Woman pulls out half of a large bug from her mouth while McDonald's sandwich

Annah Sophia Stevenson showing off bug she found in sandwich 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman in New Zealand, was horrified to find half of a bug in her mouth while eating a McDonald's sandwich.

26-year-old Annah Sophia Stevenson of Blenheim, said that she will never eat at McDonald's again after finding the cockroach in her burger.

Stevenson had taken three bites of her burger before detecting the large insect. She said that while chewing, something didn't feel right.

That is when she pulled out half of the large bug. McDonald’s said the incident will be thoroughly investigated.

The McDonald’s store location where the woman bought the sandwich, asked for the burger so they can investigate it further.

Stevenson bought the sandwich on Saturday. She usually avoids fast food, but said that it had been a busy day.

Stevenson ordered a Big Mac Combo, McNugget Happy Meal and a cheeseburger for her child as well as an ice cream and an apple pie for dessert.

She waited until she got home to eat the burger. After realizing that she ate half of the bug, she retched and vomited in the bathroom sink.

She rubbed her mouth with a toothbrush, and found another piece of the bug.

Police ordered to pay $1,800 to woman they arrested for driving drunk and without a license

Police officers illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman who was arrested on charges of driving drunk and without a license, will receive $1,800 in compensation after claiming that she did not see the police car while being ordered to pull over at the side of the road, according to court documents in Australia.

Tammy Ann Williams was convicted of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, unlicensed driving, drunk driving and not stopping a motor vehicle.

Williams of Mount Morgan, had pleaded guilty to the three charges, but contested the charge of not stopping a motor vehicle.

Police officers were conducting random breathalyzer tests on Dee Street, when they tried to pull over Williams. The police began to follow Williams after she drove past them.

A police officer said that after turning on their lights and sirens, he saw Williams’ car for about five to 10 seconds before she sped away.

The police finally caught up with her when she parked her car on Pepperina Lane. Williams said that she did not see the police.

A judge has ruled that Williams should have had visual evidence of the police lights, and believes that a reasonable person could have stopped their vehicle.

However, an appeals court found that the evidence of the officer was lacking in clarity.

The judge said that the police vehicle did not come close enough for there to be no doubt that a reasonable person could have seen the vehicle or stop.

Williams was found not guilty, and the judge ordered the Chief of Police to pay Williams $1,800 within 28 days.

Man cuts off fingers of 74-year-old neighbor for throwing hot coffee at him

Coffee illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

An elderly man was arrested on charges of assault after cutting the fingers of his neighbor with a machete following as dispute over spilled coffee, police in Pennsylvania said.

Philadelphia Police said that they were called to the 1200 block of Daly Street around 6:30 a.m., after the 74-year-old man began fighting with his 58-year-old neighbor because his vehicle was vandalized.

At some point, the 74-year-old threw a cup of coffee at his neighbor. In response, the neighbor went inside his house and returned with a 18-inch-long machete.

He swung at the 74-year-old man, cutting off two fingers of his left hand. He also suffered a deep cut on the left side of the head.

A neighbor gave the police two human fingers, and said that they belonged to the 74-year-old man. The 74-year-old man checked himself into the Methodist Hospital.

The 58-year-old man was arrested and taken to the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital after suffering from cuts to the hands and legs.

Attorney and captain of ‘Naut Guilty’ caught operating drunk after boat’s propeller cut off teen’s hand

Boat illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A boat operator was arrested on charges of operating under the influence after the boat’s propeller cut off a teen’s arm, police in Massachusetts said.

Boston Police said that the 19-year-old woman who fell overboard, also suffered injuries to her face and abdomen.

The operator of the boat called "Naut Guilty," was charged with operating under the influence.

33-year-old attorney Benjamin Urbelis of Charlestown, was operating the 29-foot-long boat around 7:30 p.m., when the Coast Guard responded to a call about a person who had fallen overboard and lost an arm.

The Coast Guard handed her over to the Boston Fire Department, and she was transferred to a hospital. Detectives said that the 19-year-old woman received significant injuries due to hitting the propeller.

She is said to be in critical condition. The operator of the boat was arrested for operating a vessel under the influence. There were 13 people on board the ship at the time of the accident.

Several passengers had jumped into the water to save the victim.

Woman loses her eyesight after being licked by her pet cat

Cat illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A woman will never be able to see with her left eye after being licked by her pet cat, doctors in Ohio said.

Janese Walters of Toledo, said that it took doctors over a month to figure out why she couldn’t see with her left eye.

At first, Walters thought she had a pink eye, but doctors thought it was something else.

After a month, they discovered that she suffered from a disease called cat scratch, caused by a bacteria carried by 40 percent of cats.

The bacteria lives in the cat’s saliva and skin. The bacteria does not harm cats, but can be harmful to humans. Cat-scratch disease can expand blood vessels, affecting the eyes.

It can also cause liver problems and cause meningitis by getting into the spinal fluid. Cat owners should wash their hands after handling their pets.

Cat owners should not let their pets bite or lick their open wounds. Walters said that she never heard about cat-scratch disease.

She feels lucky that the disease did not spread to her right eye.

Young woman meets stranger in the street before breaking into elderly woman’s basement to have sex with him

Couple having sex illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A young woman told police that she met a man on the street and decided to have sex with him inside an elderly woman’s basement, police in Wisconsin said.

Madison Police said that the incident came to light when the 85-year-old woman came home and found a vehicle that she did not recognize in the driveway.

The elderly woman was with her 54-year-old daughter and 13-year-old grandson. The boy went down to the basement to see if anyone was in the house.

He found a man and a woman, who were completely naked.

The 85-year-old woman went down the stairs and saw the naked man before he ran away from the home.

He left the woman behind. The naked woman got dressed and asked the family how to get out of the house. The young woman told police officers who arrived at the scene, that she met the man for the first time earlier in the day.

The woman also said that the man didn’t tell her goodbye and she felt embarrassed.

17-year-old boy manages to steal vehicle from car dealership by posing as FBI agent

FBI agent illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A boy stole and crashed a vehicle belonging to a car dealership after posing as an FBI agent, police in Michigan said.

Washtenaw County Police said that they arrested the 17-year-old boy of Ann Arbor, after crashing the car in Toledo, Ohio, on Wednesday.

According to the police investigation, the suspect called the car dealership, which is located at 2448 Washtenaw Avenue, and asked to test drive a 2015 Dodge Charger.

When the dealership employees brought the car to the potential customer, he identified himself as an FBI agent and openly carried a gun on his hip.

The boy stole the car during the test drive and fled before crashing the car. The boy presented himself as an FBI agent to officers who arrived at the scene of the crash.

The boy was unhurt, and the car was towed because it was not operable. The boy was charged with car theft and impersonating a federal agent.

Newlywed woman commits suicide after husband forbade her from wearing pants

Woman wearing jeans illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young newlywed woman was found dead after hanging herself from a ceiling fan because she was told not to wear pants when visiting her husband’s family, police in India said.

The incident unfolded in the woman’s home, which is located in Khas Dumri, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday night.

According to the police investigation, Jyoti Devi got married to Suraj Singh ten days ago.

Devi's younger sister Nikki, who moved to the town to live near her sister, said that they both put on pants in order to go for a walk.

Singh however, told his wife that she cannot wear pants because members of his family would not approve it. He said that if she wears ants it will bring a bad name to his family.

Devi became extremely upset and locked herself in her bedroom. A little later, she was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

Police said that women are not allowed to wear pants in Khas Dumri.

Angry mob rips off clothes of 8 women for wearing short skirts

Women in short dresses illustration 
By: Feng Qian

Police are looking to arrest several people after they were accused of ripping off the clothes of women for wearing short skirts in public, police in Uganda said.

Several members of the Boda Boda Cyclists gang said that they are helping the Iganga Police enforce modesty laws.

Over the last week alone, the gang undressed 10 people for being inappropriately dressed.

According to the police investigation, eight of the victims were women who were found wearing short skirts in public, while two were young men who were seen wearing pants below their waist.

The eight women were stripped in separate incidents in Iganga, Nakalama, and Busembatia. Boda Boda Cyclists are leading the campaign to undress inappropriately dressed men and women.

On Sunday, police rescued a woman from an angry crowd after she was undressed for wearing a short skirt. So far, no arrests have been made.

Police warned residents against taking the law into their hands, and encouraged them to call the police when they encounter a woman dressed in a short skirt.

Nude cyclist expelled from race after being seen getting aroused

World Naked Bike Ride event illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A man who hoped to take part in a nude cycling race, was expelled after he was seen getting sexually excited, police in the United Kingdom said.

Kent Police said that they had to escort the man away from the event after he became sexually excited to see his fellow nude participants.

The incident unfolded as cyclist took off their clothes at the starting line of the World Naked Bike Ride held in Kent.

After the man became aroused, people looked at him in disbelief, and he seemed to be enjoying the event a bit too much.

One of the organizers approached the cyclist and told him to put on his pants. By the time police arrived, the man was already wearing his pants.

He was escorted away by officers. The event was organized to raise awareness of the dangers posed to cyclists by motorists.

Race organizers said that they do not accept this type of behavior, and those who are looking for sexual enjoyment should just stay home.

Young woman takes selfie with intruder after finding drunk man asleep on her bed

Woman takes selfie with intruder 
By: Wayne Morin

Instead of calling the police, a young woman decided to take a selfie after finding a drunk intruder asleep on her bed, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Dubai Police said that the woman who found the drunk man sleeping in her bed, took several photos and published them on the Internet for the world to see.

The woman told investigators that she found the man in her bed after coming home from work and spending some time in the kitchen.

When she entered her bedroom, she was surprised to see the intruder asleep on her bed, but still decided to take the selfies before calling for help.

The woman wrote that the man tried to steal valuables from her house, but failed. When police arrived at the home, the intruder was arrested on charges of trespassing.

Drunk woman bites her neighbor after refusing to have sex with her because she is too fat

Naomi Pleasant 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly biting her neighbor following a fight over sex, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

32-year-old Naomi Pleasant of Devon, bit Amanda Parsons after rejecting her as a sex partner for being too fat, the Exeter Magistrate’s Court has heard.

According to the police investigation, the incident began when Pleasant invited a teen couple into her home for sex. She invited the couple as Parsons returned to her own home next door.

Pleasant told Parsons that she is not being invited because of her size. After a brief exchange, Pleasant and Parsons began fighting each other.

Pleasant claimed that Parsons hit her in the head and then sat on her face. Pleasant admitted to biting Parsons on her thigh, but insisted that her actions were in self-defense.

Parsons confessed to pulling Pleasant's hair in an attempt to stop the biting. The two women were separated by security personnel.

Pleasant was found not guilty of assault following a trial.

Man creates website worth $1 billion by allowing people to buy and sell drugs anonymously

Ross Ulbricht 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man in New York, created a website on which people can buy and sell drugs without revealing their identity.

Ross Ulbricht earned millions of dollars through his website called The Silk Road, which allowed people to anonymously buy and sell contraband, such as drugs and weapons.

However, his dreams were dashed when police tracked him down and arrested him.

Ulbricht, 31, was found guilty of seven counts, including trafficking drugs on the Internet, narcotics trafficking, conspiracy, running a criminal enterprise, computer hacking and money laundering.

Ulbricht received the harsh punishment of life in prison.

Prosecutors were asking for 20 years behind bars. However, Judge Katherine Forrest handed down the harshest sentence allowed by law.

He was also ordered him to pay the government $183 million.

The judge said that Ulbricht was not better than any other drug dealer.

The judge also took into account the fact the Ulbricht may have been involved in planning the deaths of at least 6 people in order to protect his identity from law enforcement.

Ulbricht was never charged in connection with the murders.

Man locks wife and daughter in bathroom for 3 years because she gave birth to a girl

Rameshwar Rao 
By: Feng Qian

A man was furious when his wife gave birth to a girl rather than the boy he wanted.

Rameshwar Rao, 40, who is an accountant in Chennai, India, is accused of holding his wife and daughter locked in a bathroom because she gave birth to a girl while he wanted a son.

When Priyanka Rao, 32, found out she was pregnant with a baby girl, her husband Rameshwar Rao, ordered her to have an abortion because he did not want a girl.

However, Mrs. Rao refused to have an abortion and chose to keep the child.

The woman left her husband and moved in with her parents, where she stayed for nearly five years. After going to counseling, the couple reconciled and began living together.

According to police, Rameshwar Rao became abusive towards his wife, and chained her and her daughter to a toilet bowl for three years. He then repeatedly raped his wife until she became pregnant again.

The abuse continued even after she gave birth to his son.

The mother and daughter were forced to live on just rice and water for three years. The two were finally saved when a family friend visited the home.

Police said that the couple’s son was treated nicely. He had a good life while his mother and sister were being tortured.

Police said that Priyanka Rao, begged them not to arrest her husband over the abuse. She wants to return home to her husband.

However, police have opened a case against Rameshwar Rao, and he faces charges including wrongful detention and assault.

Woman who called police to save suicidal boyfriend is ordered to leave room before cops kill him

Justin Way 
By: Chan Yuan

A family is devastated over the loss of a young man who was killed by police.

Kaitlyn Lyons called police for help after she found her boyfriend, 28-year-old Justin Way, drunk and suicidal.

Way, a recovering alcoholic, suffered a relapse after losing his job. Lyons called the non-emergency police line and asked for help.

Lyons asked the dispatcher where she can get help for Way. She said that she hoped he could possibility be hospitalized and can get the help he needed.

Two members of the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office showed up at the home. Lyons was ordered to wait outside while officers entered the house.

According to the officers, Way was laying on a bed with a knife in his hand. Officers shot and killed him.

Deputies Jonas Carballosa, 26, and Kyle Braig, 32, claimed that Way tried to attack them with the knife. He was ordered to drop the knife, and when he refused, the officers fired in self-defense.

However, Way’s parents believe their son was shot before he could sit up.

Detectives described the situation as “suicide by cop.”

Judge orders woman to walk 30 miles for not paying taxi following 30-mile drive

Victoria Boscom 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was given a unique sentence after she did not pay for her taxi ride.

Victoria Boscom and her friend, were arrested after they escaped from a taxi without paying for their 30-mile ride.

Boscom and her friend took the taxi from Cleveland to Painesville, Ohio, when they left the vehicle without paying the driver.

Now, a judge in Lake County, came up with a creative way to teach the young woman a lesson to never take a taxi if she doesn’t have the money to pay the driver.

Cicconetti gave Boscom two choices, either serve 60 days in jail or walk 30 miles within 48 hours.

She chose to walk the 30 miles. The judge said that Boscom will be monitored with a GPS device to make sure she walks the 30 miles.

The judge said that he would not order the young woman to walk the route in which the taxi drove her because that was not safe, but he suggested that she walk the 30 miles at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

Boscom must also pay the United Cab driver $100 in restitution and she has to perform 3 days of community service.

Woman files sexual assault charges against monkeys after they pulled off her bikini

Macaques illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A group of monkeys are accused of attacking a woman and removing her bikini before touching her inappropriately.

The tourist of the United Kingdom, traveled to Spain, and was thrilled when she arrived in Gibraltar. She never imagined that she would be fondled by a group of wild macaques.

23-year-old Melissa Hart was watching the wild monkeys at a zoo in Gibraltar, when two of them approached her and started pulling her clothes.

It did not take long for the monkeys to rip off her bikini. Other tourists looked on and laughed as she struggled to break free.

“I felt totally helpless as these two monkeys grabbed and touched my most private parts. Then, one of them pulled off my bikini top,” Hart said.

“I was being sexually assaulted and these people all thought it was a big joke,” she added. A zoo warden finally heard her screaming and came rescued her.

Angered by the attack, Hart tried to file a police complaint against the monkeys. However, the police did not seem to take her seriously.

They also made light of the situation. “Do you think you could pick out your attackers in a line-up?” One officer asked.

Woman impregnated by her brother gives up baby for adoption so she can continue sleeping with him

Edmund Bobby Ho 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A woman got into a romantic relationship with her brother and had a baby with him.

Sophia Parker, 27, reached out to her half brother, Edmund Bobby Ho, 30, when he was in prison after serving time for a drug possession charge.

When he was released from prison, Parker moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, from Hawaii, where she was raised by adoptive parents.

At first, the siblings, who share the same mother, had a nice relationship and Parker became pregnant with his child.

However, after she became pregnant, the relationship turned violent. Ho forced his sister to work as a prostitute to pay their bills, and he would often beat her.

Parker realized that it was not a good environment for their baby, so she gave their daughter up for adoption so she can continue her romantic relationship with her brother.

Ho was finally arrested for abusing his sister after he severely beat her, which caused her to be hospitalized with broken ribs, nose and eye socket.

Parker was in critical condition and she was placed in a medically induced coma.

Ho who faced life in prison without the possibility of parole, accepted a plea agreement in which he pleaded guilty to two counts of kidnapping.

When the judge asked Ho if he had anything to say before sentencing, he turned to his sister and said: “I love you.”

Las Vegas District Judge Douglas Herndon said: “If you love this woman you sure have a funny way of showing it.”

Ho was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison.

Teacher rapes 26 girls some as young as 4 years old in his classroom

Classroom illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A teacher will be executed for raping his students.

The elementary school teacher of China, was charged with raping and sexually abusing 26 girls.

Li Jishun was found guilty of raping and sexually abusing 21 of the girls over a one year period.

According to the High Court of China, Jishun targeted “young and shy” girls between the ages of 4 and 11.

The abuse took place in the classrooms, dormitories and other areas in Wushan, Gansu.

Some victims were raped several times, according to court documents.

Due to the high number of victims and the fact that the suspect posed “a grave threat to society,” the court decided to execute the teacher.

The court publicized the case of Jishun’s execution to send a clear message to other predators that officials will not tolerate the growing epidemic of sexual abuse against children.

Man stabs new wife after she refused to have sex with him

Upali Pelige 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman who wanted to help a man get a green card so he can be a citizen of the United States, got married to him.

However, the arrangement ended badly when the man stabbed the woman because she refused to have sex with him after the sham marriage.

The woman of New York, is in critical condition after she was brutally stabbed by the man because she refused to have sex with him.

Police have arrested 40-year-old Upali Pelige, and charged him with attempted murder and assault.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, when Pelige attacked his new wife, Danisha Rogers, 27, at a home in Brooklyn.

The newly married couple allegedly got into a disagreement after Pelige wanted to have sex with the woman who was legally his wife.

The were separated and lived apart. The woman lived with her boyfriend.

Police said that Pelige visited his “wife” when he stabbed her in several places, including the face, neck, head and other parts of the body.

Chris Justin, 23, said that Rogers and Pelige “were not really married” and that he is the boyfriend of Rogers.

“They were not really married, She only married him to help him get his green card,” Justin said.

Rogers was taken to the Brookdale University Hospital. She is in critical condition and was placed in a medically induced coma.