Veterinarian caught cutting up dogs and hiding drugs in them

Dogs implanted with liquid heroin 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A veterinarian was arrested on a charge of drug smuggling after allegedly cutting up dogs and hiding drugs in them, police in Spain said.

The man of Venezuela, tried to smuggle drugs from Colombia to the U.S., by implanting liquid heroin in puppies.

Police found drugs in his clinic more than 10 years ago, but the suspect managed to flee before being arrested.

33-year-old Andres Lopez Elorza ran a veterinary clinic in Medellin, where police found a number of puppies with bags of liquid heroin implanted inside their bodies.

The puppies were due to be sent to the United States as pets to avoid arousing the suspicions of customs officials.

The veterinarian was found hiding in Santa Comba, and he had severed all communication with his wife and children to avoid being detected.

Young woman suffers nerve damage in legs after wearing extremely tight jeans for several hours

Woman wearing jeans illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman was rushed to a hospital after suffering nerve damage to her legs while wearing extremely tight jeans, doctors in Australia said.

The 35-year-old woman suffered damage to the nerve and muscle fibers in her legs after spending several hours squatting in tight jeans while helping a family move to a new home.

The woman experienced a lot of pain and discomfort after spending the day helping her family move. On her way home, she fell down on the ground and laid there for several hours until someone found her.

She was taken to a nearby hospital and could not walk normally for four days. When examined at the hospital, her legs were so swollen that her jeans had to be cut off.

The patient was treated with intravenous fluids. Her leg function improved significantly, and by the time she was discharged from the hospital, she was able to walk on her own.

Black bear runs away from old man’s backyard after tasting his foot

Black bear illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

An elderly man who woke up in the backyard of his home to the sound of a bear, found a black bear trying to eat his foot, police in Colorado said.

77-year-old Peter Rizzuto of Lazy Glen, said he was sleeping on the deck of his backyard on Wednesday, when the black bear approached him.

Rizzuto said that he initially thought that the creature was a large dog, but when he heard it growl, he knew it was a bear. Luckily, the bear decided to leave without causing the man any injuries.

On Thursday, he was contacted by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Officials said that the incident is troubling because the bear is obviously not afraid of humans.

The bear has not returned since the incident on Wednesday. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is considering placing bear traps in the area in order to capture the bear.

Officials said that if the bear strikes again, it will be executed due the two strikes policy.

Man named Uganda's ugliest man becomes father to 8th child

Godfrey Baguma with wife Kate Namanda 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) It seems like women want to have babies with Uganda’s ugliest man.

47-year-old Godfrey Baguma, who has been dubbed Uganda ugliest man, became a father for to his eighth child.

Baguma - who is believed to suffer from a rare and unknown medical condition - and his wife Kate Namanda, 30, welcomed a baby girl.

Baguma won the Ugliest Man title in 2002, after he entered the contest in order to win money for his cash strapped family.

Before his marriage to Kate, Baguma had two children with his first wife. He later divorced his first wife and married Kate, who is 17 years his junior.

Baguma now has 6 children with his second wife.

Speaking about being married to the country's ugliest man, Namanda said: “when you find a man who is right for you, don’t listen to what other people say and follow your heart. Money and physical appearance should not be an issue.”

Baguma supports his family by making public appearances, where he sings and performs stand-up comedy. He goes by the stage name Ssebabi.

Married teacher arrested after performing sex acts on her female student

Lauren Mitchell 
By: Feng Qian

A married woman was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl.

The 33-year-old teacher is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl at her family home.

Lauren Mitchell of New Jersey, who is a second-grade teacher at the Dr. Lena Edwards Academic Charter School in Jersey City, allegedly performed sex acts on the girl.

Their illicit relationship was discovered when fellow teachers noticed inappropriate interactions between Mitchell and the alleged victim during a class trip.

They alerted police and Mitchell was arrested.

She was charged with one count of aggravated sexual assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Mitchell is being held at the Bergen County Jail on $150,000 bond. She was ordered to stay away from the victim.

Man stabs mother and 2 daughters so they cannot testify against him about sexual assault

Lisa Scheetz with her 16-year-old daughter and Leeton Thomas 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A mother and her daughter were killed and a third daughter was injured by a man who sexually assaulted the girls.

Leeton Thomas allegedly wanted to stop the family from testifying against him in court.

District Attorney Craig Stedman of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, said that Thomas, 37, stabbed Lisa Scheetz and her teenage daughters on Thursday.

Scheetz and her 16-year-old daughter died of their wounds. Her 15-year-old daughter remains in a hospital in critical but stable condition. She is expected to make a full recovery.

Scheetz’s 13-year-old daughter was not home at the time of the attack.

The 15-year-old girl identified Thomas as the attacker. Police apprehended Thomas at his home a few hours after the stabbing.

Thomas was arrested earlier this year and he was charged with numerous sexual offenses against two of Scheetz’s daughters, including the deceased 16-year-old girl.

Thomas was out on $5,000 bail at the time of the attack. He was ordered to stay away from the family, but he broke into the home and stabbed the victims.

Now, the accused child molester has been charged with an additional two counts of criminal homicide and one count of attempted homicide and burglary.

He is being held without bail.

Mother of 2 young children becomes pregnant after birth control implant got lost in her arm

Nexplanon birth control illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman is devastated after she got pregnant a short time after implanting a form of birth control into her arm.

Ebony Cole of Denver, Colorado, said that after struggling through two difficult pregnancies, she and her husband decided not to have more children in the near future.

Cole, who has a five-year-old son named Jayden and a seven-month-old girl named Aaliyah, went to a doctor and agreed to be fitted with a hormone implant called Nexplanon, which is 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, according to its manufacturers.

The implant was inserted into her upper left arm. Cole said that she felt the implant in her arm before leaving the clinic.

She then received a letter confirming that she had the implant inserted and that its effectiveness would expire in 3 years.

However, weeks later, Cole felt sick and went to her doctor. Her doctor told her that she is five weeks pregnant.

Cole was shocked and had a lot of questions. She returned to the clinic, where she had the birth control inserted.

Nurses were unable find the implant in the arm. She had blood tests done, but there were no traces of the progestin hormone that the implant emits.

Now, Cole is worried that the missing implant might harm her or her unborn child.

Woman jumps into lake in attempt to commit suicide because husband refused to buy her a purse

The woman in the water 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police were called to rescue a woman who attempted to commit suicide because her husband refused to buy her a purse.

Police in China, received a call to rescue the 30-year-old woman who jumped into the lake in Dezhou, Shandong.

According to a video uploaded to the Internet, the woman had been sitting in the water for over 20 minutes and refused to come out.

When police arrived, the woman ignored their orders for her to leave the lake.

Meanwhile, her angry husband stood at the edge of the lake and yelled at the woman. The woman did not allow officers to come close to her.

She did however, agree to have her husband come and drag her out of the water.

However, rather than saving his wife, the couple continued to argue in the water. The man suddenly grabbed his wife by the neck and pushed her head underwater.

Police officers quickly jumped into the lake and saved the woman.

The two were taken to the police station. The woman allegedly told police that she wanted to end her life because her husband refused to buy her a purse.

Officers were able to calm the couple down. The man apologized to his wife and promised not to hurt her again.

Supermarket designates separate shopping days for men and women

Women only sign illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

People in France, were angry after learning that a supermarket in Bordeaux, designated separate days for men and women in order to enforce sex segregation.

The owner of the store placed a notice about the sex segregation in the front window.

The sign in the window invites women to come shopping on Saturdays and Sundays, as the weekdays are reserved for men.

After being confronted by angry customers, Jean-Baptiste Michalon insisted that he acted in good faith by designating separate days for men and women.

Michalon said that numerous women asked him to implement female only shopping days. Michalon also said that his clients understand that the mixing of sexes is not allowed in religion.

Michalon pointed out that bathhouses also have separate hours for men and women. Michalon faces fines of up to 45,000 euros ($50,306) and up to three years in prison if convicted of sex discrimination.

Bordeaux Mayor Alain Juppe said that the sign was in complete contradiction with the laws on equality. On Monday, Michalon removed the sign from his window.

Woman watches in horror as roommate bakes pastries filled with feces in shared oven and eats it

Microwave oven illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was evicted from his home after placing his feces in a shared oven before eating it, housing officials in the United Kingdom said.

A woman who was placed at the shared home in Weston, said that she was very scared to stay overnight, leaving her with no choice but to sleep on couches at friends' houses while she was waiting for the man to be evicted.

The woman told investigators that when the man first moved into the home, he began smoking weed despite the fact that there was a newborn baby present.

One day, there was a terrible smell in the kitchen. She went to check the oven, and was horrified to see a pastry filled with something that appeared to be feces.

She asked the man what the filing was, and he said it was his feces. He took the pastry out of the oven and ate it. Housing officials evicted the man from the house following the incident, and a cleaning crew disinfected the oven.

Couple caught feeding their pet monkey alcohol drinks

Monkey illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A couple was arrested, charged and convicted of animal cruelty after feeding their pet monkey alcoholic beverages, police in South Africa said.

48-year old Frikkie Bosch and 39-year old Joyce Marais of Bloemfontein, were found guilty of continually giving their monkey brandy and soda.

They were each sentenced to pay a fine of $2,462 or face a jail term of 6 months.

They also received a fine of $820 each or 36 months in prison for transporting another monkey without the necessary permits.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said that they received a complaint about the couple feeding their monkey alcohol last year.

They also received a complaint by two of the couple’s neighbors that the monkey was regularly fed alcohol. The SPCA seized the couple’s two monkeys after receiving the complaints.

The animals were nursed back to health and released into the wild.

Man pours weed killer into coworker’s water bottles because he wanted to mess with him

Anthony Gerald Dunton 
By: Feng Qian

A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly pouring weed killer into his coworker’s water bottles, police in Georgia said.

Cobb County police said that they have arrested 65-year-old Anthony Gerald Dunton, after being accused of pouring weed killer into water bottles in order to mess with his coworker.

Dunton of Acworth, was arrested on Saturday.

According to the police investigation, Dunton placed concentrated amounts of Roundup weed killer in the water bottles of the victim while at work.

It happened four or five times at a business location on Novis Pointe Road, where the two worked. Dunton’s coworker noticed that the water had a strange taste and saw suspicious-looking white foam.

The coworker set up a hidden camera in his office and recorded two videos, showing Dunton entering the office, taking the water bottles outside and returning them minutes later.

On one video, Dunton was seen wiping the water bottle in order to remove his fingerprints. During questioning, Dunton admitted to pouring weed killer in water bottles 4 to 6 times.

He also said that he did not intend to kill his coworker and just wanted to mess with him. The victim was not seriously injured, but sought treatment after experiencing kidney pain.

Dunton was booked into jail and his bail was set at $15,000.

Man grabs numerous college students’ behinds on college campus

College students illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a man on a charge of sexual assault after allegedly grabbing students’ behinds on a college campus, police in Florida said.

Florida International University police are warning students to watch their behinds after the serial groper struck again over the weekend.

A woman reported that a man who was riding a bicycle, grabbed her backside as she walked near the Green Library around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday night.

Police officers have been trying to catch the suspect for over a year after several women reported that they were sexually assaulted.

The suspect could face up to one year in prison for each count of groping if caught. Police described the suspect as a teenager or young adult.

More than 100 people die after being served poisoned alcohol

Alcoholic beverage illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

Six people were arrested on charges of homicide after allegedly serving poisoned alcohol, killing more than 100 drinkers, police in India said.

Mumbai Police said that toxic alcohol has killed 102 people and sickened 50 others.

50 people have been hospitalized, and many are in critical condition after consuming illegal alcohol. So far, 4 men and 2 women had been arrested on charges of homicide, poisoning and abetting a crime.

8 police officers have been suspended for negligence. The poisoned alcohol was seized and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The incident took place near Laxmi Nagar, and most of the people affected were the poor who cannot afford to purchase alcohol sold at stores.

Angry husband defecates in police car because officers prevented him from entering his home to fight with wife

Police car illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was arrested on a charge of damage to a police vehicle after allegedly defecating in the back of a police vehicle because officers prevented him from fighting with his wife, police in the United Kingdom said.

Wales police said that they were called to the Carmarthen Bay trailer park on reports that 45-year-old Mark Haughton of Bristol, was fighting with his wife.

Haughton left his trailer to cool-off after a heated argument with his wife. When he returned, he was confronted by police officers who prevented him from entering his trailer.

Haughton became angry and told the officers that they were racists. Officers then arrested him and escorted him to a police car.

Haughton threatened that he will defecate inside the police car. Once secured in the back seat, Haughton defecated in the car.

Haughton was taken to a police holding cell and given fresh clothes. Later, he defected again in the police cell. Haughton was convicted of damage to police property and was sentenced to pay a fine of 250 pounds ($393).

He was also ordered to pay 300 pounds ($472) in compensation to the police department.