had to handcuff his wrists and ankles for their safety.

Police spokesman Jack Keller justified the action on the grounds that the child was out of control and combative. He was considered a danger to himself and staff.

Officers found him screaming, kicking, punching and biting. Connor said that he is terrified to go back to school.

Man who won $75,000 from lottery ticket accidentally walks away with just $75

Lottery tickets illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Lottery officials in California, are looking for a man who accidentally walked away from a gas station with $75 instead of $75,000.

The manager of the gas station in Palmdale, said that an employee misread the numbers on the machine when the man entered the shop and gave in his lottery ticket.

The man took his $75 and left before the employee could realize his mistake. Lottery officials launched an investigation and are trying to track down the man in order to give him an additional $74,925.

The man has another six months to collect his winnings.

The owner of the gas station, Shamsun Hahar Islam, released surveillance video of the man who cashed the lottery ticket, in hopes that the public will be able to recognize the man and alert him about his winning lottery ticket.

Shirtless man assaults shopper with brick for being told to leave market

Donnie James Robinson 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A shirtless man who became extremely angry after being told to leave the market, picked up a brick and assaulted a shopper, police in Oregon said.

Eugene Police said that they arrested the man for throwing bricks at people on Friday evening, outside the Neighborhood Market on West First Avenue.

Around 5:30 p.m., the police arrived to find 38-year-old Donnie James Robinson, standing on one side of a parked car with a brick in each hand.

A 44-year-old victim was on the other side of the car. Robinson dropped the bricks and was arrested on charges of assault, intimidation, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

He was taken to the Lane County Jail. Police learned that Robinson had been asked to leave the market because he did not wear a shirt.

He started shouting at customers and refused to leave. After a few minutes, Robinson left but struck the victim with a piece of brick.

The victim suffered injuries in the incident, but was not taken to a hospital.

Man divorces his wife because she said hi to her former boyfriend

Lovers illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man decided to divorce his wife after catching her saying hi to her former boyfriend, according to court documents in Saudi Arabia.

According to the divorce complaint, the man and his wife went to a park to spend the day.

At some point, the man observed his wife talking to a strange man. When he confronted his wife, she said that the man is her former boyfriend and she just said hi to him.

The husband of Riyadh, became extremely angry about his wife’s actions and decided to divorce her.

The husband told the court that his wife said that she was just going to the bathroom, but instead, she went over to greet her former boyfriend.

The woman told the court that her husband beat her following the encounter at the park. The judge granted them a divorce.

30 Good-Looking Women Who Ended Up In Jail

Christine Allen 

Name: Christine Allen

Age: 32

Location: Kitchener, Canada

Accusation: Poisoned children at her day care center

Charge: Criminal negligence causing bodily harm

30 Good-Looking Women Who Ended Up In Jail

Kaitlyn Hunt 

Name: Kaitlyn Hunt

Age: 19

Location: Indian River County, Florida

Accusation: Had sex with a 14-year-old girl

Charge: Lewd or lascivious battery

30 Good-Looking Women Who Ended Up In Jail

Holly Grigsby 

Name: Holly Grigsby

Age: 27

Location: Portland, Oregon

Accusation: Joining white supremacist group and going on killing spree

Charge: Murder

30 Good-Looking Women Who Ended Up In Jail

Theresa Brown 

Name: Theresa Brown

Age: 24

Location: Prince William County, Virginia

Accusation: Bit 1-year-old student as punishment in classroom

Charge: Assault

30 Good-Looking Women Who Ended Up In Jail

Jennifer Gaubert 

Name: Jennifer Gaubert

Age: 34

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Accusation: Attempted to seduce married taxi driver during ride home

Charge: Criminal mischief

30 Good-Looking Women Who Ended Up In Jail

Melinda Muniz 

Name: Melinda Muniz

Age: 26

Location: Plano, Texas

Accusation: Killed the 3-year-old girl of her boyfriend after being told to move out of house

Charge: Murder

30 Good-Looking Women Who Ended Up In Jail

Megan Mahoney 

Name: Megan Mahoney

Age: 24

Location: New York City, New York

Accusation: Had long sexual relationship with 16-year-old student

Charge: Rape