Air India removes 130 fat flight attendants from planes because they didn’t lose weight

By: Flight attendants illustration

(Scroll down for video) Air India announced that it decided to remove more than 100 flight attendants from its fleet of planes after they ignored warnings to lose weight.

130 flight attendants, mostly women, were removed this week, because their levels of body mass index (BMI) is above the company’s limit.

Last year, the company tested the BMI of 600 crew members, and several hundred were found to be obese or overweight.

They were warned to lose weight or be declared unfit to be a flight attendant. The employees were urged to change their diet and lifestyle.

However, 130 flight attendants ignored the company’s warning and remained overweight.

Maid caught urinating into her employer’s food while cooking meals

The suspect 
By: Chan Yuan

A teen was arrested on a charge of tampering with food after allegedly urinating into her employer’s food, police in Kenya said.

Mombasa police said that they have arrested the 19-year-old maid, who was not identified, after being accused of urinating into her employer’s food multiple times.

According to the police investigation, the employer, who was not identified, installed video cameras in the home after suspecting that the maid was mistreating his kids.

After reviewing the footage, the employer saw that the maid urinated in the pots that were cooking on the stove. The employer called the police, and the teen was arrested.

During questioning, the teen admitted to urinating in her employer’s food multiple times because she was mistreated.

Man bites off police officer’s ear after being stopped from breaking into home

Man illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on a charge of causing grievous bodily harm after allegedly biting off a police officer’s ear, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State police said that they arrested 27-year-old Ibrahim Ayelangbe, after being accused of assaulting the police officer who attempted to arrest him.

Ayelangbe was charged with trespassing and serious assault.

The victim was identified as Officer Ebere Nwogidi.

According to the police investigation, Ayelangbe was arrested while trying to jump over a fence of a private residence when he was stopped by the officer.

The suspect tried to escape, and the two began to fight. If convicted, Ayelangbe faces up to 3 years in prison.

2 women rape man by threatening him with deadly snake

Snake illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police are looking to arrest two women who allegedly raped a man by threatening him with a deadly snake, police in Zimbabwe said.

Karoi police said that the 29-year-old victim, who was not identified, was abducted from the side of a road, where he attempted to get a ride to a nearby town.

According to the police investigation, the victim was standing at the side of the road when the women offered him a lift.

When the victim entered the car, they drove to a secluded area and ordered the man to follow their orders. The man was threatened with a large snake.

One of the women then undressed and ordered the man to have sex with her while the other woman was holding the snake.

When the first suspect was satisfied, she took over the snake and the second suspect raped him. When both were done, the man was dumped at the side of the road.

Police spokesperson Comm Charamba appealed to the public for information leading to the arrest of the women. They urged witnesses to contact the National Complaints Desk or report to the nearest police station.

Man steals cash from hospital after falsely believing that he was invisible

The suspect climbs onto counter 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of armed robbery after allegedly stealing cash from a hospital drawer, police in China said.

Jiangsu police said that they arrested the 50-year-old man, who was not identified, after telling people he was invisible and stealing cash from the hospital.

According to the police investigation, the suspect came to the hospital to see a doctor, but then he got the impression that no one could see him.

The suspect jumped onto a counter in the outpatient department and searched for the cash. The cashiers watched in shock as the suspect opened the drawers and ignored orders to back off.

The suspect managed to steal around 10,000 yuan ($1,500). As he tried to leave the hospital, he noticed that the door was locked.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, arrested him and seized the stolen money. The man confessed to the crime, explaining that he believed he was invisible.

The suspect has a history of drug use. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Baker squeezes woman’s backside and slaps her face in front of other store customers

Baker illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A baker was arrested on a charge of assault after squeezing a woman’s behind as she shopped in the store, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Now, 33-year-old A.G. of Bur Dubai, has been sentenced to serve 3 months in jail after being convicted of assault.

According to the police investigation, 34-year-old J.C. entered the bakery in order to purchase cakes and cookies. At some point, the baker approached her from behind and squeezed her backside.

The woman screamed and hit his hand. In response, the defendant slapped her face. The woman lost her balance and fell to the ground.

A.G. then kicked her in the abdomen. Customers who witnessed the attack, called the police. In court, A.G. denied the allegations.

He was charged with sexual abuse, issuing insults and physical assault.

11 men beat prison inmate for 3 hours because he refused to have sex with them

Prison illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

6 men were arrested on a charge of assault after beating a prison inmate because he refused to have sex with them, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Now, 40-year-old A.H., 30-year-old S.A., 30-year-old N.A., 24-year-old H.M., 21-year-old H.M.M., and 21-year-old F.S., have been sentenced to serve one year in prison after being convicted of assault.

According to the investigation by the Dubai police, 20-year-old H.E. was assaulted at the Al Qusais police station after which he needed life saving surgery.

The incident unfolded after the victim was incarcerated for an unidentified crime. 11 prisoners approached him and demanded to have sex with him.

After he refused, the victim was kicked in the face. They then stripped him naked and sprayed with hot water. His head was shaved and urine was poured over his body.

The victim lost three teeth as a result of the attack. His jaw was broken in two places and he suffered a deep cut to the head.

He was taken to the Al Rashid Hospital, where he underwent two operations. He was left with a permanent disability in his left ear and jaw.

The court heard that the victim has difficulty chewing food and has lost hearing in his left ear.

Woman burns her boyfriend’s private parts with hair straightener because he had sex with his former girlfriend

Hair straightener illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A woman was arrested on a charge of assault after burning her boyfriend's private parts with a hair straightener because he cheated, police in Australia said.

Now, 22-year-old Bronwyn Joy Parker of Mount Barker, has been sentenced to serve 9 months in jail, which was suspended for 18 months, after pleading guilty to recklessly causing serious harm.

According to the police investigation, Parker regularly abused her boyfriend. She was particularly jealous of the relationship he had with his former girlfriend.

At some point during the relationship, the couple agreed that if he would ever have sex with another woman, she will be allowed to burn his private parts.

After a fight, the man spent two nights with his former girlfriend and he had sex with her. When Parker found it about it, she reminded him of the deal they made about burning his private parts.

She ordered him to remove his private parts from his shorts and used a hair straightener to cause serious burns. Parker claimed that she only touched his private parts for a few seconds.

It looked brown and like a piece of cooked meat, Parker told the police. The victim suffered third-degree burns that required treatment at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Burn Unit.

The court heard that he now requires constant review by medical specialists and the healing process may take up to two years.

Prison inmate cuts through iron bar with thread and toothpaste

Chase Courville 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A prison inmate nearly escaped after using a piece of thread and toothpaste to cut through an iron bar, police in Florida said.

Walton County police said that 26-year-old Chase Courville, was caught trying to escape from prison by cutting through iron bars.

According to the police investigation, an officer who was inspecting the facility around 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, was given a note by inmate, stating that Courville was trying to flee by cutting through the bars of the window.

The inmate complained that he could not sleep because of the noise of the cutting. Officers went into Courville’s cell and found him looking out the window.

During a search, they found a large crack on the window and one of the iron bars was nearly cut through. Police also found a thread from a blanket covered with toothpaste, which was used to cut the iron bar.

Mother dumps her young children in cave with garbage and noodles

Brittany Mugrauer 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested on a charge of child endangerment after allegedly dumping her children in a cave and leaving them for several days, police in Missouri said.

Kansas City police said that they have arrested 24-year-old Brittany Mugrauer, after they found two young children surrounded by garbage in the cave.

On Friday, she was charged with two counts of child endangerment. According to the police investigation, the two children, aged 4 and 6, were found on Thursday.

They were living inside a wooden box equipped with car seats, two small blankets, trash and wires. The 4-year-old child was using his hands to eat a dirty cup of dry ramen noodles.

They were not wearing any shoes. The 6-year-old child told officers that he does not go to school. The children were taken to the Mercy Hospital, where they were bathed and given clean clothes.

Mugrauer told police that her children had been living in the cave for several days and she left them alone.

Woman forcibly kisses female flight attendant and punches her face during flight

Daniela Velez-Reyes 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly hitting a man who complained that she had been kicking the back of his plane seat during a flight, police in Indiana said.

The Indianapolis Airport Authority said that they have arrested Daniela Velez-Reyes, after being accused of assaulting the man and a female flight attendant during a flight from Florida to Illinois.

According to the police investigation, the incident unfolded on American Airlines Flight 1284, which departed from Miami and headed to Chicago.

Velez-Reyes was disoriented throughout the flight, a passenger on the flight said. She kicked a passenger seat in front of her, and when the man complained, she hit him.

When a flight attendant intervened, Velez-Reyes grabbed her face and kissed her. She then punched her in the face.

Velez-Reyes also kicked a police officer while being arrested.

Velez-Reyes was escorted off the plane in handcuffs. She was charged with assault and battery, and battery of a law enforcement officer.

She was booked into the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Arrestee Processing Center.

Star Trek actress exposes her breasts to neighbor’s children because they were crying

Jennifer Lien 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A popular actress who played in the Star Trek Voyager series, was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure to a child under 13 years old after allegedly exposing her breasts to her neighbor’s children because they were crying, police in Tennessee said.

Harriman police said that they have arrested 41-year-old Jennifer Lien, after being accused of exposing her breasts and backside to her neighbor's children during an argument.

Lien, who played Kes on Star Trek Voyager, was arrested at her home. When police officers arrived at the home, her door was open, and the actress was naked and sitting on a couch.

Lien told them to leave her alone. She was asked to put on clothes, but she refused. Officers handcuffed Lien, and dressed her in prison clothes.

Lien refused to walk to the patrol car and had to be carried.

According to the police investigation, Lien an argument with his neighbor outside her house.

Lien was angry that the children were crying, and she showed them her breasts and backside.

Drunk wedding guest nearly runs over bride with car after getting into argument

Tenille and Adam Bradley 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A bride is lucky to be alive after an angry guest nearly mowed her down with a car.

Tenille Bradley of Australia, who got married on Saturday at a country club in Sydney, was almost hit by a drunk guest after he got into an argument with other guests.

The 55-year-old man jumped into his Mazda 3 around 9:30 p.m., and attempted to run over 2 people after getting into an argument with them.

When a wedding guest attempted to take the keys out of the ignition, the angry drunk man reversed at high speed toward another group, including the bride.

Wedding photographer Donovan Warren said that he, the bride and all other people in the group managed to jump out of the way and no one was injured.

The suspect is not a relative to the bride or the groom, Adam Bradley. He is the partner of the couple’s relative. After the incident, the suspect fled from the wedding.

The couple was determined not to let this ruin their night.

Police located the suspect about 12:00 a.m. He was arrested. Police allegedly confiscated marijuana from the man.

He was charged with menacing, dangerous driving and possession of a prohibited drug.

Mother orders 10-year-old daughter to have sex with landlord to keep business afloat

Sad girl illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A mother and her landlord were arrested after she prostituted her daughter to pay her debt.

A judge in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, sentenced the heartless mother to 12 years in prison for prostituting her 10-year-old daughter.

Police said that the mother bought a beauty and spa business from a 53-year-old man who was identified as Huang.

When the mother was unable to make the final payment to Huang for the business, she offered him her 10-year-old daughter instead.

Huang agreed to have sex with the child as a form of payment. The two adults told the girl to remove her clothes under the pretext that Huang wanted to give her a massage.

According to the daughter, her mother was present throughout the “massage” and even demonstrated how to pleasure the man.

When the girl refused to cooperate, her mother told her that she had to help her family by having sex with Huang.

The daughter told her classmate about the incident. The classmate persuaded her to talk to the school counselor, who then called police.

A judge found the couple guilty of child prostitution and pedophilia. The mother was sentenced to 12 years in prison while the man was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Man breaks into married lover’s home and demands husband to share his wife

Lovers illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

Police in Taiwan, were called after 2 men fought over a woman.

Police in New Taipei City, said that a woman, who was identified as Fangs, called police after her lover showed up at her home and demanded her husband share her.

Fangs had been married for several years and has two young children. When the couple began suffering financial difficulties, the two argued frequently.

After a particularly bad argument, Fangs began to confide in her 30-year-old neighbor who was identified as Wang.

Wang fell in love with the 28-year-old woman even though she is married to another man.

One night, after arguing with her husband again, Fangs went to a bar, where they were drinking until late at night. The two then had sex.

When Fangs awoke in the morning, she regretted her actions, and returned home to her husband and children.

She confessed to her husband about her affair and the couple decided to work on their marriage. They began seeing a marriage counselor.

Wang was less than thrilled that Fangs had decided to return to her husband.

One night, Wang got drunk and decided to confront his lover’s husband. He threatened the husband with a knife and demanded to share his wife.

The two men began to fight and Fangs called the police.

Both men agreed not to press charges as long as Wang promised to leave the Fangs alone. Wang accused the husband of being greedy for not wanting to share his wife for one week.

Man without clothes walks into court and steals prosecutor's jacket

Suit jacket illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

Police in Michigan, were called after a man without clothes walked into a courthouse and stole a prosecutor’s jacket.

Police said that the man walked into the Leelanau County courthouse in just boxers and a baseball cap, and was seen leaving wearing a jacket.

Surveillance video revealed that the suspect entered Joe Hubbell’s office and exited with the jacket.

Leelanau County Undersheriff Steve Morgan said that after reviewing surveillance video, deputies arrested the 38-year-old man who is known to them.

Morgan said that a janitor saw a man inside the building on Government Center Drive, and called police.

Police said that incident took place about 10:40 p.m. The suspect did not steal anything other than the jacket and he then left the courthouse.

Hubbell said that if the suspect is charged for robbery, he will not prosecute the case.

Hubbell said that although he is missing a jacket, he is more concerned how the suspect got into the building that was supposed to be secured, but apparently left unlocked.

Woman walks into store to fondle customers before exposing private parts

Annetta Brewton 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A woman was arrested after acting strangely by walking into a store and fondling customers.

Annetta Brewton of Spartanburg, South Carolina, is facing charges after police said that she went into a shop on South Church Street and began fondling customers while asking them for money.

Police said that Brewton,46, refused to leave the store and pulled her pants down, exposing her private parts while using vulgar language.

Brewton then ran down the street and entered the house of an elderly woman. She then locked the door, sat on the couch and insisted that the woman play cards with her.

When police arrived at the elderly woman’s home, they found Brewton sitting in the toilet. She refused to come out and she demanded that police leave while using foul language.

Brewton was eventually arrested and escorted out of the house. Brewton also kicked out the rear window of a police car, according to the police report.

She was charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of city property.

Elderly man caught having sex with man in public found with child pornography of 7 year old

Donald Williams (left) and Jeffrey Belden 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police were called after 2 older men were seen having sex in public.

Police in Michigan, said that the outdoor sex between two elderly men led to a child pornography bust.

77-year-old Donald Williams is facing felony charges after police found dozens of images of child pornography in his home.

The investigation began in Coldwater, when someone spotted his 2 male neighbors making out in the front yard of a home.

The witness recorded the incident with the camera on a cellphone and called police. Police said that Williams and
Belden Jeffrey, 63, were arrested.

They are facing charges of indecent exposure as they were performing sexual acts on each other in full view of the public.

During the investigation, police found 145 images of child pornography in the home of Williams. The images show children as young as 7 years old in various stages of undress, according to court documents.

In addition to the charge of indecent exposure, Williams faces five counts of using a computer to commit a crime and five counts of possession of child pornography.

Man kills 3 brothers before turning gun on himself in fight over music

Perry (left) Mark and Joe Allen 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Police were called after 4 bodies were found outside a home in Louisiana.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office said that three brothers have been shot dead by a man who then committed suicide.

The four bodies were discovered after an argument broke out about 12.30 a.m. in Baker, near Baton Rouge.

The suspected shooter was identified as 60-year-old Rodney Chemin. He is accused of killing his 3 close friends, who were identified as Joseph Allen, 57, and his younger brothers Perry, 55, and Mark, 51.

Casey Rayborn Hicks, spokeswoman for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, said that the 4 men had been watching football and listening to music at the home of Chemin’s cousin, Dwayne Crumholt, before the shooting.

The 3 brothers and Chemin allegedly got into an argument over the music and then went back to Chemin’s house. When they were in front of the house, Chemin shot them.

Coroner Dr. William Clark said that Perry Allen suffered multiple gunshot wounds while his brothers died from one
gunshot wound to the chest while Chemin died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Man robs bank and asks teller to place money in his bank account

Paul Neaverson 
By: Wayne Morin

A would be bank robber was caught after he asked the teller to place the money in his bank account.

61-year-old Paul Neaverson of the United Kingdom, walked into NatWest in Rainham, Kent, where he pulled a knife from his pocket and held it at the neck of the bank teller.

He demanded money, but he did not take it with him. Instead, he demanded that the female teller deposit the cash directly into his personal checking account.

The Maidstone Crown Court heard that when the woman pressed the panic button, Neaverson fled to a nearby HSBC bank, where he attempted another armed robbery.

However, he fled without money after the teller said that she did not have the 500 pounds ($760) he demanded.

Neaverson was caught and arrested.

His defense attorney, Danny Moore, said that Neaverson was a law-abiding citizen all his life and he was never in trouble before.

The court heard how Neaverson told police that he needed money to book a flight to Corfu, Greece, where he had an interview for a job to become a golf coach.

Neaverson pleaded guilty to two attempted robberies and possession of a knife. He was sentenced to two years in prison.