New app allows users to chat with others who are sitting on the toilet

Toilet illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) People who sit long on the toilet will now be able to meet and speak to others who are on the toilet at the same moment, thanks to a new app called Pooductive.

Two students are behind this new app that lets you chat with local and global strangers in the toilet.

Several years ago, the students attempted to launch Pooductive, but they failed. A Kickstarter campaign for Pooductive was canceled after it received just $200 from three supporters.

They aimed to raise $11,388. Once users download the app, they can create a username and password. The app then has three ground rules, you must agree to no pornography, no offensive material and to be respectful.

The next step is to choose the Local or Global option. If the Local option is selected, the user is asked to establish a proximity using a slider, ranging from 2 miles to 150 miles.

If you select Global, the user can choose to participate in a group chat or chat one on one with anyone in the world.

Pooductive is free and has registered more than 20,000 people in the first 10 days.

Drunk driver tries to inflate his car tires with vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested on a charge of drunk driving after allegedly driving drunk and trying to inflate a busted tire with a vacuum cleaner, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 21-year-old Mateusz Biazik of Doncaster, has been banned from driving for the next 18 months after being convicted of drunk driving.

According to the police investigation, Biazik and a group of his friends were driving home after a night of drinking. With only a few miles to go, the driver became sleepy and asked Biazik to take the wheel.

Biazik, who thought that his blood alcohol content was below the legal limit, agreed to drive the car home. After driving a few minutes, the car’s tires deflated.

Biazik stopped at a service station, where he tried to inflate the tires with a vacuum cleaner. A worker watched in disbelief as Biazik tried to use a water hose to inflate his tires.

When the concerned worker realized that Biazik was drunk, he called the police. In addition to being banned from driving, Biazik was ordered to pay 380 pounds ($590) in court fees.

Did woman sues adult movie company for causing her to unknowingly perform sex act on brother?

Couple illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra


According to The Independent the adult actors Madeline Madison and Chuck Tang don't exist, and there is no record of a director named Jameel Mendoza ever having worked in the adult industry.

There is also no record of the production company Come-and-Go Productions anywhere.

The original story.

A woman is mad after she was tricked into performing a sex act on her brother.

Madeline Madison of Los Angeles, California, is suing Come-and-Go Productions after an incident on the set, which led to her unknowingly performing a sex act on her brother.

Madison is seeking $3.2 million and a new Corvette for the extreme emotional distress the incident had caused her.

She performed the sex act on her brother while she was in one room and he was in another room behind a wall.

She said that producers did not let her meet the man with whom she was acting. “I found it strange because we usually meet our scene partner,” Madison said.

“I like to make an emotional connection with my fellow actor before the scene. It makes my job so much easier,” she added.

Madison is now convinced that she was not allowed to meet her co-star because the producer wanted the incestuous scene, which is distributed exclusively in Japan.

Madison said that her younger brother, Chuck Tang, also works in the adult industry. According to Madison, the insectous videos in Japan will bring the company millions of dollars.

The production company refuted the claim, saying that Madison had prior knowledge that the scene was with her brother.

Director Jameel Mendoza said that Madison will do anything for money. “We normally pay $25 for third-rate talent like her for a single scene, but we agreed to $100 because it was with her brother.”

Madison's brother said that he will not sue the adult movie company, and does not know if Madison had prior knowledge of the scene. He said that he does not remember if he was told or not, but it does not bother him.

Madison said that her life is ruined and she cannot look her brother in the face.

Cancer survivor gives birth to healthy baby after receiving her mother’s uterus

Baby doll illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A woman said that she will be forever grateful to her mother for giving a piece of herself so that she can have a baby.

The family of Gothenburg, Sweden, underwent a pioneering procedure that has resulted in a baby born from the same womb that nurtured the mother.

The new mother, who is in her 30s, lost her own uterus to cancer a few years ago. The woman, had her biological son with the womb donated by her mother.

Dr. Mats Brannstrom, who is behind the revolutionary process, said that 4 babies, all boys, were already born with transplanted wombs.

He said that this birth was extra special as “it’s one uterus bridging three generations of a family.”

The proud grandmother, who is in her 50s, said that she immediately agreed to donate her uterus when her daughter raised the idea.

The new mother underwent in vitro fertilization to make embryos using her eggs and her husband’s sperm. Doctors waited 1 year after the transplant to make sure everything was fine before doing the procedure.

After 4 attempts at transferring the embryos, she became pregnant. There were no complications, and delivered via Caesarean section as planned, the doctor said.

Couple killed by worker in their home while children were present

Gregory Tucker and Korinne Aylward 
By: Chan Yuan

Three children were orphaned after their parents were killed by a worker during a dispute.

A plasterer of Australia, pleaded guilty to stabbing a husband and wife to death.

Mustafa Kunduraci, 46, had a dispute with the couple, who hired him to do work in their home.

They were stabbed in the living room as their little children slept a few meters away.

Police in Melbourne, found the bodies of Gregory Tucker, 54, and Korinne Aylward, 35, in their home while their three children, who are between two and 50-years-old, were unharmed.

Mustafa pleaded guilty to two counts of murder for the death of the couple in the Victorian Supreme Court one month before he was supposed to stand trial.

A court heard that Kunduraci and Mr. Tucker, had a dispute over the quality of the work. Tucker said that the work was sloppy while Kunduraci claimed that he had not been paid.

Kunduraci said that the couple owed him thousands of dollars. A lawyer who was hired to mediate the dispute between the couple and Kunduraci, told police that Kunduraci said that he will make the couple suffer.

He later made good on his threat when he went to the couple’s home with a knife, zip ties, duct tape and a bottle of petrol, the court heard.

The husband and wife were both stabbed more than 20 times and died of wounds to the chest.

Kunduraci will be sentenced on a later date.

Wife learns her husband was secretly paying woman and her daughter to have plastic surgery

Katie Price 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was angry when she learned that her husband is being used by 2 women for his money to get plastic surgery.

20-year-old Kayla Jasmine Morris of England, said that she and her mother Georgina Clarke, 38, are obsessed with Katie Price.

The mother and daughter, who wanted bigger breasts, bums and lips spent over $87,000 for 26 surgeries to look like their idol.

Morris said that her mother is her best friend and plastic surgery is their way of bonding. “Every time we go under the knife, we get closer to looking like Katie,” she said.

At first, the women, who live in Rugby, Warwickshire, funded their cosmetic surgery with the money Morris was making working as a stripper. She had the job as a stripper since she was 17 years old.

Later, Morris found a married man, who was willing to act as her sugar daddy. She shared the man’s money for herself and for her mother’s surgeries.

The man gave the woman money until recently when his wife discovered his actions.

Family welcomes first baby girl in 117 years

Saoirse Grace May 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A family is delighted to welcome their first baby girl into the family.

The May family of Ireland, had gone over a century with only male babies being born.

Now, it all changed. May of Ballinrobe, Mayo, welcomed the baby girl who was named Saoirse Grace May. She was born last week, to her parents Laurence and Leanne May.

The ecstatic father Laurence, 34, said that they did not know it was going to be a girl, so it came as a great surprise. “It's fantastic because we have gone so long without a girl in the family,” he said.

“The most important thing was that the baby is healthy and that's all we wanted whether a girl or boy,” he added.

“I checked the records of the 1901 census and the last girl born into the family was in 1898 when my Great Aunt Anne was born,” Laurence said.

Laurence is an only child and his father is an only child, so she has no nieces or nephews.

Woman hires hitman to kill daughter's lover named Loveless

Pamela Vanorsdale 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman was arrested after she attempted to hire a hitman to kill her daughter’s lover.

The woman of Florida, did not like her daughter’s boyfriend, who is homeless, police said.

50-year-old Pamela Vanorsdale of New Smyrna Beach, is accused of trying to hire her former son-in-law to kill 22-year-old Dylan Loveless.

Police learned of the murder plot as Daniel Dionne told detectives about the plans.

Dionne said that Vanorsdale called him and asked to kill Loveless, accusing him of abusing her grandchildren.

Vanorsdale said that Loveless choked one of the children and chased another child with dogs while making sexual comments, according to police.

Vanorsdale was going to provide the .25 caliber pistol with two bullets to kill Loveless. She allegedly told the hitman that she wanted the gun back after the murder because she could clean it up and make it look as if it was never fired, police said.

When she was arrested, Vanorsdale admitted to talking to Dionne, 33, about killing Loveless, but she said that she was only joking, police said.

Vanorsdale’s husband handed the gun over to police. She was charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder. She was released after posting $25,000 bail, according to court documents.

Man left with 1-inch manhood after good-looking woman injected silicone in his private parts

Nery Carvajal-Gonzalez 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A man is unable to have sex after a woman attempted to give him bigger private parts.

Nery Carvajal-Gonzalez, 48, of Florida, injected fillers into the private parts of the 55-year-old man, who wanted his manhood to be bigger.

After the botched injection, Gonzalez fled to Colombia. She was arrested when she returned to Miami.

According to court documents, the victim met Gonzalez at the salon where he worked and she offered him butt injections and male enhancement.

Investigators said that the 55-year-old victim first had some butt injections done, and when he was satisfied with the work, he paid the woman $1,500 to have his manhood enlarged.

The procedure severely disfigured the victim’s manhood. She then promised to remove the fillers that were injected.

However, when that failed, Gonzalez referred the victim to a “doctor.”

Dr. Mark Schreiber of Tamarac, attempted to fix the botched enlargement. However, the doctor who had his license to practice medicine revoked many years ago, only made things worse for the victim.

The victim was left with just 1 inch of his manhood and he is unable to perform sexually.

Gonzalez faces charges of unlicensed practice of health care causing serious injury and two counts of practicing medicine without a license. Her bail was set at $100,000.

Schreiber, 60, was also arrested. He was charged with unlicensed practice of health care causing serious injury.

Woman throws tantrum in restaurant after 3 of her chicken nuggets became cold

Amanda Lauren Nunziata 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was arrested for assaulting a restaurant worker over cold chicken nuggets, police in Florida said.

According to police, 20-year-old Amanda Lauren Nunziata of Hudson, went to a restaurant on Friday night,
where she ordered chicken nuggets.

She bought 10 chicken nuggets at the Twistee Treat on Laredo Road. After she ate seven nuggets, Nunziata complained that the remaining three were cold and asked for new ones.

The Twistee Treat staff obliged and cooked three fresh nuggets before handing them to Nunziata. However, this was not what Nunziata had in mind.

She wanted 10 new nuggets or a refund, a request that the woman behind the counter could not agree to due to the company's return policy, according to the police report.

Nunziata began shouting at the worker before throwing the tray with the remaining sauce and nuggets at the worker.

The food hit the worker in the face. Her cheeks and shirt were covered in honey mustard.

Police arrested Nunziata on a charge of battery. She also had an outstanding warrant for reckless driving and eluding a law enforcement officer who had the lights and sirens activated.

She was released from the Pasco County Jail after posting $11,000 bail.

Drunk man hit and killed by van while exposing his behind to drivers on busy highway

Highway illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A drunk man who was running around on a busy highway and exposing himself to drivers, was hit and killed by a van, police in New Zealand said.

Milton police said that 25-year-old Travis Jason Stephen Lane, died after being hospitalized for over a month following a car accident.

The Medical Examiner found that Lane’s judgement was significantly affected by alcohol and drugs when he ran out into traffic to exposed his behind to drivers.

According to the police investigation, Lane was hosting a party at his house before the incident occurred.

A witness at the scene said that he saw Lane running into traffic from his home, pulling down his pants and bending over before being hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Lane suffered serious brain injuries and an arm fracture. The driver of the van was driving under the speed limit. Lane was taken to a hospital and he never regained consciousness.

Man slapped with fine for holding public birthday party for himself

Birthday cake 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of violating traditions and customs after holding a birthday party for himself at a restaurant, police in Tajikistan said.

Dushanbe police said that they arrested Isayev Amirbek, after he posted pictures on Facebook, which showed that he had visited a cafe, where he enjoyed a birthday cake.

The photos were enough evidence to convince a judge that he broke Article 8 of the law Regulation of the traditions and customs of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The law prohibits birthday celebrations anywhere except in the privacy of the family home. After being convicted, Amirbek was slapped with a fine of $634.

Amirbek admitted that he was at the restaurant with friends on the date in question, but said that the birthday celebration just happened and he did not plan it.

A waiter testified in court that he slapped the cake on Amirbek’s face, but no one wished him happy birthday. The judge ruled that the waiter's testimony is not believable, and convicted Amirbek.

Boy trips at museum and punches hole through 350-year-old painting worth $1.5 million

Boy punching hole through expensive painting 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A young boy is devastated after accidentally punching a hole through a 350-year-old painting that was on display at a museum in Taiwan.

The 12-year-old of Taipei, was drinking soda from a cup while walking in the museum when he stumbled and punched a hole through the painting, which is worth around $1.5 million.

A video of the incident, shows the moment the boy destroyed the artwork. He was looking at the Paolo Porpora oil on canvas painting of flowers, when the incident happened.

Organizers of the showing, released a photo of the painting, which shows it having fist-sized gash on the bottom. The organizers decided not to demand payment from the child's family for the cost of restoration.

The organizers said that the child was very nervous and should not be blamed for what had happened. The painting was fully insured. The boy was not identified.

Mistress beaten after wife sees her on live television at football game with her husband

Fans at football game illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A mistress in China, received the shock of her life when her lover’s wife showed up at a football game to beat her up.

The incident began when the husband of Harbin, took his mistress to the football game after telling his wife that he was going to meet with his coworkers.

The two, who were not wearing football shirts like most fans, stood out in the audience.

The man's wife and mother-in-law, who were watching the football game, noticed the couple on television and immediately went to the stadium to beat the mistress.

The mother and daughter dragged the mistress out of the stadium by pulling her hair. The dramatic scene caught the attention of onlookers who recorded the incident on their phones.

Police launched an investigation into the incident on a charge of assault, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Dead 16-year-old pregnant teen wakes up after being buried in grave

Coffin illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A pregnant teenage girl who was declared dead and buried, woke up in her grave and screamed until she was rescued, police in Honduras said.

Family members of 16-year-old Neysi Perez, broke the grave after she woke up screaming and banging inside her coffin a day after she was buried.

A day after the funeral of Neysi Perez, her husband visited the grave and heard banging and shouting from inside the coffin.

The husband said that he got very excited and full of hope. A cemetery worker also heard the screams from inside the coffin.

Video shows the Perez family with a hammer, breaking the concrete tomb holding the coffin of the teenager in an attempt to save the girl.

Perez was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead. Perez mysteriously collapsed inside her home the day before the incident.

The teenager began to foam at the mouth, leading her religious parents to believe that she was possessed by an evil spirit. After a priest tried to perform an exorcism, her body became lifeless.

She was then taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Some doctors believe that Perez’s heart may have stopped while suffering from a panic attack after hearing gunshots near her home during the night.

Waiter pours boiling water on customer because she complained

Waiter pouring water on woman 
By: Feng Qian

A young woman suffered serious burn injuries after a waiter poured boiling water on her because she complained, police in China said.

Wenzhou police said that the 29-year-old woman identified as Lin, was eating at Mr. Hot Pot on Sunday, when the incident occurred.

According to the police investigation, Lin was having dinner at the restaurant with family members when she got into an argument with the waiter.

The 17-year-old waiter identified as Zhu, went to the kitchen and brought out a bowl of boiling water. He proceeded to pour the entire bowl of water on the woman’s face and body.

Surprisingly, he pulled the woman back from her chair, banging her head against a counter in the restaurant and the floor before kicking her.

Two women who ate dinner with the victim, immediately rushed to her aid. He continued trying to attack the woman, even after six people tried to pull him away.

Lin was rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Photographs show severe injuries to the woman’s skin. Most burns appear to be restricted to the face, neck, shoulders and back.

Her condition is stable, but she will likely require additional treatment. Police have arrested and detained Zhu, who admitted to the act.

Mother dies after childbirth as doctors leave severed baby’s head inside her

Pregnant woman illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A young woman in India, died after doctors ripped her baby apart during childbirth.

32-year-old Geeta Devi of Uttar Pradesh, went into labor on Saturday night.

Complications arose during the delivery, and doctors ended up removing the body of the baby, leaving the baby's head inside the woman.

Unfortunately, Devi died as doctors tried to remove the head from her. Devi's husband Hemant, 40, said that doctors are responsible for his wife’s death as they were negligent.

According to the police investigation, the hospital was not equipped to successfully deliver her baby after complications occurred.

The hospital did not have enough doctors on call and therefore, the mother was referred to another hospital.

The doctors were not able to handle this tragic situation and it is due to this negligence that the baby's head remained inside the mother.

Police are preparing to file charges of negligence against the doctors who were on call at the time of the incident.

Man burned alive for stealing a pot of hot soup

Hot soup illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was burned alive by an angry mob before being dumped outside a school after allegedly stealing a pot of hot soup, police in Nigeria said.

Calabar police said that the unidentified victim was dumped outside a school on Sunday.

According to the police investigation, the victim smelled soup before dawn and followed the smell into a kitchen of a private home.

A woman in the kitchen began screaming for help as the victim took the pot from her stove. A mob quickly gathered at the scene and caught up with the man holding the soup.

He was attacked with machetes before being set on fire. Police have warned residents against taking the law into their own hands.

Police launched a murder investigation into the incident, but so far, no arrests have been made.

Man seen on video carrying unconscious woman on busy street before raping her on the ground

Suspect carrying unconscious woman 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a man on a charge of rape after allegedly raping an unconscious woman on a busy street, police in the United Kingdom said.

West Midlands Police released a video, which shows the suspect in a red shirt and blue jeans, carrying the 25-year-old across a road in Birmingham.

At one point, the woman’s left arm can be seen limping from side to side, indicating that she was unconscious. A few minutes later, she was raped.

The incident unfolded on Tennant Street.

Police are also looking for a key witness, believed to have dwarfism and known as Kevin, who left the Walkabout bar on Broad Street with the woman around 4:00 a.m.

Kevin and the woman walked on Granville Street, where the suspect, described as a black man, spoke with Kevin and picked up the woman in his arms, leaving Kevin alone.

Shortly thereafter, police found the woman in a very distressed state after being raped. Kevin is believed to be a white man with dwarfism, in his 20s, with short dark hair.

Prisoner hides smartphone and charger in his behind

Nehemiah Palmer 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested on a charge of attempted smuggling after hiding a smartphone and a charger in his behind in order to smuggle the items into prison, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 30-year-old Nehemiah Palmer of London, was sentenced to serve 6 months in jail after being convicted of attempted smuggling.

According to the police investigation, Palmer was ordered to sit in a specially designed chair that detected the phone and the charger lodged in his rectum.

The Cardiff Crown Court heard that Palmer tried to smuggle the phone and charger into the Cardiff prison while being jailed for credit card fraud.

Palmer was sentenced to serve 16 months in prison after being caught with cloned credit cards. Now, Palmer received another six months for attempted smuggling.