Teenager claims devil tricked her into raping her employer’s 2-year-old son

Maid illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A teenager was jailed after she had sex with a 2-year-old boy.

A sex starved 18-year-old woman, who worked as a maid and babysitter in Zimbabwe, told a judge that the “devil tricked her into raping her employer's young son.”

Melissa Ncube of Gwabalanda Bulawayo, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by Senior regional magistrate Mark Dzira.

Ncube pleaded guilty to aggravated indecent assault for forcing the child to have sex with her. The woman’s actions were uncovered when the 2-year-old child asked his mother to have sex with him.

The boy approached his mother, asking her to do what Ncube had been doing with him. The mother called police and the maid was arrested.

At sentencing, Dzira rebuked Ncube for using a child to satisfy her sexual urges while exposing the child to sexually transmitted diseases.

The court has taken into account that the teenager was a first juvenile offender and that she pleaded guilty to the charges.

However, the judge said that the crime was too harsh to order her to pay a fine or do community service. Instead, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Street fair uses stuffed animals to replace livestock because they were banned

The stuffed birds at the fair 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Many kids were unhappy when they went to a fair in Minnesota, and found stuffed animals rather than the live birds.

Minnesota has banned poultry from its state fairs in Sherburne County this summer due to the avian flu.

Last year, there has been more than 200 cages with different birds. However, this year, they were not able to be part of the fair.

Some people who have always exhibited their birds at the fair, became creative when it came to the chicken, geese and duck exhibits, and used stuffed animals instead of real ones.

Several cages contained stuffed chickens, ducks and turkeys to represent the birds that couldn't come to the fair.

There were also photos of different animals posted on the walls. Last year, kids were able to see live baby chicks.

However, this year, the chicks were replaced with rubbed ducks. Kids were able to play a game called “pick a duck” with the rubber ducks.

Man who claimed to have given up smoking was busted by wife smoking cigarette on Google Street View

Donny Riding on Google Street View 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman caught her husband lying about his smoking habits through Google Street View.

The man of Wirral, England, who told his wife that he had stopped smoking cigarettes, has been left red-faced after being caught smoking by Google Street View.

Donny Riding of Leasowe, had been advised by his doctor to quit smoking and to eat more healthy after suffering a heart attack.

However, unbeknown to his wife Julie, Riding, who works as a taxi driver, did not follow the advice of his doctor and instead started smoking secretly.

That was until he was caught with a cigarette by Google Street View cameras.

Julie said that she cleaned her husband’s car when she found a package of cookies. She confronted her husband over his poor eating habits. He refused to admit breaking his diet.

Later that day, Julie heard the Google Street View cameras were on her block.

When Julie went online and viewed the Google Street View, she could not believe what she saw.

She saw her husband standing on her block and smoking a cigarette.

“He did sleep on the couch that night, but now we laugh about it,” she added.

Armed carjacker flees after realizing he is too tall to fit in vehicle

Small car illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A woman was happy to reunite with her car after it was carjacked, police in Nebraska said.

The man of Omaha, attempted to drive away with the stolen car when he discovered that he was unable to fit into the driver’s seat.

The incident took place around 1:30 a.m. The woman drove to her second job when the man ordered her to get out of her car at gunpoint.

He then demanded her to hand over the keys. The woman complied, and then ran into her place of business and called police.

However, the thief did not get far and he abandoned the car after being unable to fit into the driver's seat.

The victim explained that she is 4 feet 9 inches tall. When the man, who is over 6 feet tall, tried to get behind the wheel, he did not fit.

Police said that the suspect did not know how to adjust the seat.

The thief managed to get away before police arrived. Police are still searching for him. The victim is grateful to have her car back and especially that she was not injured during the ordeal.

Man in police custody escapes while officer takes bathroom break

Alan Rossomangno 
By: Feng Qian

A police officer of Florida, messed up on the job when he took a bathroom break while watching a prisoner.

The officer arrested Alan Rossomangno, 34, for shoplifting, and he was not feeling well so he was taken to a hospital.

While he was at the hospital, Rossomangno was under police custody. However, when the officer went to the bathroom, the suspect left, according to police.

The West Palm Beach police arrested Rossomangno on Wednesday, after he was caught shoplifting at a Home Depot, police said.

During his detention, the official noticed that he appeared to be suffering from drug withdrawal, so he was taken to the St. Mary Medical Center.

While waiting for the paperwork to be processed, one of the officers went to the bathroom. When he returned, Rossomangno was gone.

The officer ran around the hospital looking for Rossomangno.

Police traced Rossomangno using security cameras and the GPS on his cellphone. He was found at a nearby McDonald's, where he was arrested.

Rossomangno, who is facing shoplifting charges, is now facing additional charges of escaping while in lawful custody and resisting arrest.

He is being held in the Palm Beach County jail without bail.

Mother finds her 2-year-old screaming alone and abandoned in daycare

Daycare center illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A woman is angry after her son was left alone inside a daycare facility as the teacher went home.

The mother of Chesterfield, Virginia, said that daycare workers left her 2-year-old child alone and locked in the daycare center after it was closed and they went home for the night.

The boy's mother took a picture, showing the moment she found her son crying in his classroom.

The mother said that she came to pick up her son at the Faith of Life Learning Center on Tuesday, before their scheduled closing time of 6:00 p.m. She knocked, but no one answered. She then called the phone number, but no one picked up the phone and the door was locked.

She called the police, thinking that someone took her son. While waiting for the police, the mother looked into her son’s classroom and saw him “screaming and crying.”

Police discovered an unlocked door at the side of the building. They rescued the 2-year-old boy. He was unharmed and was reunited with his mother.

The owner of the daycare center was questioned by the mother and the police. The mother said that she did not get an answer as to why her son was left alone.

The police and the Department of Social Services are investigating the incident. At this time, no charges have been filed.

Rebellious missing 79-year-old grandmother found getting tattoo at shop

Sadie Sellers 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was very worried when his mother went missing, but found her getting a tattoo.

Tony Sellers of the United Kingdom, was surprised when he discovered that his mother, Sadie, had disappeared from her nursing home.

Tony said that he went to his mother’s room, he found her empty wheelchair at the Daleview House in Londonderry, Ireland.

It was about 3:00 p.m., when Tony went to check the dining room, TV room and the garden, but Sadie was not there.

The worried son asked staff members about his mother’s whereabouts, and he was informed that his 22-year-old daughter Samantha, had been with his mother earlier.

Tony called his daughter. Samantha asked her father to meet her at a restaurant. When he showed up at the parking lot of the restaurant, he learned that his mother was in the tattoo shop.

To his shock, he saw his mother, a grandmother of 11 grandchildren, getting a heart shaped tattoo.

When asked what her family would think of the tattoo, Sadie said: “I don’t f***ing care. When you get to my age, you just have to live life to the fullest.”

2 dogs saved from being euthanized after photo of them hugging goes viral

Kala and Kiera hugging 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Two dogs that were set to be put down, were saved by an adorable photo.

The two dogs were saved before being euthanized on Monday, thanks to a Facebook post.

The dogs named Kala and Kiera, shared a heartfelt hug in a photo posted on social networks by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue of Atlanta, Georgia.

The heartbreaking message on Facebook read: “If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me. I’ll see her as she goes down the hallway. She won’t come back and I’ll cry. They’ll come for me next and I won’t be as brave.”

The message on social networks received thousands of likes and shares. The dogs have since been adopted.

Not only have they gotten a second chance in life, but they were adopted together by the same family and they now live together.

In an updated post, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue said: “There are no words to tell you how happy we are that these two best friends are safe and together.”

Music festival offers free tickets in exchange for blood

Blood for tickets campaign poster 
By: Wayne Morin

A music festival in Romania, is offering free admission to those who agree to donate blood.

The Untold festival taking place in Transylvania, will encourage more blood donors to come forward with their “pay with blood” campaign.

The campaign posters show a vampire connected to a blood bag.

The festival director said that the campaign is appropriate as the country faces a severe shortage of blood in medical facilities.

Festival goers who sign up to become blood donors, will receive discounts online, and those who appear in person at centers in Bucharest and Cluj, will be given free tickets on the spot in exchange for two pints of blood.

The campaign is being run in conjunction with National Blood Transfusion Institute of Romania. On the first day of the campaign, 45 people have come forward to donate blood.

Police chief covers up rape cases and calls the victims ‘whores’

Sad woman illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A lawsuit was filed against a police department after its chief allegedly covered up rape cases and called the victims whores, according to court documents in Ohio.

Put-in-Bay Police Chief Robert Lampela, 53, was named in two lawsuits filed on Friday, at the U.S. District Court in Toledo.

Two women allege that they were not allowed to file criminal complaints after they were drugged and sexually assaulted by a police officer.

Lampela repeatedly harassed them when they complained, and put a gun to one of the women’s head, saying that he is the god of Put-in-Bay.

When one of the women obtained a confession of her attacker, Lampela said: "No whores will take down my department."

Lampela was arrested for covering up the rapes. He was charged with dereliction of duty, forgery and menacing. The police officer who raped the women in separate incidents, was never charged.

The women alleged that they were drugged and raped by the same officer in separate incidents.

Man sets motel on fire after being denied a room for lack of identification

Walter Neal Thompson 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man who became extremely angry after being denied a room at a motel, decided to burn it down with a flamethrower, police in Alabama said.

Guntersville police said that they have arrested 29-year-old Walter Neal Thompson, after being accused of setting fire to the Overlook Inn on Tuesday night.

According to the police investigation, Thompson tried to rent a room at the Overlook Inn, but was rejected because he had no identification.

After being told to leave, Thompson took two fire extinguishers and emptied them. Thompson went to a nearby construction site, where he found a construction truck with a flamethrower.

He then returned to the motel and broke the glass door to the office. He activated the flamethrower and tried to set the motel on fire.

Thompson left before police arrived at the scene. He was arrested at a nearby construction site and booked into jail on a charge of arson.

His bail was set at $10,000.

Fake doctor gives dying cancer patient bag of dirt as medicine

Vincent Gammill 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man posing as a doctor was arrested on a charge of practicing medicine without a license after allegedly giving a dying woman a bag of dirt to treat her cancer, police in California said.

The woman with late stage cancer filed a complaint with the Thousand Oaks East County Sheriff’s Office that she had been harmed and scammed out of thousands of dollars by Vincent Gammill, who claimed to be able to treat her cancer.

The victim had seen Gammill and planned on seeking treatment from him as a last resort if all traditional medical efforts to cure her cancer had failed.

The victim traveled to Gammill’s office located at 3065 Richmond Parkway Suite 101, in Richmond.

While at the office, Gammill examined the victim and gave her an in-depth explanation of how he was going to treat her cancer.

He also advised her to alter the dosing of the medication her primary physician had prescribed her. Gammill demanded payment of $2,000 for his services, which she paid him.

Gammill then provided the victim with multiple plastic bags, containing different powders, empty capsules, vials of liquids, commercially produced medications with expired dates and a bag of dirt.

Gammill provided her with instructions on how to prepare the items for consumption.

After the victim ingested the substance, she began to get a burning sensation in her stomach, and Gammill told the victim it was good because that meant the ingredients were still active.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gammill at his business for practicing medicine without a license, dependent adult abuse and furnishing dangerous drugs without a license.

Gammill stated that he had no formal education beyond high school. Gammill was booked into the Contra Costa County Jail.

Teacher kills her husband and 1-year-old child and sleeps with them for days

Erin Agren, Michael Jordan, and Miles 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A teacher was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing her husband and child and sleeping with their bodies for days, police in Washington said.

Whatcom County police said that they have arrested 43-year-old Erin Agren, after being accused of killing 59-year-old Michael Jordan and her 17-month-old son Miles.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, found Agren lying wounded beside the bodies. A real estate agent made the grim discovery after arriving at the home to host an open house sale.

When he went there to start the open house, he entered the residence and heard a woman on the second floor calling for help.

Jordan and his wife were teachers at the Lummi Nation School in Bellingham. Jordan had been a special education teacher and Agren had been an intervention specialist.

Agren suffered from paranoid delusions, a potential serious postpartum depression symptom. Agren was transported to a nearby hospital.

She was charged with two counts of murder.

Stepfather shoots 16-year-old boy because he didn't like the fact that he was dating his stepdaughter

Alvin Gene Knight 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A stepfather was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly shooting a 16-year-old boy who was dating his stepdaughter, police in Florida said.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested 50-year-old Alvin Gene Knight, after being accused of shooting his stepdaughter's boyfriend on Sunday afternoon.

According to the police investigation, When the teenager arrived at his girlfriend's home around 4:00 p.m., he saw her stepfather with a shotgun.

The fearless teen grabbed the barrel of the gun and pointed it at his face before the suspect fired a shot.

The teenager was grazed in the face by the bullet and was transported to the Orlando Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

According to the teen, the suspect doesn’t like the fact that he is dating his stepdaughter and wanted him to stay away from her.

Knight was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm.

Hospital informs 99-year-old woman that she is pregnant

Doris Ayling 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A great-grandmother in the United Kingdom, was shocked to receive a letter from a hospital, informing her that she is pregnant and should be expecting a baby.

99-year-old Doris Ayling of Bognor Regis, said that she received the letter from the Fareham Community Hospital last week, asking her to attend their prenatal maternity unit.

The letter had the woman’s date of birth printed on top, showing that she is 99 years old, but that didn't stop anyone from sending out the notice.

Ayling has three children, seven grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. Ayling said that all she did was laugh at the letter.

She plans to keep the letter as it will be good for conversation.

A spokesperson for the Fareham Community Hospital apologized to Ayling, saying they are sorry for the anxiety the letter may have caused her.

Boy and girl slit their throats at the Taj Mahal because parents refused to accept their marriage

The Taj Mahal 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A young couple attempted to commit suicide in public after their parents refused to accept their marriage, police in India said.

Agra police said that the couple, a Hindu and a Muslim, cut their own throats after their parents rejected the fact that they have different religious beliefs.

They were found in a pool of blood, and rushed to a nearby hospital. Luckily, doctors were able to treat their wounds and are said to be in stable condition.

A witness at the scene told investigators that the girl cut her throat first and the boy followed her. The young man told police that they decided to commit suicide after failing to convince the parents to accept their marriage.

The two teens were identified as Rajveer Singh and Shabnam Ali.

Woman breaks into her neighbor’s house to defecate on the floor

Living room illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of trespassing after breaking into her neighbor's home to defecate on her floor, prosecutors in Zambia said.

Now, 22-year-old Cleopatra Mulele of Kabwe, has been sentenced to one month of community service after being found guilty of trespassing.

According to the police investigation, Mulele unlawfully entered the home of Margaret Nachamba, with intent to commit a crime or to annoy.

Nachamba told investigators that on the day of the incident, around 6:00 a.m., she went to buy water, but when she returned home, she found Mulele defecating in the house.

When she asked Mulele what she was doing, she did not answer. Nachamba then pushed Mulele out of her house and called the police.

Mulele, a married mother of one child, apologized to the victim in court before sentencing.

Woman dies in car crash after jumping on top of her drunk boyfriend to have sex while he was driving

Minesh Parbat and Lisa Watling 
By: Chan Yuan

A man crashed his car after his girlfriend jumped on top of him as he was driving because she wanted to have sex, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

36-year-old Minesh Parbat of West Sussex, pulled down his pants to engage in a sexual act with 28-year-old Lisa Watling, when his BMW crashed into a building, a court has heard.

Watling died of his injuries following the accident.

Motorists discovered Parbat without pants in the aftermath of the collision while Watling was found wearing only a T-shirt and a bra.

Parbat’s blood alcohol content was tested and he was found to be drunk. Parbat told investigators that Watling sat on the dashboard and then moved in front of him, obscuring his view.

Parbat was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.

Woman who has a boyfriend plans to marry her dog as her cat husband died

Dominique Lesbirel with Travis 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman in Holland, announced her plans to marry her pet dog after her husband, a cat, had died.

41-year-old Dominique Lesbirel married her cat Doerack eight years ago, but unfortunately, the animal had to be euthanized after suffering kidney failure.

Now, Lesbirel decided to move forward and marry her dog Travis.

Although Lesbirel is preparing for a new life with Travis, she said that it is too early to marry the dog because she is still mourning the death of her husband.

However, soon she will be ready as she has spent a considerable amount of time to get to know her dog. Lesbirel picked up the stray dog at the beach years ago ​​while living in Greece.

Despite plans to marry the dog, Travis is not the only love in the life of Lesbirel.

She has a long-term partner, 43-year-old Peter Knist, who is very supportive of her decision as he loves animals as much as she does.

Man kills prostitute after having sex with her because she stole $30

Prostitute illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A prostitute is dead after allegedly stealing $30 from a customer, police in Zimbabwe said.

Budiriro police said that they have arrested 23-year-old Pardon Mandunguza, after being accused of killing 22-year-old Gondo Unity.

Mandunguza was charged with one count of murder. According to the police investigation, Mandunguza went to the Changamire Night Club, where he met Unity.

Mandunguza asked Unity for sex, and she agreed to perform sex acts for $5. The two then headed to the home of Mandunguza, where they had sex.

After he was done, Mandunguza accused Unity of stealing $30.
When Unity denied the allegations, Mandunguza picked up an object and threw it at her.

Unity began bleeding from her head, but instead of helping her, Mandunguza took her clothes and burned them.

Mandunguza was arrested after being seen disposing the prostitute's clothes and he was found to have blood stains on his pants.