Scientists invent very slow melting ice cream

Kids eating ice cream illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A group of scientist in Scotland, invented an ingredient that slows down the melting of ice cream.

Professor Cait MacPhee of the University of Edinburgh's school of physics and astronomy, said that a naturally occurring protein can be used to create ice cream that remains frozen for longer periods in warm climates.

Scientists estimate that slow melting ice cream could be available to consumers in about four years.

Teams of the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee, have discovered that the protein BsIA, works by binding together air, fat and water in the ice cream.

The protein will also prevent the ice cream from dripping as it melts. By using the protein, the fat and sugar amount in the ice cream will be reduced, making it healthier.

Professor admits to drugging colleague and sexually assaulting her

John Kearsley 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A professor was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after drugging a female colleague and sexually assaulting her, police in Australia said.

Now, 63-year-old John Kearsley of Sydney, has pleaded guilty to using an intoxicating substance to commit an indictable offence and assault with an act of indecency at the Downing Centre District Court.

According to the police investigation, Kearsley, who was the Director of Radiation Oncology at St. George Hospital, poured a drug into the woman’s glass of wine while she was at his home.

The 32-year-old woman was not identified. She fell unconscious, and when she woke up, she found the professor committing a sexual act.

In court, Kearsley admitted that he had invited the victim to his apartment to discuss her mentoring, scholarship options and upcoming exams.

He had prepared dinner and offered the woman champagne.

The woman told him that she was driving, but she would take a sip.

Between dinner and dessert, Kearsley suggested that the two go out for a walk, and at this point, the woman said that she felt dizzy.

They returned to his apartment and the woman sat down on a sofa. He removed her shoes and rotated her legs around so she could lie on the couch.

The victim said that she was confused and sleepy. The next thing she remembers is lying on a bed in a bedroom with Kearsley massaging her back and kissing her chest.

The professor then put his face right in front of the woman’s face and tried to kiss her. Kearsley tried again to kiss her chest before she pushed him away and left the home.

Man urinates on nurse and defecates on hospital floor in drunken rage

Hospital illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

Police were called to a hospital in Wisconsin, after a man urinated on a nurse because she did not help him fast enough.

The incident unfolded at the Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington. Police said that 39-year-old Moises C. Franco, became agitated when he asked to use the bathroom while he had IV in his arms.

The man attempted to remove the IV before punching a nurse in the sternum. Police were called around 2:00 p.m., on a report of a highly intoxicated individual.

According to the complaint, about an hour after police arrived, Franco told staff of the emergency room that he needed to use the bathroom.

A nurse went to retrieve a portable toilet, but Franco allegedly began screaming that the ER nurse was not going to help him.

Franco allegedly used vulgar language before he suddenly dropped his shorts and proceed to defecate on the floor.

He then proceeded to aim at a nurse and urinated on her, the treatment room walls, floors and cabinetry.

The 39-year-old man was arrested on charges of battery to an emergency rescue worker and throwing or discharging bodily fluids at a public safety worker.

According to police, Franco’s blood alcohol level was 0.45 percent when he was admitted to the emergency room three hours earlier, at 12:30 p.m.

The legal limit to drive in Wisconsin is 0.08 and police said they observed fresh damage to Franco’s vehicle bumper. The car was found parked in the hospital parking lot.

Bail was set at $1,000.

Man sets fire to children’s Halloween costumes on Walmart store shelf

The fire in Walmart 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after he set fire to Halloween costumes inside a Walmart store in California.

Police said that the man set fire to Halloween costumes as he shopped at Walmart, causing a fire that spread in the store.

The incident occurred at 1:30 p.m. in the Walmart store in San Leandro. A video of the incident, which was recorded on a cellphone, shows store personnel desperately trying to extinguish the fire in the isle of the Halloween costumes before the smoke enveloped the store.

Police have arrested the 40-year-old man on suspicion of arson. Lt. Robert McManus of the San Leandro Police department, said that the surveillance videos from the store shows the man entering the store and taking a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid from the gardening section.

He then sprayed several shelves with the liquid before setting fire to the Halloween costumes. Alameda County Health Department officials inspected the store and allowed it to reopen at 5:00 p.m.

Several isles were closed, and a lot of Halloween costumes and candy were damaged and removed from the store.

Fisherman allows tourist to use his body as stepping stone to be rescued from mud

The couple meets the fisherman 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A heroic fisherman was seen on video rescuing an elderly couple who was trapped deep in mud.

The couple of Norway, was vacationing in Thailand when they went birdwatching and became trapped deep in the mud.

A fisherman who spotted the couple, came to their rescue by laying face down so they could pull themselves out of harm's way.

Cameraman Theerasak Saksritawee captured the heartwarming video of the rescue.

The husband and wife, who are believed to be about 60 years old, were trying get out of the mud, but they seemed to be stuck and were unable to move.

Fisherman Chat Ubonchinda, saw them and came to their rescue. He first removed their photography gear and then attempted to pull them to safety.

However, when he was unsuccessful, Ubonchinda lied face down in the mud and encouraged the couple to use his back as a stepping stone.

Once the tourists were safe, the fisherman returned to his boat. The couple later went to the home of the fisherman to thank him for saving them.

The video was uploaded to Facebook, and it quickly went viral. It was viewed more than 2 million times in just 2 days, and was shared over 64,000 times.

ประทับใจ หน้าเมือง จ.กระบี่ เช้าวันนี้ " คนกระบี่ มีน้ำใจ " (16 October 2015)

ประทับใจ หน้าเมือง จ.กระบี่ เช้าวันนี้ " คนกระบี่ มีน้ำใจ " (16 October 2015)เหตุการณ์นี้ เหมือนว่าผู้ชายจะลงไปถ่ายนก ลงไปแล้วขาติดโคลน เลยล้ม แฟนมาตามช่วย เลยติดโคลนกันทั้งคู่ ซักพักก็มี Hero แล่นเรือผ่านมา รีบเทียบท่าใกล้ๆกับจุดเกิดเหตุ พุ่งตรงมาช่วยเหลือ แต่ช่วยดึงเท่าไหร่ก็ไม่สามารถดึงขาออกจากโคลนดูดได้ Hero จึงใช้วิธีแก้ปัญหาโดยการนอนคว่ำให้ปีนตัวขึ้นมา หลังจากช่วยเสร็จก็จากไปโดยไม่หวังสิ่งตอบแทนใดๆ ประทับใจมากๆ (y)

Posted by Theerasak Saksritawee on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gay couple divorces to include 3rd man in relationship and use sisters to carry their babies

Adam Grant, Shayne Curran and Sebastian Tran 
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A happily married gay couple decided to get a divorce so they can have another man in their relationship.

Shayne Curran and Adam Grant of Canada, met in a bar and fell in love before getting married. One year later, they met Sebastian Tran in the same nightclub, and they hit it off.

The two married men decided to welcome Tran into their relationship. The three now live together in Nova Scotia, in what's called a polyamorous relationship.

The married men decided to get a divorce so that their new partner would not feel left out, and are planning to complete their unconventional family with the help of their sisters.

Curran said that he has 2 sisters who are willing to help them start a family. Tran said that although he did not discuss it with his sisters, he is sure that they will agree to help him have babies.

The three want 3 children, one biological child from each man. All three men have careers in the medical industry.

Library bans workers from drinking water at desks because it is unprofessional

Water bottles illustration 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) People got together in protest of a library policy that bans workers from drinking at their desks or in plain view of patrons.

The North Shore Library in Wisconsin, has a new policy, which limits where their employees can drink water.

The library director said that this was done to help the image of the library. Some workers quit their job because of this policy.

Many community members including the mayor of Glendale, signed a petition requesting the library to change the strict policy.

Kathy Manning defended the policy and said that they have received complaints from patrons who came up to the desk while an aid was drinking water and they had to wait until the worker was done drinking.

Jerry Locke, whose wife quit her job at the library and had since found work elsewhere, pointed out that even presidential candidates drink water on national television and therefore, the library should not make an issue out of it.

“We are trying to improve the image of the North Coast Library,” Manning said.

The mayor of Glendale, said that since the signing of the petition, he went to the library and found there was no violation of the rights of employees as people with medical needs are allowed to drink as needed.

Man cuts off his ears and gets tattoos to look like his pet parrots

Ted Richards 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man is enjoying his fame as he is trying to look more like his pet parrots.

Ted Richards of Bristol, England, said that he began body modification in a bid to resemble his beloved parrots, Ellie and Teaka.

He has tattooed his face and had his eyeballs inked. He also had mettle horns added to his head.

His most recent body modification was a more drastic step of having both his ears cut off. Richards, 56, admits that it hurt when the doctor removed blood vessels while removing his ears.

The operation to remove both of his ears lasted six hours, and Richards insists that he is happier than ever.

The animal lover has spent many hours at a parlor for his 110 tattoos. He also has 50 piercings and a split tongue.

Richards said that the only issue he had with losing his ears was keeping his glasses in place. To solve the problem, he had 2 metal pins added to the side of his head.

Richards said that when people criticize him over his looks, he goes for something more bizarre. Richards said that he will continue doing extreme body modification to keep people talking about him.

His girlfriend, Suzi Vincent, also has many tattoos, piercings and a split tongue.

New style bikini helps clean up pollution in ocean

The Sponge Suit 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A company is introducing a new style bikini, which will help clean the oceans.

The new bikini is designed to absorb pollutants as the wearer swims in the water.

The bikini is called Sponge Suit, and it has been designed by students at the University of California Riverside. It won the first prize in the Reshape15: Wearable Technology Competition.

The Sponge Suit is designed for cleaning oil spills and harmful toxins from the water. The swimwear is able to absorb up to 25 times its own weight.

The product was the creation of a team led by electrical engineering professor Mihri Ozkan, who enlisted the help of designer Eray Carbajo to turn the idea into a wearable, functioning product.

“It is a super material that is not harmful to the environment and very cost effective to produce,” Ozkan said.

13-year-old girl becomes pregnant after being gang raped by 5 men

Pregnant girl illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Five men were arrested on a charge of rape after getting a young teenager pregnant, police in Nigeria said.

Katsina State police said that they have arrested 60-year-old Amadu Mairake, 40-year-old Hassan Surajo, 40-year-old Hassan Ila, 30-year-old Samaila Hamza, and 30-year-old Sani Abdullahi, after they gang raped the 13-year-old girl who became pregnant as a result of the attack.

According to the police investigation, on Wednesday around 9:00 a.m., Abdul-Malik Nuhu came to the police station to report that his 13-year-old daughter became pregnant.

The girl told the police that the men lured her to an apartment, where they took turns raping her. She identified the five suspects, and they were arrested.

All five suspects were charged with one count of rape, and they were denied bail.

Young woman eats up to 20 sponges a day as she loves them like steak

Emma Thompson eating dish sponges 
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A young woman in the United Kingdom, confessed that she loves eating sponges like going out to a restaurant for a good slice of steak.

Emma Thompson of North Tyneside, said that she began chewing on sponges when she was 3 years old, and when she got older, she began swallowing them.

A few years ago, when she was washing dishes with a sponge, she thought that it would be quite tasty.

She took a bite, and became hooked on dish sponges ever since.

Thompson explained that before chewing and swallowing the dish sponges, she soaks them in dish soap so that they are more tasty.

She normally eats at least two sponges a day, but when she is stressed, she can devour up to 20 a day. So far, Thompson has not suffered any medical issues.

Doorman seen on video carrying unconscious woman in the street before raping her

Rapist carrying unconscious woman 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a doorman on a charge of rape after he was allegedly seen on video carrying an unconscious woman in the street and raping her, police in the United Kingdom said.

Leeds police said that the 24-year-old victim, who was not identified, was drunk and looking to catch a taxi on the street before being grabbed by the rapist.

A surveillance video, shows the suspect picking up the woman and carrying her away before being raped. The victim agreed to publicize the video in order to catch her attacker.

Before the attack, the man was seen walking around the Malmaison hotel.

Around 5:00 a.m., he approached the woman and walked with her for 10 minutes before he picked her up and carried her away.

He then proceeded to rape the unconscious woman. After the incident, the victim called an ambulance and was taken to a hospital.

Police are asking the woman who witnessed the man carrying the victim, to come forward.

Doctors find toothpick in man’s heart after he complained of fever and weight loss

Toothpicks illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Doctors in Argentina, said that they were shocked to find a toothpick embedded in a man’s heart after he suffered from prolonged fever and weight loss.

The incident unfolded at the Fernandez Hospital in Buenos Aires, where 42-year-old Horacio Rodriguez Videla sought help for consistent fever and weight loss.

Videla said that he began suffering from fever, weight loss and was coughing up blood before going to a hospital in Corrientes for tests.

He was prescribed antibiotics as doctors believed he had pneumonia. Days passed, but Videla’s health did not improve.

Doctors were confused and thought that he might have tuberculosis or AIDS. Videla then decided to travel to Buenos Aires, and he checked himself into the Fernandez Hospital.

Doctors tested his blood and found that there was an infection coming from the heart. For two months, Videla took different medications, but nothing helped.

X-rays and scans showed nothing wrong with his heart. After months on antibiotic, his heart cleared up and doctors noticed a foreign object.

Doctors decided to operate, and were able to remove a toothpick from his heart.

When Videla woke up from the surgery and was told about the toothpick, he admitted to eating sandwiches along with toothpicks with his friend last year.

Apparently, one toothpick pierced his esophagus and went into his heart. This was only the second time in history that doctors removed a toothpick from a man’s heart.

The first incident happened four years ago in China.

SWAT team holds off operation to allow couple to finish having sex during birthday party

Ryan Patrick Bautista and Leanne Hunn 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A SWAT surrounded a house in order to arrest a few people on a number of warrants.

Police said that Ryan Patrick Bautista, 34, and Leanne Hunn, 30, of Florida, were hosting a birthday party when police arrived to their home to arrest a few people who were inside.

Hunn did not allow the police to enter their mobile home until she had sex for one last time before she goes to jail.

A spokesperson for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said that deputies were looking to arrest Bautista, who had several warrants including armed robbery.

Police were also looking for Michael Forte, 34, who was also inside the home. He was wanted for several warrants including armed robbery.

When police knocked on their door, Bautista and Hunn allegedly took a woman hostage and barricaded themselves in a room.

They refused to leave for more than six hours. Police attempted to negotiate with the couple from 9:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m.

Three other adults were inside the house at the time. Two women came out of the house after 45 minutes and they were arrested.

A SWAT team was called and attempted to get the suspects to surrender. At some point during the confrontation, Hunn told police that she would give herself up but not until she had sex with Bautista “one last time.”

Police agreed to the terms and the couple made love.
However, Hunn never came out on her own. Agents stormed the mobile home and arrested the couple along with another suspect, and the hostage was freed.

Bautista and Hunn were arrested and charged with resisting police and false imprisonment.

Thief climbs tall pole to steal pink bras and panties from car wash

Pink bras display at Pristine Car Wash 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking to arrest a young man on a charge of theft after being seen climbing up a tall pole in order to steal pink bras and panties at a car wash, police in the United Kingdom said.

Lancashire police said that the owner of the Pristine Car Wash, filed a complaint, saying that a large amount of bras and panties were stolen from the shop.

35-year-old Louise Pratt said that the incident unfolded around 2:30 a.m. on Friday. Pratt said that when she arrived to work on Friday morning, she realized that all her pink bras and panties were missing.

The bras and panties were displayed as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pratt reviewed the surveillance videos, which showed the thief climbing up the tall pole to steal the merchandise.

Pratt said that it appeared that the thief was drunk at the time of the incident. After hearing about the theft, neighbors donated new pink bras and panties to the car wash.

So far, the thief has not been located.

Young drug dealer shows up to court with large bag of cocaine

Waqas Khan 
By: Tanya Malhotra

Police were shocked to find a large bag of cocaine in the possession of a drug dealer as he was being charged in court, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 24-year-old Waqas Khan of Luton, has been sentenced to serve 21 months in prison after being convicted of possession with intent to supply a class A drug.

Bedfordshire police said that Khan, was originally arrested and charged following an investigation into an organized crime gang that supplied cocaine and heroin to people throughout the city.

During the trial, Khan brought along a bag of personal items.

Security personnel searched the bag and discovered a lot of cocaine. Khan was subsequently charged with one count of possession with intent to supply a class A drug.

Khan pleaded guilty to the charge. However, he was found not guilty of the original charge.

Woman runs over her own foot after leaving her car and forgetting to place it in park

Car in park position illustration 
By: Feng Qian

An elderly woman in California, was taken to a hospital after suffering a foot injury after leaving her own car and forgetting to put it in the park position.

Petaluma police said that the 82-year-old woman, who was not identified, was found lying on the ground on Ely Boulevard South and Frates Road around 12:00 a.m.

A passerby found her 2000 Honda about 50 feet away, and there was blood on one of the front tires. According to the police investigation, the woman exited her car without putting it in the park position.

She then either fell or was pulled under the moving vehicle, which ran over her left leg. Several passersby offered her help and an ambulance was called to the scene.

She was transported to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Target customers shocked to hear couple having sex on store’s loudspeaker

Target store illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

Parents and children at who were shopping at Target in California, were surprised to hear sounds of a couple having sex through the store’s loudspeaker system.

The incident unfolded early on Wednesday morning in the Target located in San Jose.

The inappropriate audio track included sexually explicit language and profanities as well as sounds of people moaning.

The recording left shoppers uncomfortable. The store made an announcement apologizing for playing the sex scene and then the recording started playing again.

Target said in a statement that the store is investigating the incident. A Target spokesperson said that they are working to prevent such a situation in the future.

Wendy’s employees write n****r on children’s toys of black customers

The racist note written by Wendy’s employees 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A mother in Colorado, is angry after she found a racist note, including the N word, written inside the meal she bought for herself and her kids.

Now, Wendy’s said that two employees who worked at their Arvada store, were fired after they wrote n****r on the kids toys of black customers.

The incident began when Manige Osowski brought her family to Wendy’s located on 62nd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard on Thursday.

Osowski said that when her daughter opened the toy she saw a note with the N word. Oswoski had no choice but to explain the meaning of the N word.

It is unclear why the employees wrote the note. In additional to firing the employees responsible for the note, Wendy's apologized to the customer.

On Tuesday, about 12 people protested outside the Wendy’s to express their anger about the racist note. Oswoski said that she wants Wendy’s to apologize to her children as well.

Naked mother throws 6-month-old baby out of window because she cried

Tenisha Fearon 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly throwing her young child out of a window because she was crying for several hours, police in New York said.

The New York Police Department said that they have arrested 27-year-old Tenisha Fearon of the Bronx, for killing 6-month-old Janillah Lawrence on Tuesday night.

Fearon was charged with second-degree murder and was denied bail.

According to the police investigation, Fearon was home at her apartment located at 2200 Tiebout Avenue with four children when the incident occurred.

In addition to the 6-month old girl, she had a 4-year-old girl, 8-year-old girl and a 10-year-old old boy, who were all found naked.

Fearon was licensed to run a day care facility from her home.

The license allowed her to take care of up to six children during the day, and two additional before and after school. Fearon had no complaints or violations filed against her.

Witnesses at the scene told police that Fearon was screaming about God, Satan and the end of times, as she threw things out of her sixth-floor apartment window.

In court, a judge ordered her to undergo a psychiatric examination.