New app High There allows people who love to smoke marijuana find romance

Profiles on High There 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) Those who love to smoke marijuana, can now find romance with like-minded people thanks to a new app called High There.

High There works just like the Tinder app by finding people in the area who like to smoke marijuana and matching them up.

After users create their profile and look through potential matches nearby. The app asks users to fill out their profile based on their use of marijuana as well as how they prefer to consume the drug.

The app then finds other people with similar smoking habits.

The CEO of High There, Todd Mitchem, said that he created the app after his Tinder date dumped him because she found out he smokes marijuana.

The app is free, but it is only available in those states where smoking marijuana is legal.

The co-founder of High There, Darren Roberts, said that the app connects people who have a common interest of smoking marijuana.

Upset man shoots judge who presided over his fraud trial

Chimene Onyeri and Julie Kocurek 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly shooting the judge who presided over his fraud trial, police in Texas said.

Austin police said that they have arrested 28-year-old Chimene Onyeri, after being accused of shooting State District Judge Julie Kocurek.

Onyeri is also a suspect in a recent robbery committed in Louisiana. Kocurek suffered a very serious injury when she was shot in the driveway of her home on Friday night.

Onyeri was in the process of being prosecuted in Kocurek’s courtroom for fraud. Kocurek had been receiving death threats after presiding over several controversial cases.

She was taken to the University Medical Center-Brackenridge, and was said to be in serious condition. However, her injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Kocurek’s neighbor told investigators that four gunshots were heard outside her home in Friday. Onyeri was charged with murder in an unrelated case.

Husband cuts off ear of his wife’s lover after finding them having sex in his bed

Lovers illustration 
By: Feng Qian

A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly cutting off the ear of his wife’s lover because he found him having sex with his wife, police in Kenya said.

Madogo police said that they have arrested Mwaniki Mate, after being accused of beating his wife’s lover when he came home from a business trip.

According to the police investigation, Mate arrived home on Sunday, after ending his business trip earlier than expected.

After entering his bedroom, he found his wife having sex with another man, who was not identified. Mate became angry and began beating the man.

His wife fled from the scene. Mate then grabbed a knife and cut off the man’s ear. Neighbors who heard a man screaming, ran into the house and detained Mate until police arrived.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated and released. Mate was arrested at the scene, and he was charged with one count of assault.

4 men gang rape their colleague's 3 and 5-year-old daughters

Sisters illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

Four men were arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly gang raping two sisters when their father wasn't around, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State police said that they have arrested 39-year-old Deji Adenekan, 32-year-old Taiye Ojo, 33-year-old Peter Arabu, and 24-year-old John Mahason, after being accused of raping the daughters of their colleague, Ayodele Ekundayo.

On Sunday around 9:00 p.m., Ekundayo called the police after his 3-year-old daughter kept crying and pulling down her pants.

Ekundayo then asked his 5-year-old daughter what was going on when he wasn’t around, and she said that his four colleagues touched them inappropriately several times.

Ekundayo immediately called the police, and they arrested the four suspects. Police said that the 2 girls were able to point out the suspects during a line up.

Ekundayo told investigators that he regularly left his two children with his colleagues when he had to deliver cement.

The 5-year-old girl told investigators that when her father wasn’t around the men put her and her sister in bed and slept with them.

All four suspects denied the allegations.

Dog sets pizza on fire after attempting to steal it from stove top

The dog 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A family’s dog nearly set the house on fire after attempting to steal pizza, which was on the stove top.

The family of Connecticut, said that they were entertaining guests in another room, and were unaware of the trouble their dog has caused in their kitchen.

The couple has three dogs. Their two-year-old black female Labrador decided to take a slice of pizza, but also unintentionally ignited the gas burner of the stove.

The owners entered the kitchen to find the box of pizza on fire. Fortunately, they were able to put out the fire before it turned deadly.

The video was captured by the couple’s home surveillance cameras. They uploaded the video of the incident to YouTube.

“Luckily, we had it on video and know who to blame! Lol,” they wrote in the description of the video.

“Let this serve as a gentle reminder not to place items on your stove top and also to carefully choose the placement of your fire detectors,” they added.

“We now also have child safety locks on our stove knobs. With Labradors, you just never know,” they said.

Young girl gets pimped out 43,200 times to priests, judges and police officers

Karla Jacinto 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A 12-year-old girl who came from a broken family, was groomed by an older man, who showered her with love and gifts before forcing her into prostitution.

Karla Jacinto of Mexico, said that her mother was unable to care for her so she was happy when she met her boyfriend.

However, after living with him for a short time, the man ordered her to work as a prostitute. She was forced to see about 30 clients each day.

She also worked at a hotel known for prostitution. Jacinto said that one day, 30 police officers raided the hotel and ordered all clients to leave. She thought that she and the many other underage girls would be rescued.

However, the officers made a deal with the brothel owners and the girls were ordered to give their “services” to the officers.

The police officers allegedly took videos of the girls in compromising positions and threatened to send it to their families if they did not do as they were told.

The girls told the officers that they were minors, but they did not care. The officers were at the brothel for over three hours.

Jacinto was forcefully pimped out for four years, and she was ordered to keep a log of all her clients, which according to Jacinto, included priests, judges and police officers.

Jacinto said that she was raped by 43,200 men. Jacinto’s pimp who repeatedly abused her, got her pregnant and she gave birth to a girl at just 15 years old.

The baby was taken away from her a month after she was born and Jacinto did not see her baby until she was more than a year old.

After four years, one of her longtime clients finally took pity on her. She was rescued and taken to a shelter. Jacinto, who is now 22 years old, is working as an activist to help girls who are in the same situation as she found herself as a young teenager.

U.S. officials have tried to work with officials in Tenancingo, which is a known for breading grounds for prostitutes. However, they refuse to cooperate as prostitution is the way the town makes money.

Man transports his truck by placing it on roof of his small car

The vehicles 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was seen driving his car with a truck on the roof of it.

Police in Spain, said that two men were arrested after they were seen on video hauling their truck in an unusual manner.

The men were driving a blue Ford Focus while their white van was balancing on the roof of their car. The men were spotted in an industrial estate in Segovia, near Madrid.

A witness took video of the vehicles and uploaded it to the Internet. The driver of the car picked up the white van at a junkyard and it was not drivable.

After the video was posted the Internet, police traced the two men who were seen sitting in the Ford Focus by using the license plate numbers on their car.

In convicted, the men face a minimum fine of €500 ($535) for dangerous driving.

Man who cuts off his own private parts in an attempted suicide regrets his actions

By: Tanya Malhotra

A man of South Africa, who wanted to commit suicide, cut off his private parts before regretting his actions.

The 37-year-old man, whose name was not released, attempted to commit suicide by mutilating his own body with a sharp knife in Kranspoort, Mpumalanga.

The man was in his bathtub and amputated his private parts. The man then placed the body parts on the ledge of the bathtub, but he then became anxious and changed his mind about dying.

The man called a security guard who immediately notified the mother of the man.

Paramedics responded to the scene and found deep cuts in the man's stomach and leg. He did not respond to questions asked by paramedics, but he was fully conscious.

Police said that the paramedics had to endure the horrific sight of the severed private parts on the edge of the tub right next to the man while he was being treated.

The man was taken the Groblersdal Hospital, where he is said to be in stable condition.

A photo of the bathtub was posted to the Internet, showing the severed private parts along with the kitchen knife that the man used.

Couple found dead in Jacuzzi while in Mexico for daughter’s wedding

Jacuzzi illustration 
By: Feng Qian

What was supposed to be the happiest time of her life turned into a tragedy for one bride as her parents died.

63-year-old Dorothy Mckenzie and her husband Charles , 67, of Canada, were found dead in a Jacuzzi while on vacation.

The couple was at the Playacar Palace Hotel near the resort city of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

The husband and wife were having sex in the Jacuzzi when they both died. Police said that the death of the couple from Nova Scotia, appears to be accidental.

The couple had traveled to Mexico for the wedding of their daughter, but sadly, the father was not able to walk his daughter down the aisle as the couple died on Monday and the wedding was supposed to be on Thursday.

It was initially feared that the couple might have died after a malfunction of the Jacuzzi, but a spokesman for the hotel said that was checked and the Jacuzzi works perfectly fine.

An Autopsy determined that Charles Mackenzie died of a heart attack and his wife Dorothy died of asphyxia by submersion.

Father’s car flips over as he drives home to save his kids from burning home

Flipped over car illustration 
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A man’s car flipped over as he was rushing home to save his children from a burning house.

The father of Maryland, received a call from his daughter about 11:00 a.m., saying that their house was on fire.

The father, Carlos Pettigrew, immediately drove home as his 3 children, his niece and his dog, were inside the home. The children are 7, 9, and 13 years old, and their 15-year-old cousin was babysitting.

On his way home, his car flipped over at the intersection of Central Avenue and Enterprise Road. Witnesses ran to help the father who was trapped in the car.

When he was freed, people attempted to calm him down, but the father was not ready to relax before he saw that his kids were safe.

He starting running towards his home. He then asked another driver to give him a ride to his house.

Luckily, everyone was out of the house. Firefighters managed to open the basement door so that the dog can get out safely.

Pettigrew was then transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries, police said.

The family will receive temporary assistance from the County Citizen Services Unit and the American Red Cross, according to police.

Professional toy tester set to retire at 14 years old

Alex Thorne 
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A young boy said that he will miss his job as a toy tester when he retires at age 14.

Alex Thorne of Canada, hold the title of Chief Play Officer (CPO)
for Toys R Us.

However, he will soon have to retire so another young boy is able to “get the awesome job,” Thorne said.

Thorne had the job at the toy company for three years. However, when he turns 14 years old next month, he will have to retire as per company policy.

The CPO for Toys R Us, tests different toys and gives television interviews on the features of the retailer’s latest items. Thorne explained that his job is to test the toys, which he gets from Toys R Us. He plays with them and figures out what is the best and most impressive part of them.

“Moving on is bittersweet. I am a little sad that I am leaving this job,” Thorne said.

The best part of the job is getting all the toys for free, he added. Toys R Us said that they will be looking for a new CPO to replace Thorne next month.

19-year-old student arrested for pleasuring himself after video of the incident went viral

The suspect 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested after a video showing him pleasuring himself went viral.

Police in Malaysia, have arrested the college student after he was seen on video being nude in the back of a house in Pandan Indah.

Ampang Jaya police chief ACP Khairuldin Saad said that the student was arrested at his home about 10:30 p.m., after police identified him as the person in the two and a half minute video that was uploaded on social media sites.

Saad said that the student confessed to the act in the video and said it was his first time doing so outside his home.

The man was remanded into custody while police investigate him “under Section 509 of the Penal Code for word or gesture intended to insult the modesty of a person,” Saad said.

The video was recorded by his neighbor's security cameras. The suspect was seen standing in the nude behind a house and urinating near the kitchen window before fondling himself.

Police said that the incident took place about 12:30 p.m. A woman who was in her kitchen, realized that there was movement in the back of her house.

She went to her security cameras and saw the naked man. He ran away after the woman began screaming. The woman allegedly uploaded the video to the Internet, where it went viral, leading the to suspect's arrest.

Man hides in sewer to take upskirt photos of women walking on street

Woman wearing short skirt illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

A man was arrested on a charge of voyeurism after allegedly hiding inside a sewer to take upskirt photos of women walking on the street above, police in Japan said.

Hyogo police said that they have arrested 28-year-old Yasuomi Hirai, after he was caught taking upskirt photos of a 37-year-old fashion designer.

Hirai was charged with causing a public nuisance.

According to the police investigation, on Sunday around 8:00 a.m., Hirai used a cellphone to record underneath the skirt of the 37-year-old woman as he lied on his back inside the sewer.

The woman walked over the sewer, but did not initially notice the suspect because he was concealed by the steal cover. After walking by the sewer, she turned around and noticed human hair sticking out of the cover.

The victim called the police who arrived at the scene and arrested Hirai. They searched his cellphone, where they found several videos and pictures of women in an upskirt position.

During questioning, Hirai told police that he had been in the drain for five hours.

16-year-old boy dies after inhaling fumes of cigarette lighter to get high

Cigarette lighter illustration 
By: Mahesh Sarin

A teenage boy collapsed and died in a park after inhaling the fumes of a cigarette lighter in order to get high, police in Japan said.

Ashikaga police said that the 16-year-old boy, who was not identified, died after deciding to inhale the fumes of the cigarette lighter while spending time in a park with friends.

According to the police investigation, on Saturday around 6:30 p.m., the boy was in the Sakuramachi park with four friends when he collapsed.

One of his friends called the police, and the child was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died around 5 hours later. The children told investigators that the boy inhaled the gas after they bought several lighters on the way to the park.

The children told the police that they all inhaled the fumes in order to get high.

Teacher shows 7-year-old students nude reality TV show Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid show 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A teacher in Florida, was banned from the classroom after she showed students a nude reality television show.

An official of the Collier County Public Schools, said that the teacher has been banned from school after showing the nude reality television show to 7-year-old children.

Hours after the substitute teacher, who was not identified, showed Naked and Afraid during a computer class, she was told to go home.

The incident is under investigation, and the teacher is prohibited from working in all schools in the district. The video was shown at the Golden Gate Elementary school.

The principal of the school called the parents of all students to let them know about the incident. Some parents did not understand the problem with the television show until they were shown the naked actors.

It is not known why the teacher showed the reality television show to the children.

Man runs 5 drivers off the road because they are evil and should move away from his town

Henry Clay Johnson Jr. 
By: Feng Qian

A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly ramming into cars because the drivers are evil, police in Florida said.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office said that they have arrested 30-year-old Henry Clay Johnson Jr., after being accused of using his car to ram into other vehicles because he wanted the drivers to move away from his town.

Johnson was charged with five counts of aggravated battery using a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and fleeing and eluding.

Johnson was booked into the Okaloosa County Jail.

According to the police investigation, Johnson rammed drivers off the road because they are evil and he wanted them to leave his town.

Johnson attacked people of different race, age and gender. At least one of the victims required hospital treatment, and two others were slightly injured.

Man gets slapped in the face because he has small private parts

Cemal Egilmez 
By: Chan Yuan

A man was arrested on a charge of assault after allegedly slapping a man in the face because he has small private parts, police in Florida said.

Hallandale Beach police said that they arrested 45-year-old Cemal Egilmez, after being accused of slapping another man in a casino because he showed his girlfriend a large checking account balance despite having small private parts.

Egilmez was charged with one count of aggravated battery.

According to the police investigation, Egilmez was teasing a man who was playing at the same poker table, telling him that he had small private parts.

The man then approached Egilmez and showed him a balance of $500,000 in his bank account. The man then showed the balance to a woman sitting next to Egilmez.

Egilmez got angry and slapped the man in his face. One of the man’s teeth was chipped as a result of the attack.

Cyclist forcibly touches the backsides of 15 women at Central Michigan University

Woman at the beach illustration 
By: Wayne Morin

Police arrested a cyclist on a charge of sexual assault after allegedly forcibly touching numerous women on the campus of the Central Michigan University, police in Mount Pleasant said.

23-year-old Matthew R. Berlin was arrested after being accused of touching the behinds of 14 women as he rode on his bicycle on campus.

Berlin was charged with 14 counts of 4th-degree criminal sexual conduct. In court, Berlin pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $14,000.

If convicted, Berlin faces up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $500.

According to the police investigation, a woman called the police on Wednesday, to say that when she heading to class, Berlin touched her behind while riding passed her.

Since then, additional women contacted the police to report similar attacks while walking on campus. Berlin is a student at the Central Michigan University.

Homeowner finds naked burglar sitting on his toilet

Ryan Allen Cain 
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested on a charge of burglary after allegedly breaking into a home and using the toilet, police in Oregon said.

Portland police said that they have arrested 27-year-old Ryan Allen Cain, after the owner of the home located on the 8000 block of S.E. Martins Street, found him sitting on the toilet in the bathroom.

Cain was charged with two counts of burglary, criminal trespass, coercion and menacing. He was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center.

According to the police investigation, when the homeowner got up from bed around 6:30 a.m. on Monday, he entered the bathroom on the ground floor and found the burglar sitting on the toilet.

Cain ordered the homeowner to leave his cellphone on a desk and left the bathroom. Cain then ordered the homeowner to get into the bathroom and close the door.

The homeowner, who was afraid that the burglar will harm his wife and children, decided to wrestle the knife away from him.

Cain then fled from the home. Another homeowner called the police as he heard Cain knocking on his door. Police responded to the scene and arrested Cain.

Drug dealer murders prostitute because he wanted to launch a career as a hip hop artist

Hip hop artist illustration 
By: Tanya Malhotra

A drug dealer was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly killing a prostitute because he believed that it will help advance his career as a hip hop artist, police in Canada said.

Ottawa police said that they have arrested 25-year-old Adrian Daou, after being accused of killing 36-year-old Jennifer Leigh Stewart, who was a drug addict and prostitute.

Daou was charged with one count of first-degree murder.

According to the police investigation, Daou worked as a dishwasher when he decided to kill a person with the hope that with the murder, he would be able to launch his career as a hip hop star.

Daou bought an ax, goggles, mask and gloves. Daou then contacted Stewart, under the guise of a false drug deal. Her dead body was discovered in a parking lot.

Daou was serving a prison sentence for an unrelated case when he told a guard that he wanted to confess to an unsolved murder.

Daou also confessed to another murder he did not commit.