Teenager who wanted to kill husband of his 41-year-old lover shoots wrong man

Karlita Desean Phillips and Tavirous Dequan Settles 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A woman and her teenage lover were arrested over the murder of an innocent man.

41-year-old Karlita Desean Phillips of South Carolina, was arrested, charged and convicted in the murder of her brother-in-law.

She was sentenced to life in prison after she conspired with the teenager to kill her husband, but he accidentally killed the wrong man.

Prosecutor David Stumbo said that Phillips of Greenwood, was sentenced on Thursday, after she was convicted of accessory before the fact of murder and soliciting a minor to commit a felony.

Police said that Phillips hired her 17-year-old lover to kill her estranged husband, but he killed her husband’s brother, 31-year-old Jamil Phillips, by mistake.

Investigators said that the teenager, who was identified as Tavirous Dequan Settles, ambushed Jamil Phillips while he was in front of his home in Abbeville.

The teenager was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Settles said that he and Karlita Desean Phillips, were in a sexual relationship and that she hired him to kill her estranged husband.

School orders teachers to weigh students’ briefcases and places limits on school bag weight

School bags illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Students are delighted with their school’s new school bag weight limit.

School administrators in India, have put a new school bag limit in place so that children should not carry a bag that exceeds more than 10% of their body weight in a bid to avoid injury.

Maharashtra officials warned that heavy backpacks were tiring children, and damaging their spines and joints.

Teachers are required to weigh the school bags of the students at the end of each class.

The administrators said that children are often under enormous pressure to succeed, and therefore, they carry extra study materials from class to class.

“We found that bags weigh 20 to 30 percent of the children's body weight because of thick notebooks, textbooks and stationery that are not required for the class,” wrote Nand Kumar.

The school will provide more storage space for books. Students said that they are happy to be carrying lighter school bags.

Doctor in Germany removes all top teeth of U.S. soldier instead of repairing them

Alison Divers with missing teeth 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A young soldier was devastated when a dentist removed all of her teeth instead of fixing the broken ones.

Alison Divers was a soldier in the U.S. Army, and she was stationed in Germany, when the incident took place.

The 25-year-old Army Private had a toothache and had to undergo an emergency operation so she visited a dentist.

After the treatment was over, Divers discovered that all of her upper teeth had been removed and left in a bag for her.

Divers said that as a child, the injections at the dentists did not work well. The dentist had to give her about five injections before she felt fully numb.

So when the doctor offered to give her something that would render her unconscious, she agreed.

“When I woke up, it was like being in a horror movie. He had my teeth in a plastic bag over my head and I went crazy,” Divers said.

Divers only wanted 2 teeth fixed. “The other teeth, were not rotten or anything, he actually forced them out. They had to cut my gums to get some of the teeth out. I was mortified,” Divers said.

Divers then returned to the Army dentist for help, and all she got was ill-fitting dentures.

She eventually got her dentures replaced so she can feel good with herself and once again smile.

88-year-old woman stabs police officer who showed up to her home in address mix up

Knife illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A police officer who responded to the wrong home, was stabbed and beaten by an elderly woman.

Officers were dispatched to 57 Wilson St. around 3:50 p.m., on a report of a disturbance in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The dispatcher gave officers the wrong address. The call came from 57 Memorial Drive, one block north of Wilson Street.

When officer responded to the wrong home, they were confronted by 88-year-old Phyllis Stankiewicz. When officers knocked on her door, Stankiewicz responded with a knife in her hand and began swinging it at the officers.

“There is no crime here. Get out of my house,” she shouted, while sticking the knife to the stomach of one officer.

When the officer managed to grab the knife, Stankiewicz allegedly pushed him and slapped him hard in the face.

The officers tried to arrest the 88-year-old woman in her home, but she resisted. The officers threw her to the ground and arrested her.

Stankiewicz was charged with one count of assault and battery on a police officer.

Man, 68, performs surgery on young teenage girl as part of his fetish

Louis Romano Bianculli 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man in Florida, was arrested after torturing a young girl for 5 years.

The man used needles and knives to suck fat out of her stomach and injected it into her breasts so they are bigger.

68-year-old Louis Romano Bianculli was arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault.

According to the police, he physically and sexually abused the girl since she was about 12 years old.

Bianculli used the girl to act out his bizarre fetish by forcing the girl to undergo “surgeries” and “procedures.”

The victim believed that Bianculli would hurt her if she told anyone about the abuse.

Bianculli used a variety of techniques to make the girl unconscious before sexually assaulting her. He is accused of using chloroform, laughing gas and hitting different pressure points on her neck to cause her to pass out.

Sometimes, the abuser would put a plastic bag over the girl’s head to “see how many breaths she could take before she lost consciousness,” according to police.

Bianculli admitted to using chloroform to subdue the girl “15 to 20 times” over a period of three years. The girl still has health problem from being exposed to the chemical.

The victim who is now an adult, told a therapist about the abuse. After a 2-month investigation, Bianculli was arrested. He is being held without bail.

Golf course managers looking for man who fills holes with feces

Golf ball illustration  
By: Mahesh Sarin

People who want to play golf at a course in Norway, have to wait until a stinking mess is cleaned up.

Managers at the golf course are struggling to uncover the identity of a mysterious man who uses their golf holes as a bathroom.

Kenneth Tennfjord, the groundskeeper at the Stavanger Golf Club, had been finding feces in the golf holes for a number of years, but so far, he was unable to find the perpetrator.

Tennfjord is convinced that the suspect is a man because of the size of the poop. “We know it is a man because the size of the poop is too big to be a woman," said Tennfjord.

Tennfjord also said that the suspect relieves himself only on weekdays. According to the managing director of the club, Steinar Floysvik, the mystery party pooper uses a bike to get to the golf course.

In the early morning, he saw bicycle tracks on the course leading to the holes that were filled with feces.

Nobody knows why he defecates on the golf course.

Floysvik said that it might be either someone who hates the game of golf, someone with a weird fetish or a person who suffers from mental problems.

However, so far, the suspect has done a great job staying off the radar and to avoid being caught.

Police officer saves suicidal man’s life by throwing himself underneath him

Police officer with the injured man 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man’s life was saved by a police officer after he jumped off a rooftop.

The heroic police officer of Guangxi, China, is being treated at a hospital after he physically saved a suicidal man who had jumped from the rooftop.

Police were called after the man was seen pacing the roof of an apartment building, which has four floors.

Officer Liang Xiao and his colleagues arrived at the scene around 6:00 p.m. Upon arrival, they saw the agitated man pacing the roof of the building, which is under construction.

Xiao and his colleagues quickly evacuated the area and cordoned it off while trying to convince the suicidal man to come down from the roof.

As the rescue team was placing safety equipment in the street below, including an air cushion, the man suddenly jumped off the building.

A quick thinking Xiao, got down on the ground and used his own body as a human shield to break the fall of the man and ultimately saving his life.

Xiao and the man were both rushed to a hospital. Doctors said that their injuries were non life threatening. Xiao is being treated for a broken left foot, multiple bruises, and swelling to his face.

Xiao is being called a hero for putting his life in danger to save the suicidal man.

Target shoppers horrified after hearing adult movie being played on store’s speaker system with children present

Target store 
By: Feng Qian

Shoppers at a Target in California, were shocked to hear an adult movie playing on the store’s speaker system for more than 15 minutes.

The unsuspecting shoppers were browsing through the aisles at the target in San Luis Obispo on Friday morning, when the sound of love making interrupted their routine.

Employees called the police to investigate how the audio track ended up being broadcast for all to hear on the speaker system.

The store was evacuated while employees figured out how to turn off the adult movie.

An 86-year-old grandmother who was shopping at the store with her grandchild at the time of the incident, said that suddenly she heard loud moaning sounds.

The female voice repeatedly used profanity. The broadcast continued for at least 15 minutes. The grandmother quickly left the store so that her grandchild should not be exposed to the adult movie.

64-year-old man kills brothel manager and drives with her dead body in his car

Brothel illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

An elderly man was arrested on a charge of murder after being caught driving with the dead body of a woman, police in Japan said.

Wakayama police said that they have arrested 64-year-old Norio Kikumi, after the body of the woman was found in his car, which was parked in front of a brothel.

Police charged Kikumi with abandoning a body after the 48-year-old manager of the brothel was found under a cardboard box in his car.

The body was slumped in the passenger seat. Kikumi has admitted to placing the body in the passenger seat of his car.

According to the police investigation, Kikumi visited the brothel one night and was seen leaving with the woman several hours later.

The husband of the brothel manager contacted the police after his wife failed to come home.

Grandmother seen walking with her young granddaughter tied to a leash like a dog because she likes it

Grandmother walking her grandchild like a dog 
By: Wayne Morin

Police are investigating an incident in which a grandmother was seen walking with her granddaughter on the street like a dog and tied to a leash, police in Russia said.

A video emerged, showing the 5-year-old girl tied with a leash and walking on all fours on the street.

The incident unfolded in Yekaterinburg, where the girl was led on the leash for at least 10 minutes. During that time, other children approached the girl and hand fed her bread.

A police spokesperson said that they have received the video and specialists will review it. The grandmother was questioned and she said that her granddaughter likes to be walked like a dog.

The video has also been handed over to social services.

Elected official caught using cocaine with prostitutes

John Sewell 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) An elected official in the United Kingdom, was forced to resign after a video emerged, which showed him using cocaine with prostitutes.

John Sewell, who was the Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, has resigned after the photos and videos that show him snorting cocaine with prostitutes went viral.

However, he will keep his membership in the House of Lords. The leaked photos and videos appear to show Sewell naked and snorting cocaine.

At one point in the video, a prostitute told Sewell : "You're a party animal!" One of the responsibilities of Sewell as Deputy Speaker was to review the standards and ethics in the House of Lords.

House of Lords Speaker Baroness Frances D'Souza said that Sewell’s behavior is unacceptable. D'Souza is also calling on the police to investigate the incident.

Teacher posts nude pictures of female student on Twitter because she refused to send him nude images

Sad girl illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A teacher was arrested, charged and convicted of sexual assault after hacking into his student's Twitter account and posting nude pictures of the girl, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 24-year-old Samuel Alexander of Speen, has been sentenced to serve 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to sexual assault.

According to the police investigation, Alexander published the intimate pictures online after trying to blackmail his victim.

Alexander warned the girl to send him more pictures and videos of a sexual nature or he will publish nude photos of her on Twitter.

The court heard that the teacher had a sexual interest in the girl for a period of five years. Alexander was accused of groping the teen above her clothes on numerous occasions.

At some point, Alexander found nude images and a movie of the girl, which she had taken with an iPad.

Alexander then demanded from his victim to send him more images of herself, threatening to make them public if his demands are not met.

After rejected his demands, Alexander hacked the girl’s Twitter account and published sexually explicit images of her. The girl went to the police, and Alexander was arrested.

Alexander had been convicted of two counts of sexual assault, two counts of blackmail and one each of attempted voyeurism and distributing an indecent image of a child.

He was jailed for a total of 18 months. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for seven years.

40-year-old woman gives birth to 12-year-old boy’s daughter

Baby illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of persistent sexual abuse of a child under 16 after having sex with a young boy and giving birth to his daughter, prosecutors in Australia said.

Now, the 40-year-old woman who has not been identified, has been sentenced to serve six years in prison after being convicted of having sex with the 12-year-old boy.

The girl is being cared for by the boy and his mother, and the Department of Human Services will take the girl to prison for weekly visits with the rapist.

According to the police investigation, the rapist had been married and living in Melbourne with her three children when she became involved with the boy.

The woman took the victim to school when she was having marital problems. The woman then began having sex with the boy when he was 12 years old.

The boy told investigators that he had sex with the woman more than 20 times. The woman said that she was attracted to the boy because he was sexually mature.

The woman pleaded guilty to one count of persistent sexual abuse of a child under 16. The woman has been sentenced to serve six years in jail.

Man burns down his married cousin’s house because she didn't want to have sex with him

Fire illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man who was angry with his married cousin for refusing to have sex with him, decided to burn down her house, police in Ohio said.

Leavittsburg police said that the fire was set around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Heather and Dennis Tenney said that their garage first burned down before spreading to the house and a neighboring home.

Heather Tenney told police that she knows who was behind the blaze. Heather Tenney’s cousin is angry with her because she refused to have sex with him.

Heather Tenney is married.

On Wednesday, the cousin asked to come over to the house for sex, but she said “no.” Dennis Tenney said that he and his wife had seen the cousin walking back and forth outside their home around 12:00 a.m.

Police launched an investigation into the incident, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Son kills 74-year-old father by sitting on his head to prove that he is big and bad

Kyle Webb 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing his elderly father by sitting on his head, police in Missouri said.

Grandview police said that they have arrested 44-year-old Kyle Webb, after being accused of killing 74-year-old Franklin Webb on Saturday night.

According to the police investigation, a fight broke out after the elderly man complained about the way the son was fixing a broken pipe.

Kyle Webb admitted to killing his father, saying that he was angry with his father for using an empty bottle of vodka to threaten him.

Franklin Webb tried to hit his son, but fell back, hitting a kitchen chair before falling to the ground. The son jumped on him and sat on his head for 12 minutes, saying that he will know how big and bad he is.

After the elderly man lost consciousness, the son waited two to three minutes before calling the police. The father was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The son was charged with murder. Kyle Webb was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $100,000.

Man runs over and kills 9 baby ducks with lawnmower

Jason Scott Falbo 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested, charged and convicted of animal cruelty after killing 9 baby ducks with a lawnmower, prosecutors in Florida said.

Now, 24-year-old Jason Scott Falbo II of The Acreage, has been sentenced to serve one year in prison after pleading guilty to animal cruelty for killing the ducks while mowing a lawn.

He was also sentenced for an unrelated incident of beating his girlfriend after accusing her of texting another man.

According to the police investigation, Animal Care and Control officers arrived at a home on Shaughnessy Drive, where they observed Falbo killing the ducks.

A man and other family members were feeding a group of ducks when Falbo was riding his lawnmower. Falbo charged toward the mother duck and the baby ducks, and ran directly over them, ripping them apart.

When the family members begged Falbo to stop, he backed up and continued to kill more ducks. Falbo told officers that the ducks were in his way.

A total of nine ducks died as a result of the attack while several others were injured. Falbo was also sentenced to 3 years probation and community service.

Falbo also pleaded guilty to domestic assault by strangulation after he got into a fight with his girlfriend. According to the police investigation, Falbo was upset with his girlfriend when she refused to tell him whom she was texting.

He pushed her down, grabbed her by the neck and began to squeeze.

Boy lives with pencil in head for 2 months after being stabbed by teacher

Pencil illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A teacher was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly stabbing a student in the head with a pencil, police in Zimbabwe said.

Bulawayo police said that the 5-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after the pencil was stuck in his head for two months.

The incident took place during class in front of the boy’s classmates. Sibongile Nyathi stabbed the boy because he failed to follow her instructions.

After being stabbed, the boy was taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals and Mpilo Central Hospital, but doctors failed to detect the broken pencil in the boy's head.

Two months after the attack, the pencil fell out of the wound.

Nyathi was arrested and charged with abuse, neglect and violence against children. During questioning, the teacher told police that she became frustrated because the boy refused to follow her instructions.

58-year-old prostitute with HIV rapes and sickens 6-year-old boy

Sad boy illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A prostitute was arrested, charged and convicted of rape after raping a young boy and infecting him with HIV, prosecutors in Zimbabwe said.

Now, 58-year-old Mercy Muchemwa of Masvingo, has been sentenced to serve 20 years in prison after being convicted of rape.

According to the police investigation, Muchemwa forced the boy to have sex with her because she liked the energy of the child.

The prostitute was a friend with the boy’s mother. Muchemwa pleaded not guilty to aggravated indecent assault, but was convicted after a trial.

Prosecutors told the court that Muchemwa used her friendship with the mother of the victim to abuse the innocent child. The mother was also slammed in court for keeping the relationship secret and not notifying the police.

The court also heard how Muchemwa gave the boy $1 each time she abused him. The abuse came to light when the child fell ill.

After being taken to a hospital, he was diagnosed with HIV.

Wife bites her husband's private parts because he refused to give her $18

Man in pain illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly biting her husband’s private parts during a fight over money, police in Zimbabwe said.

Epworth police said that they have arrested Dorothy Sibanda, after being accused of assaulting Isaac Zihwe over $18 on Tuesday.

Zihwe told investigators that he gave his wife $40 before she asked for another $18. When he told her that he could not give her another $18 she became angry.

During the scuffle, the wife bent down and bit her husband’s private parts. The husband was taken to Harare Hospital for treatment.

The husband also admitted to bringing home prostitutes on a regular basis. The suspect and the victim have been married for seven years.