Dating website with 2.7 million male users hires 23 employees to pose as women

Man seeking woman illustration 
By: Feng Qian

Employees of the Friars Square dating website in Japan, were arrested on a charge of fraud after posing as women to fool 2.7 million male subscribers.

Chiba police said that they have arrested 23 employees because they posed as women and swindled millions of dollars out of male customers.

The men paid a total of 6 billion yen ($50 million) before the fraud was uncovered. Police also arrested the president of the company, 43-year-old Tetsuo Miura, on a charge of fraud.

According to the police investigation, the company hired 23 people, 17 of whom were men pretending to be women seeking male partners.

The site had 2.7 million users, but only one was a woman.

Users of the site were charged 250 yen ($2.08) for every time they contacted a female member of the site. One victim, a 59-year-old man, spent 13.5 million yen ($11,257).

Man calls police to complain that he became very high after smoking marijuana

Man smoking marijuana illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man was questioned by police after calling officers to complain that he became very high on marijuana, police in Ohio said.

Austintown police said that they were called to the 100 block of Westminster Avenue around 5:30 p.m. on Friday, by the 22-year-old man who smoked marijuana.

Officers heard the man moaning in a room.

The officers who entered the room, found the man lying on the floor in a fetal position surrounded by Doritos, crackers and Chips Ahoy cookies.

The man also told police that he could not feel his hands. A glass pipe and a jar of marijuana were recovered from the man's car after he gave the police the keys to it.

The man, who wasn't identified, refused medical treatment. So far, he has not been charged with a crime.

Hospital employee found dead in bathroom after being locked inside for 4 days

Anthony Iuso 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a hospital employee in New York, was found dead inside a locked bathroom.

44-year-old Anthony Iuso of the Bronx, was locked inside the bathroom of the Montefiore Medical Center for four days before being found.

Thomas Iuso said that his brother cleaned rooms on the third floor of the hospital. On Thursday, Anthony Iuso left work early after injuring his finger.

He went to the emergency room around 1:00 p.m.

After being treated, Anthony Iuso returned to the third floor to use the bathroom, and that's the last time anyone saw him alive.

The family made several attempts to contact him all night and the next day, but failed.

On Monday they looked at surveillance video, and that's when hospital employees found Anthony Iuso in the bathroom. It is unclear what happened inside the bathroom once Anthony Iuso got locked inside, and it is unclear when he died.

Anthony Iuso had no mental or medical problems.

Young man breaks into sleeping woman’s home before removing her sheets and watching her sleep

Marlon Gamez 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A young man was arrested on a charge of burglary after allegedly breaking into a woman’s apartment and removing her bed sheets to watch her sleep, police in Florida said.

Miami Beach police said that they have arrested 25-year-old Marlon Gamez, after being accused of watching the woman sleep six times before breaking into her apartment to commit a sex act.

According to the police investigation, Gamez broke into the woman's apartment while she was sleeping on the couch. The woman woke up and yelled at him before Gamez ran out the back door of the house.

The woman, who was not identified, told police that Gamez turned off the television and lights, but ran away after she screamed.

He was charged with burglary and attempted assault.

Businessman who refused to pay black taxi driver climbs out of window and spits while yelling racial slurs

The suspect 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a businessman on a charge of theft after refusing to pay a black taxi driver and yelling racial slurs at him, police in the United Kingdom said.

London police have released a video, which shows the young man dressed in a suit spitting at the taxi driver while climbing out the window.

According to the police investigation, the driver, who wasn't identified, picked up the passenger in Camberwell. The suspect, who was not identified, began shouting at the driver to stop.

The driver stopped on Kings Road in Chelsea. The driver then asked the man to pay his fare and leave, but the passenger refused, screaming racial slurs.

At some point, the businessman suggested that his girlfriend will pay the fare, but the driver refused. The suspect then opened the window, spat at the driver and kicked the vehicle before running away from the scene.

A security camera in the taxi recorded the entire incident. So far, the suspect has not been arrested.

Magnet thief arrested after walking into police station to complain about his photo being printed in paper

Nicholas Allegretto stealing magnet 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) Police in the United Kingdom, managed to take a thief off the street after he came into a police station to complain that the store he burglarized printed his photo in a paper.

Now, 23-year-old Nicholas Allegretto of Cambridge, has been convicted of theft after being caught on surveillance cameras stealing a magnet from the Mackays hardware store.

According to the police investigation, Allegretto walked into a police station to complain that the store has printed his photo on papers and distributed them to the public.

The store also published a notice in a newspaper, warning Allegretto to stay away from the premises. Instead of lying low, Allegretto went to the Parkside police station to file a complaint.

Instead of being helped, Allegretto was quickly arrested and charged with theft. Store owner Neil Mackay said that he is happy with the outcome.

He also admitted to publishing the photo on Facebook.

Allegretto was convicted of theft in his absence at the Cambridge Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. The magnet cost 23 pounds ($35).

Allegretto lost his job at a construction company after his employer learned about the theft.

Man ties up homeless pregnant woman and rapes her for 12 hours

John Lytus 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man who is a registered sex offender, was arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly kidnapping a homeless woman and raping her for many hours, police in Florida said.

Daytona Beach police said that they have arrested 52-year-old John Lytus of Kissimmee, after being accused of abducting the woman outside a 7-Eleven and taking her to his home, where he tortured and raped her for 12 hours.

Lytus moved to Florida from Rockland County, New York, where he was convicted of rape. Lytus was charged with sexual assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and failing to register as a sex offender.

He was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail, and was denied bail.

According to the police investigation, Lytus picked up the 35-year-old woman around 7:00 p.m. outside the 7-Eleven, which is located at 955 S. Ridgewood Avenue.

Lytus then took the homeless woman to his home. Once inside the home, the woman went to use the bathroom. Lytus came up behind her armed with a knife and forced her into a bedroom.

Lytus forcefully undressed the woman and tied her wrists and ankles. The woman told Lytus not hurt her because she was six months pregnant.

Lytus didn’t care. He hit the woman in the face and chest, kicked her in the back and stabbed her in the chest. Lytus then raped her.

After 12 hours, Lytus dumped the woman outside the 7-Eleven.

Man stabs his wife 23 times because she used his cellphone

Woman using cellphone illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on a charge of murder after stabbing his wife numerous times because she used his cellphone, police in Kenya said.

Now, 39-year-old Bernard Mwenga Wilson of Nairobi, has been sentenced to death for killing Caroline Mbeta, who was a mother of three children.

The court heard that Wilson was known for beating his wife. On the day of the murder, Wilson and his wife were arguing at the salon where she worked about the use of his mobile phone.

At some point, he pulled a knife and stabbed his wife 23 times.

The woman died of blood loss. Wilson told the court that he was drunk at the time and did not remember anything that happened on that day.

Wilson was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to death by hanging. He has 14 days to appeal the verdict and sentence.

21-year-old woman burns herself after wind blows acid in her face while pouring it on former lover while riding on his motorcycle

Ung Limey 
By: Mahesh Sarin

Police are looking to arrest a young woman on a charge of assault after allegedly pouring acid on her former lover because he broke up with her, police in Cambodia said.

Phnom Penh police said that they are looking to arrest 21-year-old Ung Limey, after being accused of pouring acid on 23-year-old Leng Socheata, while they were riding on his motorcycle together.

Socheata, who was seriously injured by the acid, suffered more injuries after crashing his motorcycle. Ironically, Limey burned her own face as the wind blew some of the acid onto her face.

Socheata’s family told police that the attack was an act of revenge after he had been persuaded to break off their relationship.

Limey was being treated at a private hospital, and police do not know her whereabouts.

Police learned about her injuries after photographs appeared on social media sites, which show her with bandages on her face.

The uncle of Socheata, said that he managed to persuade him to stop seeing her after learning that she had been arrested for theft and drugs.

They were separated for several days, but on Tuesday, the woman came back and the couple went for a motorcycle ride.

She took along the bottle of acid and poured it on his head, seriously wounding him.

Mother dies while feeding baby causing him to choke to death

Erika Tomassian 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A baby died after choking on food that was fed to him by his mother from Australia, police California said.

The woman’s 2-year-old son, who was left alone in the apartment, cried until neighbors called for help.

Los Angeles police said that 45-year-old Erika Tomassian, who is from Sydney, was feeding her 1-year-old boy Michael, when she died of natural causes.

Michael, who was strapped in a high chair, fatally choked on the food. Nathan, who was left all alone in the apartment, cried until neighbors decided to call the police.

The police and firefighters who arrived at the scene, found the mother on the floor. She died of natural causes. The 1-year-old child was found dead in the high chair.

The 2-year-old child was rushed to a hospital and is said to be in stable condition. Tomassian had recently been treated for bronchitis and chest pains, and could have died from complications of the disease.

Young woman terminates pregnancy to go through with nose job to prepare for adult movie shoot

Josie Cunningham 
By: Feng Qian

A young woman of the United Kingdom, is being criticized for terminating her pregnancy in order to go through with a nose job ahead of becoming an adult movie actress.

25-year-old Josie Cunningham of West Midlands, wrote on her Twitter account that she will soon be photographed instead of being 9 months pregnant and sitting on a couch with fat ankles.

The aspiring adult movie actress said she was ready to spend 7,000 pounds ($10,673) for a nose job when doctors refused to administer general anesthesia because she was pregnant.

Cunningham decided to end her pregnancy and go through with her nose job. She said that the decision was easy since she had to feed her family.

Cunningham is a single mother of three children. In response to her announcement, her Twitter account was hacked and vile messages appeared.

Cunningham revealed that when she went to the abortion clinic, she told the adviser that her relationship with the unborn child’s father is strained.

The unborn child’s father respected the decision to end the pregnancy, Cunningham claims.

Cunningham first became famous after tricking National Health Service (NHS) into paying for breast implants, costing taxpayers 4,800 pounds ($7,318).

She also had Botox paid for by NHS.

Man sets his bed on fire because wife stormed out of house following an argument

House fire illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of arson after setting his bed on fire because his wife stormed out of the house, police in Singapore said.

Now, 44-year-old Koh Chong Huat of Yew Tee, has been sentenced to serve four months in jail after being convicted of causing mischief by fire.

He could have faced 7 years in prison, but he received a reduced sentence in exchange for pleading guilty. Huat of 688A Choa Chu Kang Drive, had a fight with his wife in his apartment on the 12th floor of the building.

After his wife stormed out of the house, Huat poured paint thinner on a mattress in the master bedroom. He lit a lighter and walked near the mattress.

When it caught fire, he tried to put it out a couple of times with water, but failed. Huat, who works as a taxi driver, then raised the alarm and the building was evacuated.

Around 100 people were kept out of their homes for several hours.

Drunk man stabs friend in fight over who has bigger private parts

Men fighting illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Two friends got into an ugly argument over who has bigger private parts.

Police said that the argument turned violent when a man hit his friend with an ax several times in the head.

Mehluli Sibanda and Stanley Matema, were good friends and were having a great time in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, before the fight broke out.

During the drunken altercation, the men argued about who had bigger private parts and who has better sex.

Sibanda said that he is very large and he made fun of his friend who apparently has a small manhood.

Matema became angry, and grabbed a hot log from the fire place and hit his friend in the stomach. As a result, he suffered minor injuries.

In the heat of the fight, Sibanda allegedly grabbed an ax, stabbed Matema three times in the head and twice in the abdomen.

Matheme suffered deep cuts and bleeding, and collapsed. He was then taken to a hospital, where he remains unconscious.

A court heard that Matema has been in the intensive care unit of the hospital since the incident and he cannot speak due to the head injuries he suffered during the nasty fight.

Sibanda appeared before Magistrate Ndumo Masuku. He faces a charge of attempted murder. He is being held without bail.

Doctors reattach boy's head after car crash

Jackson Taylor 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A family in Australia, is grateful that doctors were able to save their son's life.

Surgeons in New South Wales, have successfully reattached the head to the spine of a young child after being internally decapitated in a car accident.

16-month-old Jackson Taylor, his mother and 9-year-old sister, were traveling in a car about 68 miles per hour when they collided with another car.

An airbag protected the mother and her young daughter, but the force of the collision caused Jackson's head to be thrown violently forward.

His collarbone and other bones in his neck were broken, and his skull separated from his spine.

A team of experts led by Dr. Geoff Askin, worked for six hours in what has been described as a miracle operation.

“A lot of children wouldn’t survive that injury in the first place, and if they are resuscitated, they may never move or breathe again,” spinal surgeon Geoff Askin said.

Jackson will wear a specially equipped halo brace for eight weeks while the tissues and nerves heal, but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Millionaire doctor forces her husband to sleep on front lawn of their $1 million mansion

Front lawn illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) People are outraged over the way a woman treated her elderly husband.

The woman, who lives in a mansion, is forcing her husband to sleep on the manicured front lawn of their home.

Police in Texas, said that they have been called to the couple’s home in Seabrook about 30 times, but there's not much they can do.

Neighbors said that Sharafat Khan, has been forced to live outdoors for 6 months. He said that he and his wife had been fighting for the past 6 years.

However, the 69-year-old man, who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, said that in the past 6 months, things became worse.

Sharafat Khan said that his wife, 61, who is a doctor, took away his keys and she won’t allow him to come inside the house even though he owns half of the mansion and everything in it.

Neighbors are very worried because he is old, in poor health and in a fragile state. They said that the man wears dirty clothes and does not have shoes or a bathroom facility.

Sharafat Khan said that he does not have money to file for divorce, but he refuses to leave his property because he does not want to lose his house.

The wife posted signs on the home, warning the neighbors not to help him or feed her husband. Neighbors said that if they give him blankets and pillows to keep warm at night, the wife takes it away.

Police said that they have contacted adult protective services, who will try to help the man.

The couple has 2 children who live out of state. The man’s son said that their mother threw him out because he was abusive towards her.

Teenager killed by cousin in fight over video game controller

Bobby Baker 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A family is shocked over the sudden death of a teenage boy.

A teenager of Alabama, was fatally shot in his own bedroom during a fight with his cousin over a video gaming device.

18-year-old Bobby Baker was hit in the chest at his home in Birmingham, around 11:45 p.m. on Friday.

Officials said that the fight started when the cousin went into Baker’s bedroom and pushed the controller out of his hand.

When the two began wrestling for the controller, the cousin removed a pistol from his waist and the cousins fought over the gun. It fired a shot and Baker was wounded, police said.

The 21-year-old cousin, whose name was not released by police, was arrested.

Baker's sister said that the cousins were very close friends. She believed that the boys were just playing around and wrestling as they always do when the gun accidentally went off and shot Baker in the chest.

The sister said that Baker recently graduated from high school and had been planning to join the army.

The prosecutor will decided whether to charge the 21-year-old man with murder or if the shooting was accidental.

Man calls police after girlfriend refuses to have sex with him

Patrick Doggett 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A man was arrested after he called police to complain that his girlfriend refused to have sex with him.

The man of South Carolina, was arrested after calling police to complain about his girlfriend who would not have sex with him, police said.

53-year-old Patrick Doggett told officers that he called 911 because his partner, Faye Woodruff, “would not give any a**.”

The officer who arrived at the home in Spartanburg in the early hours of Tuesday morning, found that Doggett was drunk.

Woodruff told police that her boyfriend had been drinking all day, according to the police report. Woodruff refused to have sex because her grandchild was present.

Police found Doggett outside the house drinking. He was arrested for public intoxication. However, he was not charged with misuse of 911, according to the police report.

Doggett spent the night at the Spartanburg County Jail.

Wealthy man destroys his own bar after being refused a drink

Mark Swistun 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A wealthy businessman in the United Kingdom, was arrested after he destroyed his own bar out of anger.

The man of Swansea, Wales, became very irritated and angry after being refused a drink at closing time at his own bar. He decided to destroy the place.

45-year-old Mark Swistun used an excavator to destroy the Royal Oak pub in Penclawdd, in middle of the night. He caused about $60,000 in damages.

After he was arrested for causing criminal damage, Swistun proved to police that he is part owner of the business and the charges against him were dropped.

“At the end of the day, the building belongs to him so he can do whatever he wants with it,” police said.

In order to charge him with a crime “we would need someone to make an official complaint about the damage he caused,” police added.

Swistun, who also has other businesses, invested 60,000 pounds ($91,500) in the bar along with his business partner Colin McDonald, 59, just a year ago.

Man fired from job after friends made racist comments on Facebook towards his colleague's black son

Gerod Roth with Cayden Jace 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) An innocent photo of a white man with a black kid caused a firestorm on the Internet.

An employee of a marketing company based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been fired from his job after posting a photo to Facebook.

Gerod Roth, who goes by the name of Geris Hilton on Facebook, published a selfie with a 3-year-old African-American boy, who is the son of his colleague.

The post attracted a number of racist comments from his friends that referred to the child as a slave.

Roth did not stop the racism, but instead joined in the discussion by calling the boy “feral.”

After uploading the photo to Facebook, Emily Irene Red said: “I didn't know you were a slave owner.”

Ryan Michael Siegal said: “Help feed this poor child today.”

Dylan Kleeman said: “Dude where did you get the black kid?” To which Graham Hansen responded: “The black market.”

Roth then posted: “He was feral.”

The child, Cayden Jace, was identified by his mother, Sidney Shelton, who works with Roth at the Polaris Marketing Group.

The company has released a statement, confirming that Roth was fired because they were “disgusted” by his behavior.

Shelton took to Facebook and posted many photos of her 3-year-old son, She said that he is the “love of my life, the apple of my eyes, my everything.”

Roth is now claiming to be the victim. He said that he was unfairly fired for comments made by his friends on Facebook.

Drunk corrections officer holds wrong man at gunpoint after altercation on street

Parker Jason Henry 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was horrified when an officer stopped and held him at gunpoint for no reason.

The Florida corrections officer was arrested after holding the man at gunpoint when his car had broken down on the side of the road.

Martin County Sheriff’s corrections officer Parker Jason Henry told police that he suspected the man on the side of the road acted as a lookout for a group of people who had an altercation earlier that afternoon.

However, it turned out that the victim, Emmanuel Leconte, was not the man he was looking for.

The incident took place on Saturday night in Port St. Lucie, when Leconte was heading home to his mother and his car overheated.

He stopped at the side of the road before Henry pulled over and held him at gunpoint. According to Leconte, Henry pointed a gun at him, and told him to get out of the vehicle and get on the ground.

Leconte said that he became extremely fearful because he thought he was going to get shot, robbed or hijacked as Henry did not identify himself as an officer and he was wearing plain clothes.

Leconte managed to call police. Port St. Lucie police officers found that Henry was drunk. Henry also admitted having several beers, according to police.

The corrections officer admitted that he was not been trained to work as a police officer and said that he did not know what to do after Leconte did not follow his orders so he activated his laser on the gun and pointed it at the victim.

Henry was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment.