Good-looking woman earns thousands of dollars by stripping crabs and feeding them to men

Xie stripping crabs 
By: Chan Yuan

A young woman in China, who realized that she is an expert at cracking crabs, decided to quit her job as a flight attendant and crack crabs full time.

The 27-year-old good-looking woman of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, started advertising on her services on a popular website.

The woman identified as Xie charges 10 yuan ($1.6) for cracking open a crab and taking out the meat. A customer who adds an extra 5 yuan ($0.80), is also fed the delicious meat to them.

Xie said that some clients shell out a large sum of money during one sitting.

For example, one man identified as 39-year-old Feng, spent 260 yuan ($41) for her services on Tuesday, at a restaurant in the city.

Man rapes 2 women he saw sleeping on the couch of friend's apartment

Brandon Wesley Carlson 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after having sex with two sleeping women who were lying on his friend’s couch, police in North Dakota said.

Now, 33-year-old Brandon Wesley Carlson of Grand Forks, has been convicted of gross sexual imposition after being accused of having sex with the women who were sleeping on his friend’s couch.

Carlson faces up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

The 21-year-old female victim told the court that she awoke in the middle of the night to find that Carlson was raping her in the apartment of their mutual friend.

She admitted that the three of them had been drinking the night before.

The mutual friend, a 27-year-old woman, said that Carlson sexually assaulted her by forcing her to touch his private parts as she slept.

In several text messages between Carlson and the 27-year-old woman, he admitted to forcing the woman to touch his private parts as she slept.

Woman freaks out after discovering bugs living inside her beauty blender sponge

Stevie Miller 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A woman in the United Kingdom, posted a video on Facebook, which shows her freaking out after discovering several bugs living inside her beauty blender sponge.

20-year-old Stevie Miller of Mildenhall, Suffolk, said that she saw little black spots a makeup applicator that her sister had bought on the Internet.

At first, she assumed that it was mold or some dirt from her makeup bag. Then she realized that there was a small hole in the beauty blender.

She dug in and found two dark creatures living inside. Miller used tweezers to remove the insects. She shook uncontrollably and shouted that they have legs.

Miller grabbed a pair of scissors and cut open the pink beauty sponge. Inside, she discovered even more bugs.

Miller’s mother warned her to stay away from the bugs as the product came from the United States and they might be poisonous.

Woman punches flight attendant after her cat was locked up in the bathroom

Police aboard the Condor Airlines flight 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman who was flying to Germany, was kicked off a flight after allegedly punching a flight attendant because her cat was locked in a bathroom, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said.

FBI agents in Colorado, said that two fighter jets had to divert the international flight for an emergency landing after the passenger became unruly about her cat.

The Condor Airlines flight that left from Las Vegas, Nevada, landed in Denver, Colorado. A witness said that the woman was angry after flight attendants placed her cat in the bathroom for the duration of the flight.

The woman came on board the plane with the animal in her bag. She warned other passengers that if she cannot have her cat back, the mafia will bring the plane down on her orders.

After the plane landed, the FBI escorted the woman off the plane. She was not charged with a crime despite punching one of the flight attendants in the face.

Married woman locks up lover for refusing to have sex with her

Couple in bed illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman locked her much younger lover in her home because he refused to have sex with her.

The 46-year-old woman was arrested on charges of kidnapping after locking the 25-year-old man in the basement of her home near Naples, Italy, because he denied her sex.

The couple met a few months ago, and enjoyed a romantic relationship. However, the man soon became tired of the affair, and refused to have sex with the woman, who is separated from her husband.

Unhappy with the rejection, then woman allegedly locked her lover in the basement of her house in Arzano.

It is not clear how long the man remained in the basement before he managed to alert a passerby to call the police.

According to police, the young man was visibly frightened.

After being rescued, the man explained what happened and the woman was arrested for kidnapping.

Band members find illegal immigrant hiding inside guitar case in tour van

Wille And The Bandits 
By: Wayne Morin

Illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom, attempted to hitch a ride hidden in a tour van of a band.

The members of the British rock band were shocked to discover two illegal immigrants hidden in their tour van, with one hiding inside a guitar case.

The group, Wille and The Bandits, were returning from a European tour when the two men got into their van as they were filling up gas in Calais, France.

The trio of Plymouth, England, said that they kicked the men out of their van, but they did feel sorry for them.

In a Facebook post the group wrote: “We have literally just pulled 2 guys out the back of our van just outside Calais.”

“We were filling up with gas when we noticed the van moving, and we found one guy just sitting there and the other in our guitar case,” they added.

“We feel really sorry for them. To be honest, they looked so desperate and they only want a better life. Makes us realize how lucky we are sometimes and that we shouldn't take it for granted,” they said.

Man with 18-inch long manhood complains that women run away from him

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera 
By: Feng Qian

A man in Mexico, who always thought that bigger is better, is very disappointed as women run away from him as soon as they see his long manhood.

52-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera of Saltillo, said that his manhood currently measures at 18.9 inches.

Cabrera complained that his manhood is so long that it hangs well below the knee. He recently requested that his manhood be recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest.

He also filed a petition with city officials to be recognized as disabled, saying that his long manhood is keeping him from having a normal job.

To satisfy the Guinness Book of Records, Cabrera underwent a medical examination and had an x-ray done of his organ.

Doctors who examined Cabrera, said that he has a lot of hanging skin. Cabrera does not have a girlfriend, as women freak out as soon as they see him naked.

Doctors recommended that Cabrera undergo a reduction operation.

30-year-old woman smuggles drugs by hiding them in her private parts

Drugs illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A woman was arrested on a charge of drug smuggling after being caught smuggling drugs by hiding them in her private parts, police in Thailand said.

Now, 30-year-old Chonmanee Laphathanawat of Rayong, has been sentenced to death after being convicted of drug smuggling.

Laphathanawat was arrested at the Penang International Airport, after she was spotted acting suspiciously in the arrivals hall.

She seemed restless and was seen walking slowly as if she was holding back something, police officers who were at the scene said.

Police who searched her and her belongings found nothing.

She was sent the Penang Hospital for an exam, and she told doctors that she had consumed something. An x-ray showed foreign objects in her stomach and intestine.

Laphathanawat defected 67 plastic bags containing drugs over the next three days. Police also found plastic bags in her private parts.

A lab confirmed that the contents of the bags were cocaine.

Laphathanawat told a court that she was forced to consume the bags by two men who threatened to kill her if she does not comply.

However, the court rejected her claim, and convicted her of drug trafficking.

Wife files for divorce because husband smelled her private parts every time she came home late

By: Wayne Morin

A woman petitioned a court to dissolve marriage because she was tired of her husband smelling her private parts every time she came home late, according to court documents in Nigeria.

The Family Court in Lagos, dissolved the 4-year-old marriage between the woman, 28-year-old Sidikat Oseni, and her husband, 50-year-old Waheed Oseni.

Sidikat told the court that her husband was in the habit of subjecting her to a vaginal exam every time she came home late.

The judge handed custody of the children to the woman and ordered her to give her former husband access to the children at any reasonable time of the day.

He also ordered the husband to pay N10,000 ($50) for child support. In court, Sidikat said that every time she came home late, her husband accused her of infidelity.

She also accused her husband of hitting her and tearing her clothes. Waheed did not deny his wife’s claims. Waheed told the court that his wife always came home late, and did not serve him dinner.

He asked for custody of the children, but his request was rejected.

Teenager breaks into couple’s home to shave and defecate in their bathtub

Bathtub illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A couple is refusing to shower in their own home after a teenager used it as a toilet.

19-year-old Tryston Alvarez-Ross of California was arrested after he was found inside a home in Placerville.

Ross, who said that he was not drunk at the time of the incident, admitted to entering the home and using their facilities.

Ross was released from prison after being arrested on drug charges a short time before the incident. He claims that he was lost after leaving jail and therefore, he entered the home as nobody was there at the time.

Ross opened a bottle of tequila and he took meat that was cooking in their Crock-Pot. He also entered the couple’s room, where he took their important documents and he allegedly put on a pair of women’s pants.

The most disgusting discovery was made in the bathtub. The couple found that Ross filled the tub with water, shaved and defecated inside.

Ross was arrested again on burglary charges. His bail was set at $50,000.

Woman drives car while breastfeeding her baby

Police officer’s report 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Police were called after a woman was seen holding her baby while driving, police in Washington said.

A woman was fined on Wednesday night, for breastfeeding while driving, and it is not the first time she has been pulled over for this offense.

A driver called 911 around 7:00 p.m., to report a woman driving north on I-5 with a baby in her lap, according to police officer Mark Francis.

The witness followed the mother who was holding her baby, and she took photos as evidence.

Trooper Rocky Oliphant pulled over the Honda Accord in Everett, and when he approached the car, he realized that the mother was breastfeeding her baby.

The 44-year-old woman allegedly admitted to driving while breastfeeding, but said that her one-year-old baby was screaming and crying so she decided to breastfeed him to calm him down.

The woman, who has not been identified, also admitted to being pulled over in the past for the same offense.

“Her job is to keep the child safe rather than making sure he is happy while she is driving,” said Oliphant.

He wrote the woman a $136 ticket for driving with an unrestrained child.

The woman had a car seat in the back seat. Oliphant made sure that the baby was secure in the car seat before he allowed the mother to drive away.

Oliphant plans to hand the case over to Child Protective Services.

Government official harasses waitress and urinates on bar wall

Tobi Lake 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) An official in Michigan, resigned from his position after he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Tobi Lake was a well liked administrator in Newaygo County. He has brought a lot of money to the community through grants.

However, he will now be replaced after being arrested
for allegedly making sexually disparaging comments to a female waitress at a bar.

He then urinated on the wall outside the bar because he was ordered to leave the establishment, according to the police report.

Lake, 43, was charged with being drunk and disorderly. This was his second alcohol-related offense in recent months.

He is already facing a charge of drunk driving, stemming from a traffic stop traffic in Newaygo.

After he quit his job, the Newaygo County commissioners voted to approve a $59,000 severance pay package for Lake.

2 teachers sexually abuse same student who complained about being molested

Darrell Glenn Whitten (left) Michael Eugene Reddell 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Two teachers were arrested for sexually assaulting the same girl, police in Texas said.

The male teachers are accused of molesting the same 16-year-old girl.

Darrell Glenn Whitten, 50, who is an economics teacher at the Melissa High School, turned himself in to police. He is accused of sexually abusing the teenager after she told him about her relationship with another teacher.

Whitten did not report the abuse of Michael Eugene Reddell, 38, after the teenager confided in him even after the girl apparently told him that she had “suicidal thoughts” over the sexual abuse.

Instead of seeking help for the girl, Whitten traumatized her further by also having sex with her.

Whitten was charged with improper relationship between an educator and a student, indecency with a child by sexual contact, and failure to report child abuse.

He allegedly kissed the girl on multiple occasions and “rubbed his private parts on her leg,” according to police.

Reddell was also arrested and charged with sexual assault and improper relationship between an educator and student. He was released after posting $50,000 bail.

Reddell allegedly touched the private parts and breasts of the student. He resigned from his position at the school.

Mother robs 3 banks in 30 minutes to pay for daughter’s graduation party

Cindy Sanchez Carabeo 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after robbing 3 banks in 30 minutes, police in Florida said.

The woman was quick to rob three banks in the space of half an hour, but she was arrested within 15 minutes after police were called.

Police said that officers followed the red smoke behind her car, which came from the red dye packs that exploded after she got the money.

When 50-year-old Cindy Sanchez Carabeo was arrested, she told the Hillsborough County Sheriff deputies that she needed the money for her daughter’s graduation party.

Carabeo pleaded guilty to one count of interfering with interstate commerce by robbery in federal court. She could face up to 20 years in prison.

Carabeo robbed the BB&T Bank on Brandon Blvd., Wells Fargo on Kings Ave., and Florida Central Credit Union on Oakfield Drive, in broad daylight around 3:00 p.m.

Carabeo, who was unemployed and in danger of losing her house, passed a note to the teller in each bank, saying that she had a gun and demanded money.

She walked away with more than $6,000 - which was recovered when she was arrested, police said.

3-year-old boy has worms in scrotum after mother forces him to eat live frogs

The 3-year-old boy in the hospital 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A boy was hospitalized after his mother forced him to eat frogs that were still alive.

The 3-year-old boy was hospitalized with a parasitic infection after his mother forced him to eat live frogs to cure his epilepsy.

The woman, known only as Mrs. Li, became concerned when her son began to show signs of what she thought was epilepsy.

Li said that her friends and neighbors advised her to try an ancient way to cure the epilepsy by swallowing live frogs.

Neighbors said that another boy in their neighborhood tried this method and it was successful.

“So we went to catch live frogs to feed my son,” Li said.

After catching 3 live frogs, the entire family, who lives in Maoming, Guangdong, China, held the boy down and forced him to swallow them alive.

This did not cure the boy. Instead, the mother found several abnormal masses growing on his body.

The boy was taken to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with sparganosis, a parasitic infection caused by the larvae of tapeworms, which was caused by eating the frogs.

Doctors removed the growth from his stomach and scrotum. Doctors at the Shenzhen Children's Hospital, will continue to monitor the boy as they believe that there may still be tapeworms in the body.

The mother did not disclose whether the boy actually suffered from epilepsy in the first place.

10-day-old baby mauled to death by group of rats in hospital

Rats illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A newborn baby who was recovering in the intensive care unit of a hospital in India, was mauled to death by as group of rats, an official of the YSR Congress party said.

Officials of the YSR Congress party are furious after the AP Health Minister said that doctors are not at fault for the death of the 10-day-old baby.

The baby of Guntur, who suffered complications during birth and was in the intensive care unit, died of rodent bites on Wednesday.

The boy had his fingers bitten off by the rats that were roaming around at the Guntar Government Hospital.

The boy’s mother, Chavali Lakshmi, alerted staff members after realizing that some of her son’s fingers appeared to have been chewed during his stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The baby’s left eye was also damaged by the rats. So far, three regional health officials have been suspended.

24-year-old female soldier shot dead while home alone with her 5-month-old child

Karlyn Serane Ramirez 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest the person responsible for the death of a young woman who was found lying on the floor with her 5-month-old child by her side, police in Maryland said.

24-year-old Karlyn Serane Ramirez of Anne Arundel County, was found dead in her home while her 5-month-old child was sitting by her side.

The murder was committed in a house on the 8000 block of Stone Mill Court, around 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Police were called to the scene after a neighbor saw a stray dog entering the house.

The neighbor stood at the doorway and yelled, and when no one answered, she called the police. When officers arrived, they found the dead woman and the child.

Ramirez was a soldier stationed at Fort Meade. The child was found in good health. The Baltimore Medical Examiner performed an autopsy, and determined the cause of death to be gunshot wounds.

Woman tries to kill daughter's homeless boyfriend because her granddaughters got head lice

Pamela Vanorsdale 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on a charge of criminal solicitation to commit murder after allegedly trying to kill her daughter’s boyfriend because her granddaughters got head lice, police in Florida said.

New Smyrna Beach police said that they have arrested 50-year-old Pamela Vanorsdale, after being accused of hiring a hitman to kill her daughter's homeless boyfriend because her granddaughters came home with head lice.

Vanorsdale was charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder after hiring her former son-in-law to kill 22-year-old Dylan Loveless.

Vanorsdale was booked into jail, and her bail was set at $25,000.

Police learned of the murder plot after 33-year-old Daniel Dionne, told Daytona Beach police officers that he was hired by his former mother-in-law to kill Loveless.

According to the police investigation, Vanorsdale called Dionne, and asked him to kill Loveless.

Vanorsdale said that she could provide a pistol with two bullets, which he should use to shoot Loveless in the head and chest.

The woman suggested that Dionne dump the body somewhere in South Carolina. Vanorsdale admitted to asking her former son-in-law to kill Loveless, but said that she was only joking.

Vanorsdale’s husband handed over the weapon to the police.

Man smears potato salad on his mother's face as she sat down for dinner

Jonathan Smith 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly smearing potato salad on his mother’s face, police in Florida said.

Bradenton police said that they arrested 34-year-old Jonathan Smith, after his mother, identified as Jennifer, told police that he attacked her as she sat down to eat dinner in the living room on Saturday night.

According to the police investigation, Jonathan grabbed a handful of potato salad and tossed it, striking Jennifer in the face.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, saw that Jennifer had food all over her face and in her hair. Smith also pushed his mother to the ground, pulled her across the floor by her legs and spit on her.

Smith fled from the scene on his bicycle, but was later arrested several blocks away from the home. Police believe that alcohol may have played a role in the attack.

Smith was charged with assault and probation violation.

Man forces prostitute to have sex without condom by posing as police officer

Mark William Rose 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of false imprisonment after forcing a prostitute to have sex with him without a condom by posing as a police officer, police in Florida said.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested 22-year-old Mark William Rose, after being accused of ordering a prostitute to have sex with him without a condom or face arrest on Wednesday.

He was charged with impersonating a police officer in the commission of a felony and unlawful detention. Rose was booked into the Main Jail, and his bail was set at $10,000.

Rose told investigators that he had previously posed as a police officer to have sex with women at least 12 times. He rejected the unlawful detention charge, saying that it is not the first time that a man lied to a woman in order to get sex.

According to the police investigation, Rose took the women, mostly prostitutes, to the parking lot of the Broward County Sheriff's Department and made it appear that their arrests are imminent before driving off.